‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ First Teaser is finally here!!


Woo wee!! Happy Mighty Monday, everyone!! #ThorLoveandThunder has been trending on Twitter practically every week for ages, well the first official teaser has finally arrived!

Behold the awesomeness…

The metal-head teen in me is shrieking with delight!! I was a huge fan of Guns ‘n Roses in high school and Sweet Child O’ Mine is my fave GNR song!! I’m glad Taika Waititi is continuing the 80s vibe from Thor: Ragnarok, as well as the fun, wacky & whimsical tone that Taika does so well!


I was hoping to see Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher and Russell Crowe as Zeus, but looks like they’re saving that for the trailer. I’m fine with that as there’s already so much to be excited for here… I mean, hello Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor!! Whoa mighty biceps… Natalie Portman certainly has been doing the same workout regimen as Hemsworth!

Loving the feisty female power in the new Thor movie. I’m also thrilled to see Tessa Thompson‘s Valkyrie sitting on the throne as the reigning King of Asgard!!


I’m SO excited for this movie and Disney has been making MCU fans wait SO long for this teaser, despite the movie opening just TWO months away in July 8!

Are you as excited for this movie as I am?

5 thoughts on “‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ First Teaser is finally here!!

  1. Man, I was doing my Davy Jones/Axl dance to that song as it made the trailer feel perfect. I totally want to see this. Russell Crowe is seen briefly as Zeus (but we don’t see his face) as I’m sure he’s doing a comedy performance. It all looks so good as I also saw that Taika definitely borrowed images from the comics but that last shot of Natalie Portman as Lady Thor… OOHHH….. I don’t think I will survive opening weekend when I see the film on the big screen. She just went into Goddess mode. I do hope we have a scene of her, Lady Sif, Valkyrie, Mantis, and Nebula just go apeshit on everyone and I’m hoping she and Thor make an appearance on the 2nd season of Loki. 😀

    1. I can’t wait to see Crowe as Zeus!! The guy is really funny in real life so it’ll be fun to see him do comedy. Yeah, I saw some people do comparison images from comic to screen on Twitter, boy that last shot of Portman as Lady Thor is pure awesomeness! This will be soooo amazing to see on the big screen!!

      Hopefully we get 2nd season of LOKI soon too!

      1. Same here. Twitter did post a nice picture of Thor, Jane, Loki, and Sylvie at their best as who wouldn’t want to see them hanging out and chilling in New Asgard?

        Oh, I do hope we in Thor: Love and Thunder. We get a cameo from Rene Russo as Frigga in a flashback scene of a young Thor and Loki. She is the best mom of the MCU.

  2. Ha ha, I can’t say I’m a fan of Guns n Roses, was never a fan of rock bands back in those days, more of a hip hop person. But this trailer looks fun, with covid still going on, I didn’t realized this was coming out this summer. I thought Disney had push back to next summer. But with Spider-Man and Batman dominating the box office, I shouldn’t be surprised they stuck with this summer’s release date.

    1. I was into a lot of metal bands in high school because most of my friends were into them, too. I guess growing up in Indo, hip-hop wasn’t that big, at least not in my school.

      Yeah, I’m thrilled Thor 4 didn’t get delayed, it’s my most-anticipated MCU movie, much more than Dr. Strange which I’ll see in early May.

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