FlixChatter Halloween Special – Introducing ‘HallowStream’

Hey, FlixChatter readers!

As the blog’s resident horror reviewer, it’s probably obvious that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love all things spooky, and a holiday that celebrates spook is tailor-made for me. Unfortunately, Halloween will probably be a little different this year, what with a raging pandemic going on. No big costume parties, no crowded haunted attractions, no throngs of trick or treaters (okay, we don’t know that for sure yet, but I’m pretty sure there will be significantly fewer trick or treaters this year). What’s a Halloween enthusiast to do under these grim circumstances?

Why not binge some spooky TV shows? Between all of the streaming services available now, there are plenty of shows to get you into the Halloween spirit, from kid-friendly series to darker horror anthologies. From the end of September through the end of October, I will be featuring different horror shows, starting with Netflix’s incredible Haunting of Hill House

… to prepare for its follow-up, The Haunting of Bly Manor

Besides these two, I will be focusing on some lesser-recognized shows, because goodness knows there are already enough articles about American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.

Here are the shows I’ll be covering:

  • So Weird – An American-Canadian family friendly sci-fi/supernatural TV series
  • Fear Itself  – A series of  13 stand-alone episodes written and directed by well-known horror writers and directors
  • Lore – A show based on a popular podcast discussing how popular folklore/horror stories are rooted in truth

So cuddle up on your couch with some Halloween candy and your favorite fall beverage (FYI, pumpkin spice lattes are SO much better with half the pumpkin flavor and an extra shot of espresso) and prepare to be scared!

Happy HallowStream!

– Laura Schaubschlager



6 thoughts on “FlixChatter Halloween Special – Introducing ‘HallowStream’

  1. October is often a fun time because it’s a chance to do horror films and have fun watching them. Since we’re still in a pandemic, at least there’s time to stay home and watch some horror films and maybe some re-watches as well. How can anyone not love horror/suspense films in October? Plus, I’m sure there’s some Hitchcock that not everyone has seen and wanted to watch.

    1. Yeah, I still have a few Hitchcock classics I need to catch up with. I’m also curious to see the new REBECCA adaptation on Netflix, esp with Kristin Scott-Thomas as Mrs Danvers!!

        1. Oh you haven’t seen the original REBECCA yet? Definitely see that first! I really should see Vertigo and Notorious, those are two I haven’t got around to yet.

  2. When I in junior and high school, I love October since TV networks would broadcast all of those Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I would stay up late watching those films and couldn’t sleep after watching them. Lol!

    I’m halfway through The Haunting of Hill House, will need to finish it before the new one starts streaming next month on Netflix.

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