The Flix List: Cure for the Common Flix

I don’t know about you but when I’m at Blockbuster, I often agonize way too long trying to decide what movie to rent. I actually haven’t rented anything for months so hopefully the next time I go there’ll be so many flix to choose from it’ll be a breeze. I know what you’re thinking, what, a flix blogger doesn’t watch a flix daily? Or worse yet, [gasp!] doesn’t have a Netflix account? Yes, yes, I’m aware of that, but the fact of the matter is, I actually read/research about flix a lot more than watching them. I find them not only insightful, but ‘therapeutic’ as well.

Of course there’s nothing like watching something that transcend beyond entertainment – when something touches your heart so much you can’t stop crying, or make you want to go learn a new language or simply be grateful to God you have the sense of sight to behold what you’ve just seen. That’s what inspired me to start this post that’d hopefully serve as an exchange between you the reader and me the blogger, and everyone else who happen to come across this post.

These five flix aren’t exactly masterpieces or even ‘great’ flix necessarily, but what makes each of them worth watching is that they’re daringly different and definitely marched to a different drummer from the Hollywood mainstream.

1. The Fall – Set in the 1920s, an injured stuntman tells a fellow patient, a little girl with a broken arm, a fantastical story about 5 mythical heroes. Visually stunning, albeit rather weird & surreal, almost every shot is like a work of art. The little girl is absolutely adorable you want to reach to your screen to pinch her cheek and Lee Pace (the now canceled Pushing Daisies) is a promising new leading man. I’ll definitely keep an eye on him in future flix.

2. Bella – An unconventional love story based on true events about how one day in New York City three people’s lives are changed forever. Starring a Mexican heartthrob Eduaro Verastequi in a personal project that reflect his new direction in life. This love story is not about romance, but it certainly came from the heart.

3. Water – A moving flix that exposes the unfair fate of a group of widows forced to live in poverty in a small town in India. It focuses on a beautiful young widow who’s trying to escape the social restriction and her heart-wrenching relationship with a man of a higher caste.

4. Paris Je T’aime – A unique film I don’t come across very often. Twenty filmmakers tell their version of love in the City of Love. Each story is distinct yet subtly interwoven with one another. Sometimes poignant, often peculiar, but overall an enchanting flix with great ensemble cast.

5. Angel-A – Thanks to my friend Scott who introduced me to this strange but fascinating flix. Set entirely in black & white, this French flix tells the story of a tall & striking yet mysterious woman who’s seemingly predestined to help an ex-con get his act together. Gorgeous scenery of Paris throughout is a feast of the eyes. The film poster is pretty eye-catching as well.

So what’s on your list of unconventional, even downright bizarre movies you love?

6 thoughts on “The Flix List: Cure for the Common Flix

  1. Mike

    Those all seem really interesting. Nothing like the more arty flicks for sure. You could easily throw The Machinist on that list too. Not easy to get through, but worth it in the end.


  2. I have already added all these movies to my Netflix list, except for “Paris Je T’aime”. I have already seen that movie. It was good by the way. Another good foreign movie is “Pan’s Labyrinth”. It’s a spanish movie by El Laberinto del Fauno.
    I agree with Mike about “The Machinist”. It’s kind of hard to see an actor get real real thin. I mean concentration camp thin. But it really does help get the point across in the end.

    1. rtm

      Oh yes, Pan’s Labyrinth, I almost forgot about that. Hmmm, I’m really intrigued by The Machinist now. Thanks for your input, Mike & Corinne!

  3. PrairieGirl

    Bella is a unique film, and I like movies like this based on a true story. Quite an unexpected ending, a refreshingly different and touching film.

    And I was thoroughly distracted watching Paris Je T’aime (not what you might think) because I was impatiently waiting for my hunky virtual “boyfriend” Rufus Sewell to appear, so was anxious with anticipation to finally see “Père Lachaise”, his 5 minute short. As usual with Rufus, it was the best and worth the wait! Oh, and all the other stories were good too…

  4. Hey, about that ”Man who killed Don Quixote”, Johnny tried that movie once before with Terry Gilliam in 2000. Everything went wrong and they made a documentory out of it called “Lost in La Mancha”. Check it out.

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