FlixChatter Review: JUPITER ASCENDING (2015)

This film was supposed to open in the Summer of 2014, but Warner Bros' delayed it to give more time for post-production work. Heh, clearly they're far more concerned with all the CGI extravaganza as what the film needed more is a script rewrite. I already had a bad feeling about this even from the unintentionally …

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Weekend Roundup: Oz The Great and Powerful review

It's the last week of March already, but Spring is arriving VERY s-l-o-w-l-y here in Minnesota. By around the same time last year, we're already in mid 60s, I think some people were wearing shorts on St. Patrick's Day? This year, I'd be thrilled to see mid 40s by next weekend! I did see a …

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EXTRACT – a must-see Labor day comedy

If you've seen Office Space, then you know Mike Judge is great at comedies set in the workplace. The trailer had me in stitches even after repeated viewings! Extract stars Jason Bateman (Juno, Arrested Development) who plays Joel, the owner of a bottled beverage factory. He is one step away from selling his flavor extract …

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