A Conversation with one of my favorite film characters – Part of Kid In The Front Row Blogathon

About a week ago, Kid from Kid In The Front Row asked everyone to join in on his Character Dialogue Blogathon. The idea?

Have an imaginary conversation with the film character of your choice.

I took a blogging & computer break yesterday but since I promised him I’d take part, I figure it’s better late than never [right Kid? :D] Well, the hardest part is narrowing down which favorite character to interview! I mean, there are too many to choose from… but after some deliberations, I’d go with Scarlett O’Hara as I’ve always had this question in my mind every time I watched Gone with the Wind… perhaps some of you feel the same way?

So here goes …

Hello miss Scarlett, how are you?

Scarlett [too busy counting her cash to look up to me]:
Fine, how are you?

Oh I’m doing well, thank you. Um, business going well?

[shrugs] Could be a lot better I suppose, people just ain’t spendin’ like they used to. Oh darn, now I forgot where I was at.
[She glares at me with her piercing blue eyes]
You’re distracting me, is there anythin’ you need help with?

Oh sorry, ok I just have one naggin’ question that’s always bugging me… if you’d be so kind as to answer, I promise I’ll get out of your hair.

Ok, ok, just make it quick. [She’s back to countin’ her cash]

Well, I’m just wonderin’… you’ve got every woman’s dream man in Rhett Butler. He’s handsome, wealthy, charismatic and best of all, he loves you very, very much. So why on earth are you still in love with Ashley who’s married to your best friend?

Scarlett [Stops counting but doesn’t look up at me]:
You’ve got some nerve asking me that, you know that… and there’s no short answer to such a question.

That’s ok, I have all night.

[Scoffs] Yeah well I don’t. So all I’m gonna give you is this… I’m a complicated woman, all right? I don’t think the likes of you will understand. 

Please, indulge me.

You’re not gonna take no for an answer do you?

[Pause] People think I don’t love Rhett but I do. I love him because he understands me and we’re alike in many ways… but Ashley… well, I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember.
And just ’cause I’ve been married twice and he’s married someone else doesn’t mean I love him any less. Love like that don’t just simply go away…
[She almost lost her composure but gains it back quickly]
You know the terms ‘love defies all reasons’ don’t you?

I’ve heard the term, yeah.

Well then, I’m afraid that’s the only answer I can give you.

With that, miss Scarlett swiftly puts all the money on the table into a wooden box and left.

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Now your turn. Which movie character would you like to speak with and how’d you imagine that conversation go?