Breaking Emotions Blogathon: HATE + LOVE


This is the last set of emotions from Mettel Ray‘s BREAKING EMOTIONS blogathon. Check out my entry on the previous two sets of emotions: Tears & Surprise and Smiles & Thrills.


Here’s what Mettel had in mind about the set of emotions:

Finishing up the emotions are two of the most ultimate emotional states one could imagine, HATE is up first in this case because I wanted the good stuff to be the last thing everybody will read when it comes to the Breaking Emotions Blogathon. It is quite obvious that we all have those scenes that just bring up all the bad feelings and it’s not even awkward, it is just plain bad! Most of my hate is towards romantic comedies but I’m sure there are some serious scenes that have caused some of you some inner turmoil and this is the time and place to let all those emotions run wild.

And the last one, the very last emotion I’m asking you guys to break is LOVE – it doesn’t have to be a scene about love, hell no, it can be a sci-fi scenery, it can be the ending of a drama and yes, it can be a scene from Notebook as well but it’s not mandatory. I’m looking for scenes that you love and adore until the end of time, scenes that just pop up in your mind while walking to the store and are just simply awesome. What are the scenes that you love the most?

Check out Mettel Ray’s post on Breaking Emotions: HATE + LOVE

It should be obvious for posts like these, but just in case, if you haven’t seen any of these, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

Ok, so here are my picks:


Schindler’s ListThe Balcony Scene

There are many, many instances where Amon Goeth (played with chilling realism by Ralph Fiennes) does absolutely revolting acts that makes your blood turn cold. But this is one that particularly stands out. The bloated second lieutenant just wakes up and goes to his balcony of his villa in Kraków, he nonchalantly grabs his rifle and starts shooting Jewish people at random, whoever happens to enter his eye-shot.

I so hated Goeth, but more than that, I hated Hitler and the Nazi party for corrupting people to such a degree that they lost their souls. I mean, they’re worse than alien body snatchers (if there were such a thing) as they’re SOUL snatchers, making humans worse than animals.

District 9 –  Test weapon scene

This is one of the most harrowing scene that made me so sad and so angry. I hated that the people at the lab forced Wikus to do this, it’s one of those sci-fi films that REALLY made me abhor the humans in it. I couldn’t bear watching this scene at the theater, and hearing Wikus’ pleading that he doesn’t want to shoot the aliens is so gut-wrenching. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll see the obvious allegory to racism and how the Prawns are treated like second or even third class citizens with nowhere to go. At this point, Wikus’ has been infected with the alien DNA and that’s why he’s the only one who could operate the extra-terrestrial weaponry. So he’s forced to shoot the Prawns who hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s infuriating how quickly the people at the military company turn on their fellow human being as Wikus’ been infected. On top of that, they have no qualms in manipulating him for their own gain. I hated this scene so much and it’s one that lingers with me most after the film’s over.


Bel Ami – Robert Pattinson’s mis-casting

I’ve already made a post on this a while back on good/bad casting choices of 2012. Well I’m going to mention it again here as I really hated his performance here as R-Patz is so terribly mis-cast. Ok so teeny-boppers may think he’s like THE most beautiful man vampire in the planet in those abhorrent Twilight movies, but seeing him with the likes of the great Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman, and even Christina Ricci who’s closer to his age just highlights how ill-advised his casting was. On top of that, his character is so utterly unlikable, unsympathetic and just a plain douche bag. Now, a charismatic actor could make me like him or at least enjoy his performance but R-Patz just makes me want to punch him and kick myself for renting this [it’s on Netflix so at least I didn’t have to pay extra for it, but still!].


The character of George Duroy from Guy de Maupassant’s classic novel is supposed to be seductive and manipulative [which is a juicy role for any actor methinks], but Pattinson’s portrayal is neither, he’s just annoying and lame. I hated what his character did to those women who loved him, but most of all, I just hated his sub-par acting that’s completely devoid of charm.

* I almost put his ex Kristen Stewart’s performance in Twilight and Snow White & The Huntsman on here, but you know what, I think I hated R-Patz’ performance here more. And that speaks volumes!


Sleepless in Seattle – Finale

“Are you Annie?”


“You’re Annie?”

“This is my dad… his name is Sam.”

“Hi Jonah… [sigh] Sam…”


I only love a handful of rom-coms and three of them are by Nora Ephron. Out of the three, I think Sleepless in Seattle my favorite, one that I can watch over and over. I can easily list all the things I love about this movie, but I’ll save that for Valentine’s Day. I picked this finale as this is the only time the two main protagonists actually meets and oh, what a meeting it was. It was such a satisfying ending to all that build-up throughout the film and it was as perfect as a romantic scene can be filmed without resorting to banal over-sentimentality. It’s got just the right amount of sweetness and plenty of adorable things, such as Sam’s son Jonah grinning ear-to-ear when he realized it’s the woman he wrote his letter to (and when the elevator closes). It’s as much a love story between a man and a woman as it’s a love story for a family, whose tragic loss seems too impossible to recover from. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan at their loveliest, plus the music is just so enchanting!

Beauty & The Beast – There’s something there

There may be something there that wasn’t there before.


Since I just talked about Disney movies at the last Five for the Fifth, I wanted to include one that always makes my heart soar. The song is lovely and whimsical, and though it may not be the most memorable one of the entire movie, this scene is just adorable. It always puts a smile on my face every time I think of it [so I guess it would fit under the SMILE Breaking Emotions, too!]. It’s the ultimate unlikely friendship that blossomed into well, something more. You could say that Belle and The Beast are the most developed characters amongst other Disney *princess* movies as you really see the gradual progression of their relationship. The ballroom dance scene is perhaps what people remember most, but I picked this one as there’s an irresistible innocence about it and Belle’s expression as she realizes her feelings for the Beast is wonderful to behold. The scenery, song, etc. all make up for one lovely scene.

Superman: The Movie – Superman rescues Lois scene

I know it’s predictable that I put this on here given how much I loved Superman, but we are talking about a scene that I will love and adore until the end of time, so I can’t possibly exclude this one. Every time the rousing theme plays on as Lois quipped, ‘You’ve got me, who’s got you?’ I can’t help feeling nostalgic and giddy as the first time I saw this when I was a kid. This is why the Christopher Reeves will always be Superman in my heart, inimitable and unrivaled to this day.


There are SO many awesome things about this scene… the set-up, how Supes was introduced, the crowd’s reaction as he saw him fly [as well as the ‘that’s a bad outfit!’ quip the first time he’s seen in the red & blue suit] and of course, that iconic John Williams‘ theme song! It’s just brilliantly done by Richard Donner that is still the scene to beat even three decades later. This is what Man of Steel is lacking… at least one truly memorable scene featuring the Kryptonian hero that even if you remember nothing else about the film, you will always remember the one iconic scene. In the case of this one, it’s one I will always cherish for ever and ever, and one that never fails to fill my heart with joy.

What do you think of my picks? Which scenes would YOU pick for LOVE + HATE?

Random Thoughts: Musings on Robert Pattinson in Remember Me

This movie’s been on my radar for a while, as my colleague and long-time FC supporter Mike B. gave such a good review of it last April. I’m not going to review this again, except to say that it had that ‘whoa’ kind of ending. Though I sort of already knew the main character’s ‘fate,’ the circumstance surrounding it totally hit me out of left field! The movie is good indeed, it’s a sad one though, as Mike said, the movie is filled with one tragic circumstance after another. Perhaps that’s why this bombed at the box office, barely making $20 million total domestically, which is just scratching the surface of any Twilight movie’s take in a given week! It goes to show that his ‘fans’ care more about Edward than the actor playing him, which is too bad as those flicks barely reveal what the guy’s capable of.

Ah, young love …

In fact, having seen Twilight AND New Moon prior to this, I had serious doubt about Rob’s acting ability, but watching this movie changed that. I was pleasantly surprised by his convincing and affecting performance, the image of Edward didn’t even cross my mind at all throughout the whole thing, thank goodness! Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious 21-year-old who’s crestfallen over his brother’s suicide, and whose strained relationship with his father makes life even more unbearable. Then comes Ally, his classmate who had witnessed her mother’s murder ten years prior and attempts to live life at the fullest because of it. Lost‘s Emile de Ravin as Ally and Rob work well together and their romance feels genuine and refreshingly devoid of banal over-sentimentality. It’s been a while since I saw a movie about young love, but I can easily say this is one of the best portrayal I’ve seen.

Rob as Tyler & the emotive vampire Edward

All this makes me think even more how wasted Rob was in those Twilight flicks. I guess the guy should be grateful of the opportunity the franchise has afforded him, but sheesh, I bet he couldn’t wait ’til it’s over so he could actually sink his teeth (pardon the pun) into a meaty role like this one. Inevitably, all the hullabaloo over the prince of emo-vampire really leaves me scratching my head. I’m not talking about people who appreciate the books and the story, but those who literally watch the movie repeatedly JUST to see the Cullen boy and drool over his pasty face! There’s hardly a cringe-free minute when I watched that darn thing on screen, he’s even worse during the supposedly romantic scenes when he starts wincing like someone just pulled an atomic wedgie on him. How is THAT attractive?? I guess I’ll never understand Edward’s allure, on the other hand, I find his bad-boy-with-a-heart portrayal of Tyler pretty darn appealing.

Oh, another thing. I thought the guy pulled off an amazingly believable American accent in Remember Me (Rob’s a Brit in case you didn’t know), which is definitely a great asset if you want to continue working in Hollywood. He even put Pierce Brosnan’s intelligible attempt to shame, and he’s been working in the biz for much longer! Not to mention his extremely wooden acting throughout, not sure if Brosnan was trying too hard or not hard enough.

In any case, suffice to say Rob’s gained a fan because of this. I’m looking forward to see his post-Twilight flicks: period dramas Bel Ami and Water for Elephants, both of which look pretty promising. So folks, if you’re like me and avoid this flick like a plague because he was in Twilight, give the movie (and Rob) a chance.

What are your thoughts about the movie (if you’ve seen it) and Rob in general? Please chime in below.