Twosday Special – 22 Favorite Cinematic Duos


Happy Twosday!! It’s already Wednesday in some countries I know, but hey it’s still late afternoon where I am now… so apparently today is quite an unusual day… 2/22/22, both a palindrome AND an ambigram… aaand it falls on Tuesday, uncanny!


The date is quite rare, as it won’t happen again for another 400 years, in 2422! So I thought I’d celebrate with a visual tribute to some of my favorite cinematic duos, because the best things often come in twos, right?

Whether it’s a they’re partners in crime, cop buddies, arch nemesis, rival-turned-allies, father/son or best friends forever, these cinematic duos have a great chemistry together and they’re fun to watch. Most of these are from the movies, except for one at the end as I simply had to include them. In any case, instead of a top 10, let’s make it top 22! 😀 

So here we go in random order …

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


Riggs and Murtaug – Lethal Weapon franchise


Han & Chewie – Star Wars


Zoolander & Hansel – Zoolander


Jules & Vincent – Pulp Fiction


Brydon and Coogan – The Trip To Greece, The Trip to Italy


Thelma & Louise


Woody & Buzz – Toy Story franchise


Mike & Marcus – Bad Boys franchise


Frodo & Sam – The Lord of the Rings trilogy


Patsy and Edina – Absolutely Fabulous


Cap & Bucky – Captain America trilogy


Nick & Danny – Hot Fuzz 


Holland & Jackson – The Nice Guys


Neil & Vincent – Heat


CC & Hilary – Beaches


Indiana & Henry Sr. – Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade


Harry & Gay – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


McClane & Zeus – Die Hard with a Vengeance


Andy & Red – Shawshank Redemption 


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Sherlock & Watson – BBC Sherlock TV Series


So what’s YOUR favorite cinematic duos? Feel free to add them in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Twosday Special – 22 Favorite Cinematic Duos

  1. From the MCU:

    Thor & Hulk
    Thor & Loki
    Cap & Natasha
    Cap & Sam
    Natasha & Yelena
    Tony & Rhodey
    Rocket & Groot
    Peter Parker & Ned
    Shang-Chi & Katy
    Scott Lang & Luis
    Scott Lang & Hope Van Dyne
    Quill & Yondu
    Yondu & Kraglin
    Wanda & Vision
    Okoye & Nakia
    Okoye & Shuri
    Okoye & M’Baku

    There’s so many.

    1. I love that you go w/ all MCU duos! There are indeed plenty of them, I just wanted to be more inclusive and choose those from a bunch of genres. I almost included Natasha & Yelena, those two are awesome!!

      1. If I was to include TV, I would put Yelena and Kate Bishop. Man, they were a joy to watch as it just made me fall in love with Florence Pugh. They really need to make Black Widow & Hawkeye into a movie for the Phase 5 portion of the MCU!!!!!

        1. I’d watch anything w/ Florence Pugh, she just makes everything better. Yeah I’d watch Black Widow + Hawkeye movie, though I prefer seeing Yelena and Kate Bishop team up in a movie.

            1. Yes, of course, d’oh!! 😀 I love that Clint passes his Hawkeye mantle to her, that would be so perfect to see Haley and Florence in a movie together.

  2. I definitely love Martin Riggs/Rodger Murtaugh and Mike Riley/Marcus Burnett from your list there. I would add Jack Cates/Reggie Hammond, Carter/Lee, Chon Wang/Roy O’Bannon, Alex/Chad Wagner, Wyatt Earp/Doc Holiday and Samantha Caine/Mitch Henessey. The last one will be Batman and Robin in the comics and animated series, maybe someday we’ll get a proper film version of these two on the big screen together.

    1. Ah yes, Batman & Robin… we still need a good film that showcase that duo in a brilliant way! I think in Nolan’s trilogy, I was hoping Joseph Gordon Levitt would become Robin, he and Christian Bale would make an intriguing Batman & Robin.

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