Musings on #Oscars2022 – The Good, The Bad + The WTF


Happy #OscarsNight everyone!! Honestly, I wasn’t all that enthused about the #Oscars this year, especially after they decided back in February that they won’t present 8 categories LIVE but presented during the off-air segment… those categories are documentary short, film editing, makeup and hairstyling, original score, production design, animated short, live-action short and sound. Ugh, it’s such a dumb decision, definitely file THAT under the BAD category.

So I didn’t even post my winner predictions this year, but I did do the Oscars ballot in PDF format so I’m curious how many I’d get right tonight. I’ve also done my ranking of Oscar Best Picture + Acting Categories, and my top 5 picks won some major awards this year, woot!

I only tuned in for the red carpet about less than an hour before the first winner was announced, how awesome that I saw my fave Dame being interviewed!


Well, the first winner is the one I predicted AND rooting for!! I love c in West Side Story, her performance is definitely one of the major highlights in that movie.

So thrilled to see DUNE sweeping award after award early in the night!! Hearing Denis Villeneuve‘s name being thanked constantly by the crews’ winners is great, but it didn’t make up for the fact that he was NOT nominated. DUNE did NOT direct itself, Academy!!

Lovely to see last year’s Best Supporting Actress winner Youn Yuh-jung (for Minari) presenting the award for Best Supporting Actor. So sweet that she apologized in advance for mispronouncing the nominees’ names. I’m thrilled to see Troy Kotsur, who I was rooting for, did win for CODA!!

Now, just because the one I was rooting for didn’t win doesn’t mean always mean it’s a bad thing, esp. when another female nominee won!

Thrilled to get both screenplay categories right… and I adore both movies!

The In Memoriam segment is tough to get right as they always miss people, but I love this moment… (see WTF section in regards to what transpired before this segment)

I have grown to love the No Time To Die song more and more, so I’m so happy Billie Eillish + Finneas won. This has got to be a historic win as well as I don’t think a sibling has ever done a Bond song together before.

How awesome to have TWO female directors winning back to back!!!

We STILL have a loooong way to go however…

Finally… last but definitely NOT least…


So thrilled for CODA, which was on my top 10 of 2021 and one of the highest-rated films I gave last year as well (4.5/5). I LOVE that it’s also written + directed by a woman, the amazing Sian Heder!!


– Well as I’ve stated above, the fact that 8 categories were cut from the LIVE  broadcast is just terrible… I REALLY hope the Academy would rectify such a major faux pas.

– Now, I have no issues w/ any of the hosts individually but I really don’t think they’re that funny nor entertaining. I wish they’d just forgo having a host and let various celebs present the awards next time. We don’t need some lame monologues. Hey the Academy, why not save time by getting rid of the unnecessary frills and present ALL of the categories LIVE!!

– I’m just gonna focus on the positive so not gonna dwell on the negative… but I really did not care for the bit where Regina Hall‘s Covid pat-down… not gonna post a photo/video of that here, surely you can find it on Youtube or somewhere. I think Hall is a lovely and talented actress but the whole skit was in such poor taste. She was objectifying all these hot guys, esp. Jacob Elordi and practically groping Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa … I think there’s a double standard on what constitutes sexual harassment, I mean imagine if the gender were reversed. Sorry but that kind of sh#t ain’t funny, ugh.


This category is made for moments like THIS… but wow, Will.. you kinda killed the mood for the rest of the entire event, I feel so bad for Questlove who won after that 😦

I realized Will Smith was upset at Chris Rock‘s comment because his wife Jada Pinkett Smith is suffering from Alopecia which causes hair loss but honestly, I did not know that and I don’t think most people know about it either. I even thought Jada was in the first GI Jane movie and that’s what the joke was referring to. I mean, Rock is a comedian known for making inappropriate jokes, and even if he were going to call him out on it, he could’ve just gone over and TOLD him that the joke was out of line or taken up the issue backstage. Slapping a presenter on stage like that is an assault. It’s inexcusable no matter how you look at it and whatever the reason.

I think the biggest WTF moment is not just about what Smith did, but the Academy allowing him to behave that way and still gave him an award + platform for a long, rambling speech. Yes, he apologized to the Academy but NOT to Chris Rock, and his speech ended with him saying ‘I hope I’m still invited to the Academy’ so, at the end of the day, he was still thinking about himself and saving his own @$$. The speech just didn’t strike me as remorseful at all.

Oh well, I was actually rooting for Smith to win and predicted he WOULD win… but the whole incident is just awful and casts such a shadow over the whole event.

Well, that’s the recap, folks. What did you think about this year’s Oscars?

5 thoughts on “Musings on #Oscars2022 – The Good, The Bad + The WTF

  1. I didn’t watch it but my mother did and from what I read on Brittani’s twitter scroll. Wow… a fucking trainwreck. I hated these Twitter things they did and I didn’t like the random people they had to present the awards as well as the musical guests like DJ Khaled (fuck that asshole). It should’ve been about the awards and I thought this was insulting and what the fuck was that memorium presentation? Awful song and an awful presentation.

    Now I can understand someone being defensive for your spouse but… when there’s rumors about you having an open marriage as well as having 2 spoiled-ass, no-talent kids who try to get a lot of attention. Then we have some problems. Chris Rock made a bad joke but what Willy-Will did overshadowed everything and it honestly ruined the whole night for everyone.

    I blame ABC for this as from what I saw. I hadn’t seen anything this bad since the infamous 1989 Oscars produced by that guy who produced Grease where they had terrible musical numbers including that awful duet of “Rollin’ Down the River” between Rob Lowe and Snow White.

    After this and last year’s event. The Oscars should’ve just kept it simple and to the point. Instead, they created a trainwreck that got overshadowed by a punch.

    1. Trainwreck is right, Steven! It’s a riot! I initially thought it was staged but nope, it was definitely real… It was quite shocking.

      Ahah. I must’ve tuned out during DJ Khaled segment, I have never even heard of him or what he does, ahah.

      Yep, I agree that even if you’re defending your spouse, you should never resort to violence like that. I don’t think Chris Rock was even making fun of Jada’s baldness, he had no idea she even had a medical condition, he was shocked he got hit and he said ‘hey it’s a GI Jane joke’ so clearly he was taken aback.

      The Academy just have no clue to put together a sensible show, I mean first, they cut some of the categories being shown, then have THREE hosts that make the thing just as long or longer than before… honestly, w/ ALL the money and power they have, they can’t even get ONE single event right, it’s embarrassing!

  2. As usual, I didn’t know the Oscars was on last night until I saw your Tweets and others on my timeline. Guess I didn’t miss much and when I saw the clip of Smith slapping Chris Rock, I thought it’s some sort of lame skit that they always came up with during this show. I still think the whole thing was staged, the Oscars wants attention since the rating for the show has been down for like a decade now. Now it seems tons of people are talking about it and I won’t be surprised if both Smith and Rock came out and said it’s all staged few years from now and they’ll all laugh about it.

    1. Nope, the ‘slapgate’ is DEFINITELY real. I don’t think the producers would condone any skit involving anyone getting slapped, let alone a presenter! I mean yes they are desperate for an audience but they won’t go THAT far. You can clearly see Rock was shocked after he was hit, but his reaction was surprisingly calm and he was shown trying to subdue Smith during the commercial break. So Smith is the one out of line here.

      Well, now Smith has apologized to Chris but the academy is instigating a formal review so I’m curious what the consequences would be for Smith in the next few days.

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