20 Thoughts on 2020 Golden Globes’ Memorable Moments

Happy Monday everyone! Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I was late to watch the telecast, so I missed the entire opening monologue. Here it is…

Well he did say ‘Let’s all have a laugh… at your expense.’ Ok I don’t exactly subscribe to Ricky Gervais‘ beliefs and his brand of comedy can be brutal, but I have to agree about keeping politics off acceptance speeches.

I don’t have the energy to do a lengthy post this time so I’m just going to post 20 commentaries in tweets/gifs … starting with THIS:

First winner of the night happens to be one of my favorite actors… who I hope will get a cinematic comeback real soon! My heart goes out to him and Australians who are impacted by the devastating bush fires.

In any case, I thought John Lithgow was good as Roger Ailes, though he’s far more memorable to me as Churchill in The Crown.

Tom Hanks‘ reaction to Gervais’ brutal opening monologue… definitely the first popular meme of 2020.

Mr. Aquaman just raised the temperature of the room by his um, unconventional black tie attire…

The great news: Jason Momoa was presenting.
The bad news: He already put his jacket on.

But hey, the Queen aka Olivia Colman always gave such a delightful speech!!

As an Indonesian growing up watching mostly Hollywood/European films, I’m so used to subtitles. I’d take that any day over dubbed movies!!

Everyone’s favorite ‘everyman’ deservedly won the Cecil B. DeMille award… and crying over how blessed he feels for his family. Tom Hanks is not just the nicest guy in Hollywood, he’s a class act.

Former Bond-turned-Colonel-Sanders Pierce Brosnan had turned up earlier introducing his two sons as Miss, er Mr. Golden Globes (???)… but it’s his second appearance with Will Ferrell that’s far memorable. Suddenly I’m hungry for some fried chicken!!

Ok so yeah Brad Pitt won Best Supporting Actor in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but all people were waiting for was Jen Anniston‘s reaction during his speech, so here we go…

I haven’t even seen a single episode of Fleabag yet I’m glad to see it won!! (that show is on my to-watch list!)

If I have to make a comment about fashion at the Globes last night, it’d be that I LOVE Ana De Armas‘ sparkly sapphire dress.

I enjoyed seeing her and Daniel Craig in Knives Out, so it’s cool that they’re working together again in No Time To Die.

I have to say I didn’t quite love the JOKER’s score but I’m thrilled to see a female composer win last night!!! It still doesn’t make up for the lack of any female director nominated though, HFPA! Not even a little bit.

Thank you Ellen DeGeneres for all you do… and for constantly making us laugh. That was a wonderful montage that showcased why she absolutely deserved the Carol Burnett Award.

Note to self: Must. Watch. Succession.

Can’t believe I just realized Sarah Snook is on that show!! Been a fan of this Aussie actress since Predestination.

Ha!! We all want to SHIP these two!!

I’m happy to see Taron Egerton‘s continued meteoric rise! He’s a fun bloke and obviously super duper talented! Even in a frivolous action flick like KINGSMAN he was so watchable. LOVE his gracious, genuinely emotional acceptance speech… he acknowledged the young fellow nominee Roman Griffin of Jojo Rabbit AND thanked his mom… classy! Elton John’s reaction pure joy of seeing him win said it all.

I predicted Joaquin Phoenix would win and I think he deserved it. I do think he’s rambling on his speech but he did make Adam Driver laugh (the only actor in the room who I’d believe doesn’t have any beef with anyone if he lost an award).

And the last award goes to…

I haven’t seen 1917 yet but I’m now really curious to see it! Looks like a real innovative filmmaking style, and I sure hope Roger Deakins FINALLY win Best Cinematography at the Oscar!!

So, what are YOUR thoughts on the 2020 telecast?

9 thoughts on “20 Thoughts on 2020 Golden Globes’ Memorable Moments

  1. Didn’t watch the show but enjoyed your highlight post. I agree Marriage Story deserved to win for screenplay. Wasn’t Tarantino’s best but voters tend to love films about the entertainment industry. Deakins actually did win an oscar for Blade Runner 2049 but would be cool if he wins again! Hope I can catch 1917 on the big screen.

    1. Hi Chris! You’re so right that voters tend to like films set in Hollywood but Marriage Story also has connections to the entertainment industry and man the dialog is simply amazing!

      Oh right I forgot Deakins finally won for BR 2049 but he should win again!

  2. As always, I appreciate your recap of these award shows since i don’t watch them. Lol!

    I personally don’t have any issue with celebrities talking politics during their acceptance speech but I do have issues with some who don’t really believe what they’re saying. Most of the time some of these celebrities don’t care about anything but themselves but if they want to stay relevant, their PR people would recommend they say some politics stuff to get people talking about them again.

    Glad Bong Joon Ho won best director, he’s been one of my favorite directors ever since I saw his early work back in the 2000s. Good to see he’s finally getting some love from film geeks here in the west. Unfortunately, I don’t think his encouragement for people to watch films with subtitles is going to deaf ears to a lot of people here in the States. I’ve recommended many foreign films to people I know here but many would tell me they hate reading subtitles, so they’ll just accept all the same junk that Hollywood has been feeding them year after year.

    I highly recommend SUCCESSION, just finished season two and it’s becoming one of my favorite shows right now.

    1. Yeah that’s the thing Ted, most celebs don’t seem genuine in their political speeches and honestly it’s not their place to lecture people, they should use a different platform to do so. I mean it’s an event to celebrate their work right, they should focus on that instead of rambling on about politics.

      I’m thrilled Bong Joon Ho and Awkwafina won, but it’s still a looooooong way for Asians to get equal footing with other minorities in Hollywood. As for subtitles, I think most English-speaking people just aren’t used to that unless they seek out foreign films. I just much prefer that than dubbed films which I absolutely refuse to watch.

      I wish Succession is available in other platform outside of HBO, I just can’t pay another streaming service in addition to Netflix and Prime.

      1. I don’t see them lecturing people when it comes to political stuff, they’re public figures and if they’re truly believe in helping a cause then I don’t have problem with them speaking about it during these sort of awards. They can shine lights on causes or things that people don’t know or care about and help whatever causes they believe in. But unfortunately many of them don’t believe in the cause but they’ll just say whatever cause they think will make them more popular or be part of the “movement”.

        To be honest with you, I don’t really care if more Asians have equal footings in Hollywood or not. Before I came to States, I’ve been watching mostly Asian films and didn’t care much for Hollywood stuff. I still watches a lot of Asian produced films and I don’t think many of the filmmakers likes working with Hollywood studios because of their restrictions. If they come over and work here, they have to compromise their creative process and their work is not their true vision. I think if you’re an Asian person and only pay attention to Hollywood then yeah you’re going to be disappointed that they’re not going to have a lot of Asians in front or behind the cameras. I say seek out Asian produced films from South Korean or Chinese films. Lots of good stuff out there with all Asian cast and crew. 🙂

        I have Hulu and I get pretty good discount with by adding HBO to it. But I hear you about having too many streaming services. Since I watched all of the episodes of The Mandolorian, I cancelled my Disney + subscription.

    1. Hey, good that you’re cleaning your house! I just think Evans + Scar-Jo have been friends for so long they’re like siblings. Too cute!

      1. Yeah, they must be really good friends. My house hadn’t been clean since the holidays and seeing dust on my desk was freaking me out. I usually like to clean every week.

  3. I saw most of the show and enjoyed it. I was suprised no female films or directors. I’m not surprised about who won what–wasn’t a huge fan of Hollywood, but I was shocked The Irishman was snubbed. Fleabag is marvelous –however, I blushed a lot. My favorite character was Fleabag’s older, neurotic sister.

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