FlixChatter Review – Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War. It’s not just a movie… it’s an event. The buzz is quite overwhelming even when I only occasionally browse Twitter & Facebook as I’ve been preoccupied with a local film festival. The nice thing about being busy is that I barely have time to read any articles on it, and given how even Marvel studio has been begging fans NOT to spoil anything, it’s best to go into Infinity War not knowing much about what’s going to happen to earth’s mightiest heroes.

On that note, I’m going to keep this review relatively brief and I won’t go into any details. I’m also not going to put the actors’ name as most of you already know who they are anyway, or you can easily just go to IMDb if you forget.

Now, there are apparently 40 characters featured in this movie, which is absolutely insane! Yep that is waaay more than in DC’s Justice League, however, the advantage of this latest Avengers film is there have been two films done previously with multiple heroes, AND many of the heroes featured here have had their own individual films (even a trilogy). Therefore, we already know quite a bit about some of their background and why we should care. That is I think, one of the reason Infinity War is not a huge jumbled mess that was Justice League. The Russo Brothers miraculously able to juggle a dizzying number of MCU heroes, and also presented an adversary that poses enough threat to warrant this huge assembly.

I’d imagine one of the toughest tasks for the directors (good thing there’s a PAIR of them, two heads are always better than one) is how the heck do they transition from one to the next? I think for the most part the transition work pretty well with using certain music and superimposing the location at the start of a scene. Some of the character entrances are better than others. I particularly love how Steve Rogers  & his besties are introduced, but then again Capt is easily my fave Marvel hero of the whole bunch. He looks even more bad ass with longish hair and scraggly beard, yowza!

It’s also exhilarating to see T’Challa and Wakanda again after having enjoyed Black Panther relatively recently, and the battle against Thanos’ army is quite exciting. You could say Thor is perhaps the MVP in this assembly, and there’s also a new character we haven’t seen before that’s made a pretty big impact in the movie. I’m going to let you find out for yourself who that is but it’s definitely a memorable one.

Another mighty challenge to get this film right is the tone. I think it’s admirable that the Russos + writing team Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely can balance the lighter tone with the more emotional scenes. Admittedly, some of the humor are on the goofy side, such as whenever the Guardians of the Galaxy posse show up. That bit when they meet Thor for the first time is quite hilarious, yep even amongst a throng of heroes, Chris Hemsworth’s physique is quite something to marvel at. The one liners and repartee between superheroes are a hit and miss, though the banter between Dr Strange and Iron Man did make me laugh. Bruce Banner/Hulk is especially hilarious here and Spider-Man also continues to be a comic relief. His relationship with Iron Man has grown to the fact that Tony Stark’s practically his adopted (billionaire) uncle. The relationship between Wanda and Vision is explored more here as well, but thankfully it didn’t make me cringe the way Black Widow + Hulk was in Age of Ultron.

For a film called Infinity War, naturally you can expect a long battle sequence. Fortunately, there’s more that happened leading up to it that isn’t all about action, action, action. That fact alone is quite a feat, but that’s been the strength of the last two Captain America films that the Russos directed. The action, no matter how bombastic, has to punctuate and support the story instead of overpowering it, and the writers didn’t lose sight of that here. Yes there are perhaps too many plot threads that at times feel overkill, but I’m glad that there is still a singular focus and that is to defeat Thanos. Now, as I mentioned above, despite that rather ridiculous chin, he is actually not just a odd-looking monster hell-bent on taking over the world, but there’s surprising ‘humanity’ to him despite his decidedly twisted logic. I remember cringing every time I see an image of Thanos in all the promos because he looks so silly to me, but fortunately, in the film he’s much more menacing.

What makes a superhero film worth watching is that there’s an actual grave threat that actually requires their superpower. The film also asks just what it actually means to be heroic? It’s not enough that one simply has a superpower, but how much is one willing to sacrifice in order to help others? For some of the Avengers, this battle is a personal one. The personal sacrifice narrative is what gives this gigantic movie its heart and emotional resonance.

Now, as far as all the suspense of which Avengers die in this movie? Well, I gotta say, I did gasp a few times and even shed a tear or two. I wouldn’t say this is a brutal film given it’s a PG-13 flick, but there are some darker moments the fact that there’s a lot at stake for even the most powerful team in the universe and beyond. For the most part, it’s a mostly-thrilling roller coaster ride for Marvel fans, though I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite in the MCU canon. Some parts are overlong and some went by way too fast. Given there are SO many plots to cover, there’s barely any time to immerse in a single one as by the time that happens, it’s already moved to the next one.

Still, I applaud the filmmakers tasked with this gargantuan task of bringing the pinnacle of 19 (nineteen!!) Marvel films. That’s a colossal ambition equal to Thanos wanting to collect ALL infinity stones! I also love the rousing music by Alan Silvestri who’s done the first Captain America and The Avengers movie). As far as the ending, well, they certainly made sure that you know that the war goes on. This is just Part I so things are deliberately left on a major cliffhanger. If you stick around for the end credits, you just might get a hint on what’s in store for the next installment.

So have you seen Infinity War? Well, I’d love to hear what you think!

20 thoughts on “FlixChatter Review – Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

  1. Saw it on Thursday and had a blast with it, great mix of comedy, drama and action. Never had an issue with the look of Thanos and thought he was one of the stronger bad guys in the Marvel universe.

    1. Hello Nostra! So you saw it on midnight Thursday? I wish I had the energy to do that, but yeah I had fun w/ it. Well regardless how we feel about Thanos’ look, he actually is an engaging villain which is more than you can say in Justice League.

      1. No I didn’t 🙂 Thursday is my day off work, so just went to the first screening in the morning 🙂 Knowing myself I’d probably would have fallen asleep had I gone to the midnight showing, getting older makes it harder to stay up late 😉

          1. I did indeed. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending, which I discuss on my blog, but I thought it was fantastic how they mash everyone together and make it work.

            1. I wasn’t too enthralled by the ending either, but I knew it’d have to end in some major cliffhanger. But yeah, it is quite a feat how they managed to juggle SO many characters and not make a huge mess of it. The DC movie w/ not even a third of the characters involved was absolutely terrible.

  2. I enjoyed it too but not sure how I would rank it, I’ll probably see it again soon. For sure it’s better than the last Avengers film. They did a good job of focusing on the groups of heroes and made the story more about Thanos. About the ending, yes it’s shocking of what happened to some of the characters but I assume they’ll fix that on the Infinity War part 2, I mean those were some big characters and there’s no way they wouldn’t fix what happened to them. I do hope they actually have a big name hero or two make some kind of sacrifice on the next one.

    I’m curious now about Ant-Man 2, I assume they would somehow tie in that film to what happened to this one since he’s missing from this one.

  3. Hi Ted! Oh yes, much better than the last Avengers film even w/ more characters. But for me, The Winter Soldier is still my fave, followed by Civil War, so basically all three by the Russos are great films! I have no idea what happened with the characters at the end and boy they did a good job w/ the suspense as to who actually caused that, is it Thanos?? Or something else even more menacing? Like if Thanos is Vader, who is his Emperor Snoke y’know? I don’t know if I’m excited yet about Ant Man 2, but seeing Wakanda again made me wish Black Panther 2 comes out next year or sooner!

    1. Winter Soldier, Civil War and Iron Man are my top three favorites, I’ll probably know where this one will rank after I see it again.

      I wasn’t that interested in Ant-Man 2 but now that I saw this film, I’m just curious as to how they’re going to connect it to this film. I assume the event in Ant-Man will be in the same time line as this film. They did mentioned something about him and Hawkeye were doing something and that’s why they’re missing from action.

  4. I just saw it and despite being spoiled by YouTube’s stupid recommendation algorithm, it was incredible but also a fucking punch in the gut. It was shocking and devastating in the end. I give Marvel a lot of credit for having the balls to do something like this. I’m just wondering what the hell they’re going to do with the sequel.

    1. Oh man, that’s rough that someone spoiled it for you! It’s SO hard these days to go into social media and not see any spoiler even when you’re careful.

      Well glad you enjoyed it too and I’m curious how they’ll tie everything together in the final Avenger Infinity War movie. But man, what a cliffhanger!

      1. I know and here’s something about that post-credit scene. I know where it was shot. It’s somewhere on Peachtree Road in Atlanta. Myself and the audience, as we were processing everything, were like “hey we know that place” and the reality began to set in over what was happening.

    1. Glad to hear, Michael! The more I think about it though, the more I admire the filmmakers/writers that they didn’t butcher this one. With SO many characters, it could’ve easily been a disaster. I just might see it again on IMAX in a few weeks 😉

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