11 New Movies Available to Stream Early

Wow, I have to admit, though I knew things would probably get worse before it gets better, it still feels surreal. Who knew I’d live through a pandemic in my lifetime… seriously, life is definitely as strange, if not stranger, than fiction these days.

I just got an email from my manager that my company’s mandatory WFH (working from home) has been extended through April 24, about a month from the original March 27 date. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Well, surely we are not going to our local cineplex anytime soon. I read this article on THR today that this is the weekend when box office hit zero for the first time. Wow! I think this marquee on Minneapolis Uptown Theater says it best. #wellplayed

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Awesome FB page

But not everything is all doom and gloom. If you enjoy watching movies in the comfort of your home, plenty of movies that are currently in theaters, some even forgoing theatrical release altogether, are/will be available to stream early.

To make it easy for you, here is a list of 11 movies (this number will likely increase in the coming weeks) that you can watch either now or in a week or so.

Note: Some of them are available for purchase only, not rent.

The Gentlemen (my review)

Original Release Date: Jan. 24
Digital Release: March 24

I enjoyed seeing Guy Ritchie‘s star-studded crime thriller back in February, I just might rewatch it again once it’s available for rental.

Birds of Prey

Original Release Date: Feb. 7
Digital Release: Available for purchase March 24, rental in early April.

This movie grossed close to $200 mil worldwide, though with a budget of $84 mil, they likely could use a boost from digital release sales. This is one of three female-led, female-directed comic book movies coming out in 2020, the two others are Wonder Woman 1984 directed by Patty Jenkins and Black Widow directed by Cate Shortland. I sure hope we’ll get to see Wonder Woman in June, though it just might be postponed just like Black Widow that’s supposed to come out in May.*

* Wonder Woman will now be released on August 14! (updated Wed, 3/25)

Anyway, I had missed this one in the theaters, so I can finally watch it in a few weeks!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Original Release Date: Feb. 14
Digital Release: You can purchase this video game adaptation on March 31.

Surely those with kids will be all over this one, surely G and PG movies will be super popular since the kiddos don’t have school to go to, some likely for the rest of the year!

Emma (my review)

Original Release Date: Feb. 21
Digital Release: March 20 – Available as a 48-hour rental through numerous providers: Apple, Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, DirectTV, Fandango, etc.

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen or period drama in general, this rom-com offers a delightful escape–to the lush English countryside–from self-quarantine (even if you do live in an English countryside, I think it’s still fun to watch this, ha!)

The Invisible Man

Original Release Date: Feb. 28
Digital Release: March 20 – Available as a 48-hour rental through numerous providers: Apple, Amazon, GooglePlay, XFinity, DirectTV, Fandango, etc.

This film based on H.G. Wells’ classic was originally going to be a part of the Dark Universe, with Johnny Depp starring as the titular character, but the whole idea was reworked after the box office failure of The Mummy (2017). I barely remembered Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon in the titular role, but this one got a pretty decent review so I might check it out at some point.


Original Release Date: March 6
Digital Release: Available on VOD March 20 & streaming on Disney+ April 3

Some people have called this Frozen for boys, ahah. That seems rather sexist to me since plenty of girls would enjoy stories about brothers, but whatever. The trailer of Pixar’s latest, featuring the voices of fellow Avengers Tom Holland and Chris Pratt looks pretty charming. We all could use something fun and uplifting given the dire state of the world we’re living right now.

The Way Back

Original Release Date: March 6
Digital Release: March 24 – Available for digital purchase download

This film did have a couple of weeks theatrical release before the pandemic forced states to close cineplexes. Sounds like a personal film for Ben Affleck who plays a high school basketball coach dealing with alcoholism.

The Hunt

Original Release Date: March 13
Digital Release: March 20 – It’s currently available to rent in 48-hour viewing windows for the price of $19.99, via a wide variety of on-demand services, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and FandangoNow.

This satirical horror movie has gone through pretty extensive delays. It was supposed to come out on September 2019, but its theatrical release was delayed all the way to March 13 in the wake of several mass shootings and political controversy. I just might rent it just to see what the fuss is about.


Original Release Date: March 13
Digital Release: Tuesday, March 24.

You might have to wait a whole year to watch Fast and Furious 9, but if it’s any consolation for you Vin Diesel fans out there, Bloodshot will be available to purchase today for the retail price of $19.99.

I Still Believe

Original Release Date: March 13
Digital Release: March 27

I’m actually familiar with Christian music star Jeremy Camp and remember that he lost his wife to cancer. This film chronicled his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope. It stars New Zealand actor KJ Apa as Camp and Britt Robertson as his young love Melissa Henning. I haven’t seen I Can Only Imagine which is about Mercy Me’s frontman Bart Millard, so it’d likely make a perfect double feature viewing!

Love Birds

Original Release Date: April 3 (theatrical)
Digital Release: April 3 (Netflix)

Per The Verge, this comedy starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae, marks the first time during this period that a studio movie (Paramount) lost its theatrical release and will head straight to a third-party streamer — Netflix. I wonder how many other movie will follow suit and head straight to a streaming platform.

Which of these have you seen and/or planning to watch soon?

Everybody’s Chattin’ and Music Break featuring THE GUEST Soundtrack


It’s already three weeks into January and I just realize I haven’t done a Community Links nor a Music Break post. So why not combine the two again, right? Having just seen The Guest, I knew I had to do a post on the awesome 80s retro soundtrack! I really enjoyed the movie too, review up sometime in the next few days.

So here are what blogger’s been chattin’ about this past week:

There are still a lot of 2014 recaps circulating on the blogosphere and I actually still have one more year-end recap list on Top 10 MALE Performances that I’m hoping to finalize this week yet.

Best2014RecapWell, speaking of cinematic recaps, Margaret and Keith just posted theirs and it’s an absolute blast reading ’em! LOVE all the creative categories highlighting the best and worst of the year.

Kudos to Eric for finishing his 50 Movies Project! Here’s how he ranked all those films, consider this a list of film recommendations too!

Now switching gears to 2015 Movie Watching plans and glad to see Melissa and Abbi joining the Blindspot series! Check out their film selections on their respective blogs.

I wasn’t going to include any more award-related stuff until Oscar telecast later in late February, but Josh just posted about how his Oscar predictions (which he started 9 months ago!) lined up with the actual nominations.

Now on to reviews!

Dell just posted his review of Selma and Andrew posted his thoughts on the Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself. Meanwhile, Natalie and Mark just reviewed the surprise box office smash American Sniper.

Last but not least, Tim just reviewed T3ken which I hope Bryan Mills won’t read, ahah. Seems like it’s as hilariously awful as the trailer!

Now time for some awesome music …

theguest_danstevens2… bad ass & deliciously creepy Dan Stevens!

Here’s another fun action flick from last year besides John Wick that has a hint of 80s/90s retro, not just in terms of the film’s style but also in the soundtrack! Nerdist.com posted an interview with director Adam Wingard about how he crafted the soundtrack,

“…I was thinking more ’80s goth rock stuff like Death In June but as we made the picture, I realized the movie was going in a more poppy direction [becoming] less dark as the movie developed and that kind of evolved more into 80s goth electronica as opposed to straight up ’80s goth rock”

As with a lot of stuff, everything old is new again and the nostalgia factor is what makes it awesome 😀 My favorite track happens to be the same one that Stevens’ character David love! It’s called Anthonio by Norwegian recording artist Annie released back in 2009. I also love the ending score by Steve Moore.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Music Break!

Farewell 2014! Random Best/Worst Cinematic Recap of the Year


Wow, where has the time go?? I still can’t believe it’s already the LAST day of 2014. But y’know what, I’m actually looking forward to the new year, both in terms of film as well as personally and professionally speaking.

This past week I started thinking about some cinematic items I like and don’t like, so for the fun of it, I’ll just make a random post with whatever categories that come to mind. I took to Twitter for people to help me come up with something but got only one reply, but if you have suggestion in the comments, I can add them on here. Ok let’s get to it

Best Robotic Characters

Baymax (Big Hero 6) & TARS (Interstellar)

Best mo-cap performance

Andy Serkis – Caesar (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

Best Movie Sidekick

Anthony Mackie – Sam Wilson/Falcon (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Best voice work

Benedict Cumberbatch – Smaug (The Hobbit trilogy)

Best surprisingly bad-ass female character

Emily Blunt – Rita Vrataski (Edge of Tomorrow)

Worst supposedly-bad-ass-but-turns-out-annoying female character

Amber Heard – 3 Days To Kill

Best surprisingly bad-ass male character

Dan Stevens – ‘David’ (The Guest*)

* I actually haven’t seen the movie yet but based on the trailer alone, Dan looks so bad-ass!!

Worst supposedly-bad-ass-but-turns-out-annoying male character

Lee Pace – Ronan (Guardians of the Galaxy)


Best bravura performance (female)

Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl
Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Beyond the Lights

Best duo reunion

James McAvoy + Michael Fassbender – Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Best [and most artistic] Regional Movie Posters

The above posters are of various US cities, they also created some International Cities version. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!


Best Movie Quotes

“Bruce Wayne? Who’st that? Sounds like a cool guy…” – Batman (Will Arnett), The Lego Movie

“Apes. Together. Strong!” – Caesar, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

“Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.” – Drax (Dave Bautista, Guardians of The Galaxy)

Best use of a slo-mo in an action scene

Quicksilver’s kitchen scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past


Best/Most Inspired Casting

Michael Keaton – Riggan Thomson (Birdman)

Best Use of a Great Ensemble Cast

The Imitation Game and Birdman (tie)

Worst Use of a Great Ensemble Cast

The Monuments Men

Best comedic performance by a typically-serious actor 

Ralph Fiennes – Mr. Gustave (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Honorable Mention: Chris Pine – Cinderella’s Prince (Into The Woods) – simply for his hilarious Agony rendition

Best Movie Mustache

Ralph Fiennes – Mr. Gustave (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Best Underrated Breakthrough Performance (Male)

Tony Revolori – Zero Mustafa (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Tony Revolori & Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Best Underrated Breakthrough Performance (Female)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Dido Elizabeth Belle (Belle)

Best serious performance by a comedic actor (also Best Use of Prosthetics)

Steve Carell – John DuPont (Foxcatcher)

Best ‘WTF that was bizarre’ movie

Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy

Best Shootout Scene

Keanu Reeves’ John Wick at a Night Club

Best Car Chase Scene

Worst use of a screen legend

Ben Kingsley –Exodus: Gods & Kings and Night of the Museum 3 (as a Jewish slave AND Egyptian royalty, respectively)

Worst movie haircut [not just 2014, probably of the DECADE]


Colin Farrell’s (Winter’s Tale)

Best Honest Trailers of 2014

Best Fake Movie Poster

Worst time spent at movie theater all year

Transformers: Age of Extinction [at IMAX no less!]

Best Outrageous Costume

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Noni’s outfits (Beyond the Lights)

Best Performance by an actor under 15

Isaac Andrews – Malak (Exodus: Gods & Kings)

Best Movie set in a confined space [and best use of a car interior]



Best One-Man-Show Performance

Tom Hardy (Locke)

Worst movie(s) that didn’t live up to its hype

Godzilla & Interstellar

Best 2014 characters deserving of a spin-off

Sam Wilson/Falcon (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Lego Batman + Good Cop/Bad Cop (The LEGO Movie)

Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games)

Best Food Movie of the Year [that’s also a surprisingly GOOD movie!]

Jon Favreau's CHEF
Jon Favreau’s CHEF

Worst movie starring one of my actor crushes

Into The Storm (Sorry Richard Armitage but it was dreadful!)

Best film news

SPECTRE announcement

Worst film news

The whole SONY hack debacle

Best new TV show (that I saw for the entire first season)


Best directorial debut 

Dan Gilroy – Nightcrawler*

* I actually haven’t seen this yet but this is based on all the reviews I’ve read

Worst directorial debut (that results in possibly the WORST movie of the year)

Akiva Goldsman – Winter’s Tale

Best comeback role

Michael Keaton (Birdman)


Best return-to-form performance 

Edward Norton (Birdman)

Best bromance

Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill (22 Jump Street)

Best romantic duo


James McAvoy & Jessica Chastain (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby)
Gugu Mbatha Raw & Sam Reid (Belle)

Best May-December romance (that doesn’t make me cringe)

Guy Pearce & Felicity Jones (Breathe-In)

Worst May-December romance (that does make me cringe)

Kevin Kline & Dakota Fanning (The Last of Robin Hood)

Best unintentionally-hilarious 2014 trailer

It just never fails to bring a chuckle every time I watch it. Mr. Neeson certainly has the gift of unintentional comedy!

Those are some of the random categories I can think of for now. Feel free to submit category suggestions in the comments below.

Farewell 2014, now bring on 2015!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!