The Flix List: Five Favorite Movie Opening/End Credits in 2011

Happy weekend, folks, hope it’s going well so far. Well last night I went to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at the IMAX. The ticket was a whopping $16 bucks but fortunately it was well worth it! As I’ve mentioned here, one of the reasons we went was to see The Dark Knight Rises prologue and that one did not disappoint either. The worst part is the 7-month wait! Darn you Nolan!

Anyway,  I was impressed about Ghost Protocol was the cool opening sequence. It’s not available yet on YouTube but once it is, I’ll post it here. It made me think of other ones I like from this year. So here are some I thought was well-done:

X-Men: First Class

An awesome 60s style look that’s fun, dynamic and a bit James Bond-esque like the film itself. The Youtube description from the designer reveals his/her inspiration from classic titles from that era… and that “… the sequence was designed to give a very brief primer on the time period, the setting, as well as show the relationships of the characters in this film…”

Tree of Life

This is so typical Malick… beautiful, evocative, dramatic imagery combined with soulful music by Alexandre Desplat. It definitely gives us a glimpse as to what to expect from the film itself.

Captain America

I LOVE this end credit sequence that ends the patriotic theme of the movie perfectly. The use of iconic 1940s-style war propaganda art is expertly integrated with the dynamic retro-sounding score. There’s an interview with the creative director of this project over at Art of the Title website.

The Adventures of Tintin

I LOVE, LOVE this wonderful animation sequence that pay homage to Tintin’s many adventures from the comics. I love how each character is introduced and transitions to one another. The music is fun and captures the whimsy and energetic nature of Hergé famous creation. I’m just giddy watching it as it brings back so many memories of reading the comics since I was a wee girl, and I think it helps get me in the right mood to see the action that follows on screen.


The wonderful, vibrant colors of this movie is just awesome to watch. The opening sequence introduces the bird protagonist of the movie in a clever and exciting way, showcasing the gorgeous Brazilian jungle and its marvelous array of those winged creatures.



I love this one mainly for Patrick Doyle’s score, but the cosmic imagery of Asgard universe isn’t bad to look at either. Reminds me a bit of the birth of the universe sequence in Tree of Life.

Midnight in Paris

Ok now this one isn’t technically an opening credits, but I think it’s worth mentioning as it opens the film with no dialog. It could practically double as a Paris tourism video, as it makes you want to book a flight to the city of lights pronto! The equally gorgeous music was done by Sidney Bechet called Si tu vois ma mère (If you see my mother), an American jazz saxophonist. Too bad this video gets cut off a bit in the end.


Now I cheated a bit with this one as I haven’t seen the film, but I actually saw this sequence a while ago and thought that it was well done. It’s got the cool, noir vibe, though from the reviews I’ve read in this movie, there’s not a whole lot of driving in this one? In any case, I also like the use of hot pink, script font in their marketing campaign, it’s an effective contrast to the suspenseful mood of this crime thriller.

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Do you like any of these? What other movie opening/end sequences impressed you this year?