Firstly, I just want to share that this wee movie blog has just churned out 401 posts (well 402 including this one) since June 2009 and thanks to IMDb for featuring my posts from several times, FlixChatter is about 2000 hits away from hitting 200k. I’d never thought I’d get 100,000 hits within 1.5 years, let alone double that! So I just want to thank everyone who frequently visits my blog, those loyal readers out there (you know who you are), as well as those who kindly take the time to visit every once in a while. Thank you for all the comments… as you all know, they totally make a blogger’s day and to me, that’s one of the main reasons to keep this ship going. It’s been wonderful to make friends with fellow bloggers out there, too, you guys have inspired me and encouraged me along the way. Ok, I don’t want to get all mushy on ya, but just know that your support is sincerely appreciated! Keep on reading ok? 😉

Anyway, I thought I made just a bit of design update on the blog today. Notice it? No? Well, look harder 🙂

New LAMB on the Block!

Life is made up of small milestones, isn’t it? And so it is with the life of a blog, too. Well, as I let on in FC’s one-year anniversary post, as of  Tuesday July 6th, I’m officially a LAMB member! Special thanks to admin guy Dylan F. a.k.a Fletch for all the amazing work he’s put into that site, as well as his own exceptional movie blog Blog Cabins.

The Large Association of Movie Blogs is really a great community for movie bloggers and a one-stop-shop for anyone who loves movies and talking about movies, so it’s so exciting to be a part of that. I’m looking forward to joining all the members-only events and blog-a-thons, such as LAMB Devours the OscarsPlot Farms, and the annual awards, The LAMMYS.

To my fellow movie bloggers who aren’t members yet (if there’s still any), I encourage you join this awesome community! And readers, if you haven’t already, check out other movie bloggers on the LAMB site, or you can also click the red PROUD TO BE A LAMB button on my sidebar.