Weekend Roundup: RIP Charmian Carr – My tribute to her performance as Liesl in ‘The Sound of Music’

Happy Monday all! How’s your weekend? Mine was quite a busy one and given the glorious weather on Saturday, my hubby and I tried to be outside as much as we could. We made a stop at the Guthrie Theater as we love to visit the endless bridge and get a great view St. Anthony Main & the Stone Arch bridge over the Mississippi River. It’s the second week run of Sense & Sensibility there and I actually caught a glimpse of a couple of the actresses during intermission of the 1pm performance! I’ll be seeing the play on Oct 14, can’t wait!


On a sad note, Charmian Carr, best known as Liesl in The Sound of Music just passed away this weekend at the age of 73 😦

I felt such a pang in my heart when I heard the news Sunday night. I was writing a review of the film I saw this weekend, but when I heard of her passing, I felt compelled to do a tribute for her instead.

The Sound of Music is one of the three major Hollywood classics that my late mom first showed me. She brought home three VHS from her trip to the US: Gone With the Wind, My Fair Lady and The Sound Of Music. Those three films hold a special place in my heart (as those are amongst a handful of films that defined me)… so I get sentimental whenever I hear news about the film and/or the cast.

But more than that, since I saw the film when I was in my early teens, I so identified with Liesl and Carr’s performance is so beautiful and indelible. Her Sixteen Going On Seventeen rendition (with Daniel Truhitte’s Rolfe) is such a joyful and sweet celebration of young (and oh-so-innocent) romance that never fails to put a smile on my face.

I also love the reprise of the song later in the film with Julie Andrews‘ Maria. Even though Maria wasn’t Liesl’s real mother, there’s such a formidable bond between them.

It wasn’t just that Carr was beautiful and could sing beautifully, she brought the character of Liesl to live in such a wonderful way. The Sound of Music is as beloved and memorable as it is today because we all root for the Von Trapp family, and as the eldest, Liesl is certainly the most developed character of the seven children. She fell in love, went through a heartbreak, and later had to face the harsh realities of war when the boy she loved joined the Nazi party.

This Edelweiss scene where Liesl sings with her father (Christopher Plummer) always gets me all teary eyed. It’s perhaps one of my favorite on-screen duets of all time.

Though Charmian Carr only had a single film credit in her career, her contribution to film is so tremendous. I think it’s only fitting that I ended with this delightful farewell scene performed by the Von Trapp children…

Farewell Charmian Carr and rest in peace.
Thank you for your beautiful performance as Liesl…
your iconic performance shall live on.


25 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: RIP Charmian Carr – My tribute to her performance as Liesl in ‘The Sound of Music’

  1. I’m the only one in my household who holds The Sound of Music in high esteem and it was sad to hear of her passing. Thanks for posting these clips as reminders of Charmian Carr’s wonderful work, Ruth.

    1. You’re the only one in your household?? But hey you’re not alone, Michael. I was crying my eyes out when I heard the news. I simply had to do a tribute for her… Liesl was everything!!!

      1. Thank you Tammy! Glad to hear you share my sentiment about this beloved classic. I agree it’s on a league of its own, it’s stood the test of time for sure. Liesl was a big part of what made it so great.

  2. The Sound of Music was also one of the first films we owned on VHS. I remember watching it many times with my Nana who loved to sing-a-long to it. I was only young when I first saw it but I always had a crush on Liesl. sad to hear of her passing.

    1. That’s cool Dan! I think every boy/man who saw Sound of Music had a crush on Liesl 🙂 But she’s so beautiful and sweet, she’s one of my all time fave film characters!

    1. Thank you, I was balling my eyes out as I’m writing it and listening to the music again 😦

      Thank you for sharing on Twitter, too, really appreciate it!

  3. My mother loves that film. I haven’t told her the news. It’s kind of a traditional thing to watch it during the Xmas holidays to see the film though it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen it.

    1. I think this is a great film to pass on through generations. My late mom passed it on to me and if I had kids I certainly would do the same. It’s such a beautiful film that has sweet love story and a heartwarming parent/children relationship that transcends the test of time.

    1. Hi Ted, you can borrow my copy anytime 🙂 The Sound of Music is one of those films that has everything. It’d appeal to both men/women of all ages, the third act is quite suspenseful too as the Nazi troops hunted ’em down.

    1. Hello Mark, I’m well hope you are too, still busy w/ work? Yes, miss Carr might not have made headlines as she’s only been in one major film, but that’s an iconic role and it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

        1. Hey, best of luck on your triathlon! Hope you have great weather for it. The day my hubby did his last month it was raining like cats and dogs, ugh! Be safe, Mark!

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