Trailer Spotlight: The Menu – starring Ralph Fiennes + Anya Taylor-Joy


Man, I really wish I could attend TIFF this year! SO. MANY. GOOD. MOVIES!! I love dark comedies and this one looks as dark and suspenseful as it gets! I saw the teaser a few weeks ago and now we’ve got the full trailer!

Set in the world of high-end culinary culture, a young couple visits an exclusive destination restaurant on a remote island where the acclaimed chef has prepared a lavish tasting menu, along with some shocking surprises.


The cast is c’est délicieux!! Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Janet McTeer, John Leguizamo and Nicholas Hoult. The director is Mark Mylod who has helmed various high-profile series: Game Of Thrones, Shameless and Succession. The only movie I’ve seen that he directed is the rom-com What’s Your Number? which I could barely remember, ahah, but this one looks something completely different. Per IMDb, back in 2019, Emma Stone was attached to play the lead role with Alexander Payne directing.


I personally am not really a fan of fine dining so the idea of being stuck on an island to be fed by a lavish restaurant like this is NOT my idea of a vacation, ahah. Culinary culture can be extremely intense… and deadly too apparently, especially when you’ve got Voldemort as the cheft, ahah. Ralph Fiennes can be absolutely scary, this harkens back to his Amon Göth days in Schindler’s List [shudder]. The pairing of Hoult and Taylor-Joy is intriguing, though I doubt there’ll be any romantic interludes going on here. Always thrilled to see Janet McTeer who I wish were cast in more movies! Written by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, the latter has written a couple of episodes of Succession, they sure have a killer ensemble, pun fully intended 😉


This trailer looks scrumptiously creepy and disturbing… it’s got a nightmarish vibe that might put off some people from elegant dining after watching it, ahahaha. I hope the movie turns out to be as good as this preview!

What do you think of THE MENU trailer?

11 thoughts on “Trailer Spotlight: The Menu – starring Ralph Fiennes + Anya Taylor-Joy

    1. I wish more film festivals still offer virtual screenings, but yeah I’m still weary about traveling overseas these days. I don’t think the pandemic is quite over yet, though some people like to pretend it is.

  1. I went and saw Bullet Train last night at Dolby Cinema and this trailer played before the show. Definitely looks like a fun horror/thriller. I consider myself a foodie and have eaten at some pricey restaurants, so this is very hilarious to me. And no, the movie does not make me want to stop going eat at fancy restaurants. Lol!

    1. Did you enjoy Bullet Train, Ted?

      Ahah, I figure as a foodie you’d love this one Ted! I’m only joking that it’d make ppl like you stop going to fancy restaurants, ahah. I bet if something like this exists, it would be pretty popular with foodies like you.

      1. Bullet Train was a fun but forgettable film, David Leitch is just not the right director for this type of action/comedy. Most of the humor just didn’t work, just like Hobbs and Shaw, Leitch just couldn’t execute the comedic tone. He’s good at staging action scenes. Someone like Edgar Wright would’ve made this into a good action/comedy.

        1. Oh yeah, Edgar Wright would’ve made it funnier I think, I mean Hot Fuzz is still one of the funniest things I’ve seen. I think some of the bantering here seems to have been inspired by Wright’s style that he did w/ Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

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