Everybody’s Chattin’ – Thanksgiving 2012 Edition

The parking lot in my office is much more sparse today as people are probably already on the road or up in the air on their way to their Thanksgiving celebration. Well, as we’re all about giving thanks this week, I thought I’d take the time to give thanks to EVERYONE who’s been a loyal supporter to FlixChatter!

I’m grateful that in my third year of blogging I’ve ‘met’ a lot of wonderful folks from all over the globe, some of whom I’ve actually met in person, too! Blogging has become so much a part of my life, in fact if you ask my hubby, it seems to have taken over my life, ahah. I really enjoy writing and chatting about movies and making connections with fellow movie lovers, so THANK YOU for every ‘LIKE’ that you’ve given me and every single comment you’ve dropped on each post. As you know I try to respond to every one of them and you know I truly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to comment!

Special thanks to: Michael, Josh, Sati, Mark, and Fernando who not only comment regularly but have kindly give shout outs to my blog either on their own blog or via Twitter.

I also want to give a shout out to Allied Integrated Marketing, especially the Minneapolis Director Katie Stroup for admitting me to their Press List. That means more advanced screenings in the future, yay!

Now it’s time for links!

My pal Michael has a plethora of awesome blog series on his blog It Rains… You Get Wet. As you know his TMT one is my favorite, but my second fave is his Same Song, Different Movie series. This time he chose Canzonetta Sull’aria by Mozart, one of the most beautiful aria that makes your heart soar and eyes well up with tears. I’ve only seen the one film he mentioned but I might give The Great Raid a try.

Fernando of Committed to Celluloid recently reviewed a Mexican drama that’s been submitted as Best Foreign Language Film for the 2013 Oscar, called After Lucia (Después de Lucía). It deals with a tough topic of severe bullying, but sounds like the performances are really worth a look.

I LOVE posts about Scene Spotlight and nobody does it better than Lady Sati! The combination of gorgeous photography and animated GIFs are so lovely. I LOVE this recent Scene of the Week in The Dark Knight Rises. I love that scene despite the logic-defying circumstances (but hey, it’s a comic-book movie after all), but I do have more questions after Bruce made the jump.

I mean, how in the world did Bruce make it back to the heavily-guarded Gotham full of Bane’s army with no money, no shoes, and worse of all no Alfred! Nolan has some ‘splainin’ to do in the DVD/Blu-ray feature! 🙂

Being a Movie Trivia aficionado, I LOVE Mark’s Tuesday Trivia Tidbits he started a few months ago. There’s always a few you haven’t heard of, certainly I was surprised by one on my favorite super spy and his famous Walter PPK. So take a look if you haven’t already!

The ever-so-prolific Josh at Cinematic Spectacle watches a bunch of movies week after week. Perhaps he has 36 hours in a day instead of 24? 😉 Well, he recently gave us a viewing update on 12 films he’s catching up on before year’s end. There’s a lot on there I haven’t seen, including the indie dramedy Your Sister’s Sister starring Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt. I should give that one a watch just for those two lovely ladies!

Last but not least… my pal Terrence always has such a timely poll in his weekly Time to Vote Tuesday. I LOVE that he actually dedicated a poll for my boy Gerry Butler last week to commemorate his birthday!

This week his theme is on Holiday Shopping, so vote for THREE (3) movies that has your favorite shopping scenes! Sorry to hear you have to work on Black Friday, my friend, but here’s wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

So, what are your Thanksgiving viewing plans this weekend? If you’re one of those traveling today, enjoy and be safe. I pray that you won’t end up like these two 😀