Becky Kurk


Becky Kurk a.k.a Prairiegirl


1. What do you love most about movies?
All of the different, wonderful worlds and places they take us to. Not as in sci-fi/other planets/CGI kinds of ways, but with all of the imagination, myriad characters and stories that can be laid out before you to enjoy that you may never have imagined, both fact and fiction. A delightful perk: I love finding those few-and-far-between actors I can delight in on and off the screen (RS and GB ;-).

2. What’s the first movie you ever watched that left a huge impression on you?
Disney movies when I was very young: Snow White, Bambi, Pinnochio. And just recently: Imitation of Life (1934 and 1959). The far-reaching repercussions of a girl striving to pass as white are starkly revealed in these films. Slowly you begin to realize she has to totally renounce and deny the black side of her family to achieve her goal. As this fact starts to become vividly clear, you see a depressing, dark side of racial relations you never, ever imagined before.

3. What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure flicks?
A Knight’s Tale*, for the catchy rock music that glides effortlessly and amusingly in and out of the medieval scenes. At times the characters fully participate with hearty laughter, clapping, dancing – totally out of context – making for quite some amusement. Of course Rufus Sewell is at his baddest (best!) ever. And then thrown on top of all this is a delicious dose of James Purefoy, just to make it even more delightful!
And one guilty pleasure too many:
Kate & Leopold. Hugh Jackman stays totally within his 19th century nobleman character all throughout his time-traveling visit to the 21st century, and stays extremely hot throughout the entire film at the same time. If only Sandra Bullock had played the part of Kate…
4. What are your top 5 favorite movies of all time?
#1 The Blues Brothers*
#2 Phantom of the Opera*
#3 Tristan and Isolde
#4 Purple Rain*
#5 Night Shift
(Sorry! Couldn’t keep it to only five!)
#6 Romancing the Stone
#7 Stranger Than Fiction
#8 The Purple Rose of Cairo
#9 Dances With Wolves
#10 Citizen Kane
*Notice the music theme in my top favs? 😉
5. Who are your top 5 favorite actors/actresses?
#1 Rufus Sewell
#2 James Purefoy
#3 Gregory Peck
#4 Gerard Butler
#5 Bruce Campbell

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