Live Bloggin’ the Oscars 2013


Happy Oscar Sunday everybody!

Well, this is my attempt at live bloggin’… so this post will be updated from time to time. I’ve actually just turned on my TV but I’ve been on Twitter the last hour during the Red Carpet festivities. Not everyone dresses well, but I’m not gonna dwell on the negatives. Here are five I think looked absolutely stunning… Charlize Theron’s doesn’t really need a great dress to look like a goddess.

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As for the Best Dressed Gent and Couple, how about oh-so-dapper Suraj Sharma of Life of Pi and Hollywood’s Golden Couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner? They both look elegant but without the repulsive smugness of Brangelina.


Time listed here is in US Central Time.

7:30 pm – Seth MacFarlane arrives as host. He actually has a nice, deep voice [no I haven’t watched TED nor Family Guy for that matter] so I’ve never heard him in anything before.

Best Bits in the first 10 min:

MacFarlane: The “quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh” has succeeded already… [and Tommy Lee actually laughed!!]

Nice jab there about Ben Affleck being snubbed by the Oscar…

I know it’s not exactly family friendly but I’ve got to admit I laughed during the ‘I Saw Your Boobs’ skit, I’m sure Kate Winslet is wincing uncontrollably at the end of that song.

Not sure what’s with Capt. Kirk being the co-host in a very musical Oscar. But hey, I’m just glad Channing Tatum was NOT doing one of his Magic Mike routine!

Now… on to the Awards!

7:51 pm –Best Supporting Actors

Woo hoo!! Christoph Waltz won for Django Unchained! Really, doesn’t seem like anyone has a chance when he’s nominated… twice in a row already. TWO Oscars in the last five years and ten years ago he was in an Austrian soap opera, not bad Mr. Waltz! His acceptance speech was humble and sweet, too, LOVE him!

7:58 pm – Best Animated Short Film

What’s with Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy?? That was so awkward… Not surprised at all that Paperman won. So Disney’s crew got a box seats at the Oscars?? Well it’s televised on ABC after all.

8:00 pm – Best Animated Feature Film

Well-deserved win for BRAVE. Kudos to Brenda Chapman for becoming the first female winning director of animation!

8:05 pmThe Avengers assemble!


Well there are only five of them… where in the world is THOR?? Not impressed with the five Avengers gang though, they seem awkward and really Jeremy Renner, you suck at comedy!

Best Cinematography and Visual Effects

8:10 pm – WOW, Life of Pi won for both Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects. I think both are well-deserved as the movie is stunning. But… I was kinda rooting for Roger Deakins to win this for Skyfall. Alas, he remains the Susan Lucci of the Oscars with 10 nominations total now.

Best Costume Design

8:18 pmAnna Karenina won for Best Costume Design. Jacqueline Durran frequently worked with Joe Wright and her design for Atonement was gorgeous as well.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

8:19 pm – Glad it didn’t go to Hitchcock which I don’t think deserved the nom, Anthony Hopkins makeup was actually distracting. Les Miserables won in this category! And yeah, whoever made Hugh Jackman look ugly deserved it!

8:21 pm – No Bond actors reunion but we’ve got Halle Berry, who’s one of the worst Bond girls, to introduce the Bond Tribute??!

Fortunately after the Bond movies montage…


The 76-year old Dame definitely deserves a standing ovation, wow what a performance! Appropriately she wore gold when she sang her most popular Bond song Goldfinger!

Aside from Adele and Dame Bassey singing, it’s a very meh Bond tribute though… such a bummer for a Bond fan like me.

Best Live Action Short Film

8:32 pm – Jamie Foxx and the stunning Kerry Washington presenting the award and Curfew won. Never seen any of the films nominated so no comment on this one I’m afraid.

Best Documentary Subject

8:35 pmInocente won. Again, not familiar with this category, but congrats to Sean and Andrea Fine.

8:38 pm – Dapper Liam Neeson comes out to present the batch of Best Picture nominees. They played Schindler’s List theme… What, no Taken theme available tonight??

8:42 pm – Though snubbed, Ben Affleck is still a good sport by showing up to present the award for…

Best Documentary Feature

8:44 pm – … and the Oscar goes to: Searching for Sugarman. I REALLY want to see this!!

Heh, getting sick of that Jaws theme ushering the winners to hurry up with their speech. I wonder how Spielberg feels about his Jaws theme song being used in such an annoying way!

8:49 pm – Two lovely ladies Jennifer Garner and Jessica Chastain presenting the award for …

Best Foreign Language Film

8:50 pmAmour wins. So basically no Best Picture trophy for Mr. Haneke. Takes the suspense away when the Academy nominate the same film in both categories!!

8:54 pm – Appropriately enough, John Travolta comes out to introduce the musical numbers… but why are we going back in time?? I mean Chicago? Dreamgirls?? [scratching head]

Still, Catherine Zeta Jones looked ah-mazing though in that All That Jazz number. Someone should check if Michael Douglas is hyperventilating in his seat!


Then Jennifer Hudson sang one of the themes from Dreamgirls. Yeah ok, that girl CAN sing!

9:02 pm Les Miserables cast singing on stage singing One More Day… oh boy, holy goosebumps!!


9:09 pm – Capt Kirk er… Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana presenting … something, I spaced out a bit, sorry.

9:10 pmMark Wahlberg & that teddy bear from TED present Best Sound Mixing. I know some people are excited for this but I’m not one of them. The winner: Les Miserables.

9:14 pmBest Sound Editing award [someone ought to tell me the main difference between these two categories]. The Oscar goes to: Zero Dark Thirty… and Skyfall. I didn’t know they could have a tie at the Academy Awards??

9:18 pm – That Sound of Music joke had me in stitches! Mr. Christopher Plummer seems amused, too. Oh how I used to have such a huge crush on Captain Von Trapp

Best Supporting Actress

9:22 pm – One of the first non-surprise of the night. The Oscar goes to: Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables. I haven’t even seen the film yet but I think she deserved it… I love how she genuinely thanked her husband in her speech, “Far and away the greatest moment in my life was when you walked into it.” He mouthed back ‘I love you’ when she said it on stage. Awwwwww…

9:32 pm – Lovely Sandra Bullock presenting the awards for …

Best Film Editing

… and the Oscar goes to: ARGO!! First Oscar win for William Goldenberg. With a last name like that, he’s destined for an Oscar, no? In any case, well-deserved award surely and I think ARGO was a great film largely due to his work.

9:34 pm – Time for Adele and that gorgeous Skyfall theme. This song better win, ok Academy!! I was still hoping Daniel Craig would’ve burst out of the backdrop or that all the Bond actors would come out from the disguise of being her backup singers!! Yeah, I’m hopeless 😀


9:45 pmNicole Kidman… what are you doing to your face, girl? You are beautiful before all that Botox!! She introduced the next batch of Best Picture nominees.

9:49 pm – Harry Potter and Bella Swan presenting… [yawn] Seriously who’s the moron who invites Kristen Stewart… ugh! The less said about her the better.

Best Production Design

… goes to Lincoln!

9:58 pm – Scruffy George Clooney introduced the emotional In Memoriam tribute. We lost so many great people this past year… Celeste Holm, Nora Ephron, Ernest Borgnine

Now, I’m not too fond of Barbra Streisand‘s singing but her The Way We Were seems appropriate for this segment.

10:07 pm – A jab at Rex Reed! Ahah, good one Seth! I can’t stand that critic.

10:08 pm – It’s the year of reunion at the Oscars! The cast of Chicago reunited to present…

Best Musical Score

I love that Life of Pi theme but I’m rooting for Thomas Newman for Skyfall. And the Oscar goes to: Mychael Dana for Life of Pi! I guess I’m not too upset as that first theme played at the start of the film really moved me…

Now for this one however… I’d be soooo upset if Skyfall did not win!!

10:15 pm – Before I find out though, we’ve got Norah Jones singing the nominated-theme from TED. I think Seth himself could also sing that pretty well.


Skyfall WON Best Original Song. Wahoo!!!

Ok so it doesn’t exactly made up for the disappointment of the meh Bond tribute, but still, I’m quite happy with the Skyfall win. Adele was so nervous on stage, it’s kind of endearing.

10:22 pm – Charlize Theron and Dustin Hoffman [or as Seth called it… most random Oscar-winning couple] presents the award for…

Best Adapted Screenplay

… goes to Chris Terrio for ARGO! Terrio mentioned how Ben Affleck won Best Screenplay Oscar in 1997 for Good Will Hunting, and now his film brought him his own screenwriting Oscar!

Best Original Screenplay

Quentin Tarantino won his second Oscar for Django Unchained (he won his first screenplay Oscar for Pulp Fiction). I like QT’s speech and giving a moving appreciation to the actors for bringing his script to life.

10:33 pm – Hollywood legends, as Seth called them… Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda presenting the most up-in-the-air category

Best Director

… goes to Ang Lee for Life of Pi. I’m not extremely wowed by the film but I always like Ang Lee winning because he’s so humble and sweet. This is Mr. Lee’s second directing Oscar after Brokeback Mountain. Sense & Sensiblity is one of my all time favorite film… he could’ve easily won for directing that one as well.

10:40 pmJean Dujardin being his oh-so-adorable self presenting the  award for…

Best Actress

JenLawrenceOscars2013… and the Oscar goes to: Jennifer Lawrence!! I predicted Jessica Chastain to win this thing but I’m not upset at all that Jennifer won. She seemed genuinely surprised and her speech is endearing, she even remembered a family member’s birthday.

I like her. She really is a force to be reckoned with in Silver Linings Playbook… and everything else I’ve seen her in.

10:45 pm – and now… to the least surprising category of the night.

Best Actor

DanielDayLewisOscars2013Who else do you think would win in THIS category? Daniel Day Lewis of course. Even Meryl Streep didn’t bother opening the envelope!

Lewis’ speech is surprisingly hilarious. With Meryl’s red lipstick all over his face, he cracked jokes about playing Margaret Thatcher and that Meryl was Spielberg’s first choice for playing Lincoln. Ahah!

10:52 pmJack Nicholson being his kooky self. And now we’ve got America’s First Lady to introduce Best Picture?? Conspiracy theories, anyone?? Anyway, Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts must be shopping for their metallic gowns together.

10:57 pm – Finally it’s time for:

Best Picture

… goes to ARGO!!! Yes!! This is the third film that I rooted for three years in a row (2010 – The King’s Speech and 2011 – The Artist), and they’ve all ended up winning Best Picture!

I quite like Ben Affleck’s speech. He doesn’t even seem bitter about being snubbed for Best Director. But hey, so far it’s been quite a blessing in disguise as he’s won practically every other directing award… and now his film won Best Picture. This is a big year for Affleck. Man, what a comeback!!

Well, that’s my first Live Bloggin’ at the Oscars!

There’s not a lot of surprises this year in terms of winners, well apart from the tie in the Best Sound Editing category. I wonder how many times that happens.

I’m just gonna keep the highlights short to just three:

  • Fave Musical Segment: Les Miserables (yes even with Russell Crowe singing, I thought it was great!)
  • Fave Win: Tie between Skyfall for Best Song and ARGO for Best Picture
  • Fave Speech: Daniel Day Lewis’ surprisingly hilarious speech. His win might not be surprising at all, but his speech certainly was a pleasant surprise. I tell you, he not only knows a thing or two about acting, the bloke sure knows how to give a speech!

Well, what did you think of the Oscars this year? What’s your favorite (or biggest gripes) of the night?

Oscar Musings, Predictions & Everybody’s Chattin’

Happy last Friday of February… or as we cinephiles call it, the start of Oscar weekend! As usual, the Oscars will be televised live this Sunday by ABC and in more than 225 countries worldwide from 8:30-11:30 p.m., ET.

Adele_Bassey_OscarI’m a bit bummed out that the James Bond tribute won’t be featuring all of the Bond actors after all, that’s been something I’ve been anticipating. I mean, wouldn’t that be cool?! But I guess that’s too good to be true. I guess we’ll have Adele singing the Oscar-nominated theme song Skyfall and I believe Dame Shirley Bassey will also make an appearance (yay!) Not sure what she’ll be singing though, but I’m sure it’ll be phenomenal! Oh, did you know that the cast of The Avengers will be on hand to present? Apparently that’s what it said on the Oscar blog.

Now, it’s been sort of tradition (well, only since a couple of years ago) that I’d post my winner predictions in the major categories. I haven’t seen ALL of the films nominated, but heck this is just for fun, so who’s gonna stop me! 😀

  1. Best Picture: ARGO
  2. Best Director: Steven Spielberg (Lincoln)
  3. Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis (Lincoln)
  4. Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)
  5. Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln)
  6. Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)
  7. Best Animated Feature: Brave
  8. Best Original Screenplay: Moonrise Kingdom
  9. Best Adapted Screenplay: ARGO
  10. Best Foreign Language Film: Amour
  11. Best Song: Skyfall
  12. Best Costume Design: Anna Karenina
  13. Best Cinematography: Life of Pi

Most of my predictions are basically just gut instinct so we’ll see how I’d fare, ahah. This year I’m rooting for ARGO, that’s the film I chose for the LAMB Devours the Oscars Series.

Click the banner below to read why I think ARGO deserves to win Best Picture!


For sure I’ll be tuning in and live blogging Sunday night. Good thing I’ve asked my boss to take Monday off as I’ll be so tired and my brain will be filled with film stuff to concentrate on work anyway.

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Well that’s it for the Oscar links. Thoughts on this weekend’s ceremony and/or my predictions?