This Just In! Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN Full Trailer!


Thursday morning, a tweet from The Batman and Matt Reeves‘ Twitter accounts got the internet in a frenzy! It’s not even the trailer itself, just the TEASER to the actual trailer arriving in time for 2021 #DCFanDome event.

There is no official synopsis available, but from what I’ve heard online, the film will be a nearly 3-hour long detective noir story. I absolutely LOVE the sound of that! I certainly do NOT need to see another scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents getting shot after the opera! Based on the first teaser that circulated over a year ago (gosh, has it been THAT long?!)

In any case, behold it’s first full trailer:

Woo wee!!! I was already excited from the teaser, now I’m even more hyped for this! I really like the set up of Riddler in the diner with his face not shown, definitely adds mystery and suspense as he’s testing Batman’s detective skills as he wrecks havoc on Gotham City. The look of the world is appropriately soiled and grimy, which is what I feel Gotham ought to look like. I feel like perhaps Reeves’ set up has a good balance between the hyper-realistic approach of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and the more fantastical, outlandish-ness of the comics.

The aesthetics are phenomenal… dayum, DP Greig Fraser has been in a ton of huge projects lately, having just shot DUNE and now this. THIS has got to be my fave shot of the trailer:


So many great moments revealed so far, but the highlight is definitely the part when Penguin thought he killed Batman and his Batmobile emerges from the fire… the upside-down Batman walking towards the camera as the title forms on screen is just SO cool! Pure geek-gasm stuff!


I think the casting is just terrific. Zoe Kravitz seems to be born to play Catwoman, she not only looks the part but has the seductive quality. Paul Dano is a terrific actor and I am curious to see what he’d do with the role. Given the noir detective story, Riddler is definitely the suitable villain. I’m also keen in seeing Colin Farrell as the Penguin, what inspired casting and boy he’s totally unrecognizable in the role. Lastly, Robert Pattinson looks really promising as the less sure-footed superhero we’ve seen before, in that he’s still coming into his own as the caped crusader with raw, unbridled emotion he could hardly control.

In anticipation of the trailer, Reeves shared the two posters on Twitter (click to see a larger version):

I like the moody, mysterious vibe of these posters, and the Riddler one looks downright creepy! If this film would be at least on par with his fantastic ‘Apes’ trilogy, then we are in good hands. In Matt Reeves I trust.

Updated 11/10 – behold these two amazing new posters that just got released!! LOVE that Catwoman is featured in one of the posters too!



The Batman is scheduled to be released in theatres on March 4, 2022.… I can hardly wait!!

What do you think of THE BATMAN trailer? 

6 thoughts on “This Just In! Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN Full Trailer!

  1. I really hope this is a good film as I am a fan of Batman as I do like the like the cast and the look itself. I just saw a teaser for The Flash that also features Batman but… I don’t want to spoil it.

    1. Yeah I saw the teaser of The Flash too, but I’m not a huge fan of that character compared to Batman or Superman. I’m really excited because of Matt Reeves who did a phenomenal job w/ the Apes trilogy, and I think he’s assembled a terrific cast here that seems to work very well.

  2. Watched the trailer couple of times already and to think, we could’ve seen this film already since it’s supposed to open this month! I’m still not sold on Robert Pattinson being Batman/Bruce Wayne, but maybe I’ll change my mind when I see the film.

    From this trailer, it reminded me of what Aronofsky’s Batman: Year One would’ve been like. Every elements from that script looks to be in this film, including a black Catwoman and it’s really more of a detective story. Before Warner Bros. hired Nolan back in the 2000s, they almost went with Aronofksy’s version. I’m not sure if this version will be R-rated but the reason Aronofsky didn’t get to direct was that he insisted on making a violent and hard R-rated Batman flick.

    1. Yeah, this darn Covid is making us wait far too long for highly-anticipated movies. I think I’m warming up to Pattinson based on what I’ve seen so far. I think an R-rated Batman just isn’t gonna be in the cards for WB, it’d just be too risky and a bunch of the Batman fans are young teens.

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