First Look: Rufus Sewell in Aurelio Zen and Timothy Dalton in Chuck

A couple of things made my heart leap with joy recently. First, it was Rufus Sewell’s first official photo from his upcoming BBC show Aurelio Zen and second, NBC finally released a photo of Timothy Dalton in Chuck! Both of whom are the only reason I’m interested in seeing The Tourist, alas both are disappointingly absent from its trailer!!

I’ve blogged about the detective series here, Aurelio Zen is a fictional Italian detective created by Irish crime-writer Michael Dibdin. Per its Wikipedia page, here’s a description of his character: …in his late forties and already somewhat jaded when we first meet him, he has had a longish career in the State Police and is relatively senior. Unafraid to employ radical and even decidedly underhand methods when he feels them appropriate, Zen struggles to manage the competing demands of his aged mother, his girlfriend and his job, sometimes accepting an assignment simply to escape from domestic pressures. Heart mostly in the right place, he does his best to make sense of whatever confronts him.

There are glimpses of the dashing Brit interspersed in this BBC promo video below. The lucky lady in the sexy elevator scene may look familiar to some of you. She’s the other Bond girl before Daniel Craig met Eva Green in Casino Royale, Italian actress Caterina Murino.

I find myself watching this promo vid over and over again (not just the Rufus part, mind you) as it’s so well-done and the music is just wonderful. Looks like a pretty impressive Autumn/Winter lineup there, I definitely will try to catch some of those other BBC shows when they’re out on Netflix.


Now, you’ve probably already known I’m excited for Dalton joining Chuck, well, thanks to EW Ausiello Files Blog, we finally got a first look of him on the upcoming show!

Here are the details from that site:

Chuck boss Josh Schwartz wants to make one thing very clear about Timothy Dalton’s upcoming arc on the show: He’s not playing James Bond. Far from it, in fact. “It’s not the kind of character you’d [expect] him to play,” Schwartz teases of the actor, who premieres in the Nov. 1 episode. “There’s nothing suave or debonair about him.” Dalton’s alter ego shares a past with Chuck’s mom (Linda Hamilton), but Schwartz is reluctant to reveal the nature of their connection. “We want it to be a surprise,” he says.

Dalton is on board for a handful of episodes—a run that could be extended should NBC greenlight additional episodes of Chuck beyond the initial order of 13. Is Schwartz optimistic his underdog spy comedy will carry on? “NBC is really happy with it creatively,” he says. “This is Chuck. We never say die.”

Man, November can’t come soon enough! Anybody else out there besides me excited for either one of these shows?

Timothy Dalton Joins Chuck! – The start of Dalton’s return to Hollywood?

Just a few days ago I read news that got me jumping up and down and giddy like a school girl. My fave British thespian Timothy Dalton joins CHUCK!!! NBC announced that the 64 year-old Englishman will guest-star in several episodes in the fourth season of the spy comedy show that premieres in September 26th.

As Zap2it blog says, Dalton will be playing a “mysterious stranger” who has ties to Chuck’s mom, who’s being played by Linda Hamilton. James Bond and Sarah Connor hanging out? The geek mind reels. Wow, with these kind of guests, they’re bound to eclipse the actual stars of the show!

Chuck... meet James Bond.

This is Dalton’s first appearance on an American network TV series since way back in 1979, when he had a stint on Charlie’s Angels, and he was an absolute hunk as Farrah Fawcett’s millionaire playboy boyfriend. He was also in one of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt episodes in 1992 as none other than a seductive werewolf!

I actually got into Chuck for one season, it’s an entertaining, funny and charming show, largely because Zachary Levi is so darn likable in his bumbling geeky-ness. My hubby also enjoys the show for miss Yvonne Strahovski 😉  The episode I saw had Brandon Routh guest-starring, which probably what got me watching the show in the first place. Though I must admit, having Routh there was a bit of a hunk-overload as he, Chuck and Captain Awesome’s Ryan McPartlin are all tall and freakishly good looking. Well now, NBC has scored yet another awesome guest star that will definitely get me tuned in once again. Btw, it seems inevitable that James Bond will make an appearance on that show, it’s obvious the creators are fond of that franchise. I mean, just look at the poster!

Now, the title of this post might be more of my wishful thinking, but it seems that for a long while he had been absent in both movies and tv world, until sometime last year when he guest starred in the massively popular BBC show Doctor Who. And then he was part of the billion-dollar blockbuster Toy Story 3, though he was grossly underused, followed by news that he’ll have a part in The Tourist (it’s killing me that I still don’t know what role he’ll play, and less than four months away we still haven’t got so much as a trailer!) In any case, that’s four pretty high-profile projects — albeit in small doses — in one year! I sure hope that this is just the beginning of Dalton’s return to Hollywood. Would somebody please give him his own TV show already?? Or better yet, a lead role in a solid movie in the vein of Michael Caine’s Harry Brown or on the drama side, Brian Cox’s The Good Heart. He’d have been great in Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus as well. People only know him as Bond, but he’s a character actor who can pretty much do drama, comedy, thriller, you name it (man, I should apply to be his agent!) and will add gravitas (not to mention eye candy) to any project. Ok, I’m not going to say much more about this man’s talent, I’ve already covered that in great length in this post.

Well, do any of you watch Chuck? And if you could see any of your favorite actor in any TV show this Fall, who and what would it be?