Argentinian Indie Horror Review: Rock, Paper and Scissors (Piedra, papel y tijera)



Directors: Martín Blousson, Macarena García Lenzi
Cast: Agustina Cerviño, Valeria Giorcelli, Pablo Sigal

When Ruth asked me if I wanted to watch a screener for a thriller called Rock, Paper, and Scissors, I was a little hesitant; after the disaster that was 2018’s Truth or Dare, I’ve been wary of any horror movie named after simple children’s games (I won’t be at all surprised if we get a supernatural take on “thumb wars” at some point in the next few years). But this Argentinian production reminded me not to judge a movie on its title.


In Rock, Paper, & Scissors, Magdalena (Agustina Cerviño) visits her estranged half siblings María José (Valeria Giorcelli) and Jesús (Pablo Sigal) to get their late father’s affairs in order and divide their inheritance, but before she can even start, she has a debilitating accident, leaving her bed-ridden and at the mercy of two family members whose initial welcome might not have been as warm as she first believed.

Any casual horror fan could easily draw the comparison between this movie and Misery, but Rock, Paper, & Scissors is still a very unique film (with the exception of one scene that feels a little too similar to an infamous moment in the Stephen King classic). It’s well directed and creatively shot, and the set and costume design is great; it’s all very bleak in a beautiful and detailed way. The acting is excellent; all three siblings give such subtle performances that leave you wondering what’s happening just under the surface. The suspense is exquisite, and you’re constantly left questioning who, if anyone, can actually be trusted.


My only real complaint about the movie is that the pacing feels a little off. It’s not a long movie, clocking in at a little under an hour and a half, and the tension starts right away, but with the protagonist being confined to the bed for the majority of the film, it can drag at times. 

Overall, though, Rock, Paper, and Scissors is a lovely, tense, and heartbreaking horror movie. It debuted at Fantastic Fest in the Fall of 2019, I hope its North American release gets it the attention it deserves. 

4/5 stars



Runtime: 83 min
Language: Spanish w/English Subs


2 thoughts on “Argentinian Indie Horror Review: Rock, Paper and Scissors (Piedra, papel y tijera)

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  2. Ted Saydalavong

    I’ve never heard of this movie before, the premise do sounds a lot like Misery. I still think that film is the best adaptation of Stephen Kings’ novels. I’ll give this a watch when it hits streaming services.

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