A Random Confession: What’s a tiger, a wolf, Matthew Goode & R-Patz have in common?

Well, they were all in my dream last night for some strange reason. I don’t usually divulge my dreams for the world to see, but this one is just so bizarre I felt compelled to share. Plus, since it involves a couple of actors, technically it’s movie-related (it’s a stretch I know, but it’s my blog ok?) 🙂

Now, before your mind starts conjuring scenes reminiscent of The Hangover, it’s nowhere near that crazy (based on what I’ve been told anyway, I haven’t seen the movie myself). Sometimes my dreams do get quite vivid, and this one happened to be one of them. It started out where I’m in the car with my twin brothers (I do actually have a twin brother so that part is real) and suddenly I spot a loose tiger walking on the side of the road. Then we end up in some kind of motel and lo and behold, that same tiger is walking around nearby! Can’t remember what happens next, but the next thing I know, there are a couple of wolves in front of our motel and the door was opened, so I rushed to close it. But the motel room actually has a storm door as well, and I only had time to get that door closed before the wolf arrives right in front of it! I remember yelling to my brother to block the door with the leather foot stool. No need really, as the wolf pretty much just rests on the doormat.

Matthew & Amy Adams in Leap Year

As my dream tend to be kinda haphazard, suddenly I find myself in the woods on some kind of hiking trail with the über gorgeous Matthew Goode! For you who don’t know who he is, he’s a British actor recently seen playing Colin Firth’s lover in A Single Man. He’s also in Watchmen, Matchpoint and Leap Year, to name a few. Anyway, we’re just strolling along when I suddenly asks him of his involvement in Leap Year. Cinematical had a post on what his real opinion was on that banal rom-com, and he pretty much confirms it. I then proceeds to tell him that Amy Adams got her acting start in Chanhassen Dinner Theater, just a few miles from my church (this one is a fact), and Matthew was quite bemused when I told him that. Not sure how he is in real life but he sounds like a very fun and cordial fellow, and definitely a fantastic hiking buddy! 🙂

Now, this brings me to the bizarre part involving Robert Pattinson. We’re back in a motel/hotel room of some kind, not sure if it’s the same one as before, and there were a few other people, including my husband (he’s almost always present in my dreams, even in the most surreal ones, go figure!). While the people are in the kitchen, R-Patz and I are in the living room and we’re quite chummy together. Heh, I’m not even a Twi-hard by a long shot, though I must admit, if the guy cleans up a bit, he’s quite a looker. I do prefer the non-sparkling version and with just a smidgen of a tan. Anyhoo, I remember being confused by his um, amorous behavior, though I bet his Edward fan-girls would totally welcome the can’t-take-his-hands-off-me part 🙂 I don’t recall if we talked at all during this encounter, but I remember his signature disheveled, unwashed hair and he appears to be very tall (like a foot taller than me!) and very, very skinny. Oh well, I woke up soon after, feeling disoriented and completely perplexed by the strange dream.

Now, has any of you ever had a strange celeb dream like that before? Or perhaps it’s a routine thing for some of you?? Come on, do share 🙂