Fun Diversion – Kevin James’ Sound Guy videos

Happy yet another ‘what day is it’ friends! Hope you’re all coping as well as you could during this quarantine/lockdown/shelter-in-place or whatever else it’s called. Sounds like there is light at the end of the tunnel… as more places like malls, restaurants, etc. have opened even at half capacity. I’m waiting with bated breath for salons to finally open!!!

Now, I normally don’t post about YouTube channels… this is still primarily a film blog, but I’ve actually been wanting to post about Kevin James as Sound Guy videos since I discovered it about a month ago!

Ryan Gosling Won’t Give Me A Soundcheck

It was actually my husband who showed it to me and I thought it was hilarious!! Though I haven’t seen all of his movies (I’ve only seen trailers of the Paul Blart movies), I do think Kevin James is funny, I mean he’s so much more fun to watch in Hitch than Will Smith.

If you check out his YT channel, the Star Wars Sound Guy video debuted in mid February, and he’s got a new one up every week or two since. It’s such a brilliant idea for a serialized short and the possibilities are endless! They did such a nice job editing it that made it look seamless!

The SW video where Sound Guy discovers the truth that Darth Vader is Luke’s father is the perfect one to start with, and as many fans know, it’s probably what happened. It’s no secret anymore that the crucial bit of info about Vader’s real identity was kept confidential only between George Lucas, James Earl Jones, and Mark Hamill, so it’s very likely that the real sound guy would have reacted the same way he did, ha!

My favorite has got to be this one from The Notebook! I’ve watched it countless times and LOL-ed every single time!

This one with the crazy shoot-out is pretty hilarious as well… especially since Kevin worked with Will Smith in HITCH and the comedian’s performance was easily one of my fave parts about that rom-com.

Now, the editing of this one is incredible!! It looks absolutely realistic and seamless, I mean the cinematography, lighting work here that matched the real film is amazing. Love the moment where the Sound Guy sang into the boom mic, priceless!!

I think if you go to his channel now, there are more fun videos of the Sound Guy adventure in famous movie scenes, ha!

Have you seen these vids? Which other movies do you want to see the Sound Guy do next?


8 thoughts on “Fun Diversion – Kevin James’ Sound Guy videos

    1. Hi Steven! I don’t know about your comment in regards to Sandler but I find Kevin to be funnier and just a hoot to watch. I think he’s brilliant in creating these mini videos for his channel during the pandemic, it’s relatively easy to do but it’s so entertaining!

  1. Ha ha, that’s hilarious. I love the scene from I Am Legend, I’ll have to check out his channel. With the advancements of cameras and technology, you can easily insert yourself in any scene of a hit film! I know exactly how James’ team insert him into those films. They shot him on green screen probably with the same camera as those films were shot with and did all of the editing in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Lol!

    I basically watch tons of YouTube videos and stream shows these days, I haven’t watched a show on a major network station in years.

    1. Hi Ted! Glad you enjoyed this. You’ve seen this before right? I mean before I posted it. My fave one is actually The Notebook and A Star Is Born one, I chuckle every time I watch them! Yeah I’d think it’s probably not that complicated to shoot, but the concept is brilliant and there are endless amount of movies you can tackle. I hope he continues to do this, i know I always look forward to the next edition.

    1. Hi Becky! Glad you enjoyed this. Yeah KJ is a fun comedian and I’m glad he’s doing this, what a hilariously brilliant concept.

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