Trailer Spotlight – Harrison Ford is back in Indiana Jones 5: Dial of Destiny (2023)

Woo wee!! Color me surprised, pleasantly surprised that is. To be honest, I was mostly meh about the latest Indiana Jones installment, mostly because The Kingdom of Crystal Skull is such an abomination (see this list of unnecessary blockbuster sequels). I also think at 80 years old, Harrison Ford is practically a relic himself! 


But hey, y’know what? Despite the clichéd title (anything w/ the word destiny in it is so unimaginative!), the trailer manages to alter my opinion, and not just that, it actually made me excited to see it! 

As soon as John Williams‘s iconic score kicks in, I was immediately feeling nostalgic for the first Indiana Jones movie (while also pretending the fourth one never existed, ha!) Reportedly this is Williams’ last film he’d be composing, as he’d announced his retirement from film composition (though it doesn’t mean he’s done composing altogether). 

Boy, Ford sure doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and he looks pretty darn fit for his age. Happy to see John Rhys-Davies back as Sallah, dreaming of a new adventure with his archaeologist friend.

Instead of Steven Spielberg, it’s James Mangold at the helm. I like his last film Ford vs. Ferrari and love LOGAN, so he certainly can balance drama with action and humor. There are tons of horse chase action in this one, which reminds me a bit of John Wick, another unkillable action hero. Of course, Indy’s whip has to be featured prominently in a humorous way. Not sure what the plot is at this point though sounds like Indy will be fighting Nazis once again this time, a few articles online say that it involves Nazi scientists (likely led by Mads Mikkelsen‘s character) in a Space Race. 

In addition to Mads who’s such a terrific actor whether playing good or bad guys, I’m also looking forward to seeing the supporting cast: Phoebe Waller Bridge, Antonio Banderas, Toby Jones, and Boyd Holbrook (who’s great in LOGAN). That last bit about Indy being her godfather is funny, and I sure hope she isn’t playing his love interest!

I take this trailer as a good sign that this will be a return to form for the franchise… well, we have a half year to wait for this one as it won’t be released til June 30th, 2023, but here’s hoping it’ll be worth the wait!!


What do YOU think of Indy 5 trailer?

9 thoughts on “Trailer Spotlight – Harrison Ford is back in Indiana Jones 5: Dial of Destiny (2023)

  1. This looks amazing and it has all of the things I love about that trilogy as I just hope it doesn’t go into bad territory like that one film we all know doesn’t exist. IT NEVER HAPPENED! And yes, I do hope Phoebe-Waller Bridges isn’t a love interest. That’s just icky.

    1. Ahah yes, let’s pretend Indy 4 NEVER happened indeed! So far it has all the ingredients of what made me love an Indiana Jones flick, so hope it won’t disappoints!

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