Music Break: St Patrick’s Day Special – Favorite songs from movies set in Ireland

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY everyone! I’m wearing green today… we’re all Irish on March 17th, right? 

In my Sing Street review I said I was going to make a Music Break post dedicated to that movie. Well I haven’t got a chance to do so but hey, it’s perfect for today! Since I haven’t done a Music Break post in ages, I’m going to include my fave songs from other movies set in beautiful Ireland!

So without further ado… here we go…

Can’t pick just one from Sing Street… what a great soundtrack!

I saw ONCE after I saw Sing Street and of course, it broke my heart…

Ooooh how this song made me swoon… I have such fondness for Circle of Friends

Now I have to admit I adore P.S. I Love You… perhaps the last Gerry Butler movie I actually enjoyed…

Now, Leap Year is a rubbish movie, I only watched it for Matthew Goode! But this song by Snow Patrol is lovely.

Of course, you can’t talk about great Irish-tinged songs without mentioning ENYA right 🙂 Here’s the song from Far and Away, which describes Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s relationship today, ahah.

Hope you enjoy this edition’s music break. What’s YOUR fave songs from movies set in Ireland?

20 thoughts on “Music Break: St Patrick’s Day Special – Favorite songs from movies set in Ireland

  1. I’m slightly late but Happy St. Patricks Day, Ruth!
    I loved all the songs from Sing Street but my favorite has to be ‘Up’, it took my breath away! And ‘Just Say Yes’ from Leap Year is pretty great as else. And I won’t even bother writing about Once. It’s one of the best Irish movies out there.

    1. No such thing as a late comment, Shivani! Thanks for checking out the post and commenting. Ooooh I LOVE ‘Up’ too, man I’m gonna add it here, thanks so much for reminding me. I love how that reminds me of puppy love back in high school and even now I still have schoolgirl crushes, ha!

      Glad you love that song from Leap Year and ONCE is sooo beautifully heartbreaking. I’m kind of going through a similar situation right now… though the guy doesn’t know it, but we’re both married :\

    1. Hi Steph, glad you love Sing Street too! I just added another song I absolutely adore from that movie. Definitely one of my fave soundtracks of all time.

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  3. Oh man. Matthew Goode and the great music really saves that movie. It was pretty charming and the landscapes were absolutely gorgeous

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