THIS JUST IN: Law Abiding Citizen Trailer

Wooo hooo! Finally a GB film to get excited about. I just finished watching it, twice, and y’know what, I like what I saw. Ok, so the fact that ze Butler is in almost every scene is a big factor, but this trailer went from meh to yowza about halfway through and kept getting even more suspenseful.

In Wikipedia, psychological thrillers are said to be characterized by fast pacing, frequent action, and resourceful heroes who must thwart the plans of more-powerful and better-equipped villains. Looks like this one fits that genre to a tee.

Butler looks good as the ordinary family man turned vigilante. I knew he’s got that right side of danger and brooding quality about him before he was known in 300. He’s played a desperate man brilliantly in BBC mini series The Jury among others, and this isn’t the first time he’s playing the villain. In fact, he’s done a lot of villainous/sociopath roles in his career (Attila, Dracula, the  Phantom), so it isn’t exactly new territory for him. Hence, I have high hopes he’s going to pull this one off. Foxx looks ok, even though his character is pretty much just reacting to Butler’s psychotic plans. I’m surprised he’d rather do the DA role as we all know the villains always get the best lines. Butler kind of reminds me of Castor Troy in Face/Off in some scenes, and towards the end, he’s got that Kevin Spacey’s creepiness in Se7en.

New York filmmaker F. Gary Gray previously did The NegotiatorA Man Apart, and The Italian Job. The screenplay was written by Kurt Wimmer (The Thomas Crown AffairEquilibrium, and Street Kings). I really hope this turns out to be a decent psychological thriller that makes you think, rather than merely an explosive action fiesta in Michael Bay fashion.

Can’t wait to see this come October 16. What do you think of the trailer folks?

8 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: Law Abiding Citizen Trailer

  1. PrairieGirl

    Thrillers aren’t my favorite genre, but this looks much more involved and intriguing than initial descriptions. Jamie Foxx has gotten a little too full of himself lately, so it will be great to see if Gerry’s performance trumps him in this movie. Also agree that Gerry probably got the better part. He looked and sounded very convincing, I think I’ll watch it twice too!

    1. rtm

      He..he.. I just watched it again for the third time. It’s just that good! His accent is much better here, although I can still hear a bit of his Scottish brogue here and there. In any case, yeah, looks like he definitely steals the thunder from Foxx here, as the Oscar winner pretty much looked either flummoxed or terrified all the way through. Oh well, GB did offer him the juicier role but he turned it down. From what I read, the responses from people about the trailer have been good, so I hope the actual movie delivers!

  2. Mike

    It is really cool! Wild concept. I thought it was going to be a smaller film than that. My only crit is that GB’s got that funny “American” accent again. It sounds like he’s a Scot trying to speak like an American. Bale needs to give GB is voice coach!

    Revenge flicks are always fun. And always have a cute little blonde girl being murdered at the beginning! LOL …

  3. Mike

    Very cool! A big concept. Frankly, I was thinking it would be a smaller film. Like Shawshank Redemption. But this thing’s like Die Hard in it’s scope. My only reservation is that GB still has the really FAKE American accent. Can’t the guy get a good voice coach like Bale’s and sound right on? It does take me out of the moment when watching him.

    Regarding the plot: a true and tested Hollywood formula – cute little blonde girl murdered/abducted/soiled, Father must avenge because the system has let he/family down …

    1. rtm

      Hi Katie, yeah I’m really looking forward to this one. One thing I can say right now is it’s promising. A script reviewer actually puts LAC on #16 on his Top 25 List on his blog (, so I hope both Butler and Foxx nail their characters. I love the Bourne series, it’s definitely a tough act to follow.

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