Nifty flix teaser poster: From Paris with Love

frompariswithloveLuc Besson’s new spy thriller’s got a super cool looking teaser poster! It’s so clever in its simplicity, yet so beautiful and elegant I can’t take my eyes off it! The Eiffel tower icon is sort of cliche in a way but I don’t mind it at all here, it’s a bit James Bond-y. Could be perfect if they’re making a From Russia with Love version in Paris, eh?

The trailer however, is meh (and it’s NOT in HD, it’s annoying when a YouTube clip is mislabeled). It’s cool if you like Luc Besson and the Fifth Element. I’m not a huge fan personally, I LOVE the original Transporter with arguably the B-movie king Jason Statham, but the 2nd & 3rd sequels should be obliterated from cinema history IHMO. Travolta is sporting a bald look again, which makes me immediately think of him as the baddie, but he’s playing an FBI agent here. He’s teaming up with the Tudors‘ Henry the VIII, a.k.a Jonathan Rhys Meyers to stop a terrorist attack in the city of lights. 

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