AVATAR DAY update!


Woo hoo! All that waiting and persistence finally paid off. I got confirmation from Fox Films earlier today that I got two tickets to see the 15-minute FREE footage of James Cameron’s AVATAR in IMAX 3D this coming Friday.

Well, I was thisclose to write a post about my frustration about getting the tickets. I had set my alarm at noon CST yesterday, but it turned out the tickets were to be distributed at noon Pacific time. Alas, the server apparently crashed, probably from high demand, so for the next five hours, I must’ve checked the site at least 50 times and kept getting an error message. Curses! Considering all the supposedly state-of-the-art and trailblazing film making technology to make this movie, apparently they couldn’t operate a decent server for mere 24 hours?! But just as I was about to turn off my machine to leave for the day, apparently I still had one of the Avatar site on one of my browser windows open and voila! suddenly the site was up and running. By the time I had registered for my tickets, there were still about 140 some tickets left for both 6 and 7 pm showings at Rosedale AMC & IMAX, but this morning they’re both sold out!

The marketing for this flick is really gearing up big time. Apple trailers site has already put up a countdown for the trailer release in 1 day, 10 hours and 3 minute from the time I publish this post.

I’ll be sure to give y’all an update on this. Can’t wait to see what all the buzz at Comic Con was about. The geek in me is psyched and downright optimistic.

3 thoughts on “AVATAR DAY update!

  1. Mike

    Sci-fi is making a HUGE comeback. Seems to go in cycles and involves advancements in the technology of film making. That said, there are still those that won’t be persuaded to switch things up from their “Chick-Flicks” and stretch a bit. Their loss! Not too many touchy-fee-lie movies that are cutting-edge like this one appears to be.

    1. rtm

      That’s why I don’t box myself up with watching only one or two genres. Good story is a good story, regardless of the genre, and a movie can still be cutting-edge without losing the dramatic/emotional side. The Abyss is a great example. If anybody can pull an epic like this, it’d be Jim Cameron.

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