FlixChatter Review: Midnight Special (2016)


I’m a big fan of science fiction films, and the ones that are more *grounded* in our reality, meaning it’s not all sleek and drowned in special effects are usually the most compelling. Midnight Special is certainly one of those films, which in essence is a father/son story.

Right from its opening scene, this film instantly grabbed me and never let up. Two men are on the run with a small boy Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) and the people in a cult organization are hot on their trail. Who the boy is and why he’s so important to the devout followers of this group is not known right away. The only thing we know from the marketing promos is that perhaps he’s from another world as we don’t shoot laser beams from our eyes, nor could we make a satellite fall from the sky. Soon the FBI arrives in the small town in Louisiana and from the interrogations with the cult members, we’re given glimpses of why Alton is so special. As if being on the run is not hard enough, there’s a certain date looming that the runaway group absolutely can’t miss.


I feel that it’s best to experience this film knowing as little as possible. I love discovering more and more about the characters as one layer after another is peeled away. Alton has a very close relationship with his father Roy (Michael Shannon), who we knew in the beginning is his adopted dad. But who is Lucas (Joel Edgerton), the guy helping them get away? I’ll let you figure that out, as that’s part of the fun of discovering the story.

Jeff Nichols wrote and directed this movie and I’m so impressed by his talent as a storyteller. The story is intriguing albeit not completely original and treads some familiar grounds. It reminds me a bit of Spielberg’s E.T. but with its own twist as well as look and feel. Though the story deals with a kid’s special powers, it’s not really the main focus. Instead, it’s more about the relationship of Alton and Roy and why Roy would risk everything, even his own life, to get Alton to where he needs to go. It’s a bond that transcend understanding.


The performances are excellent all around. I haven’t seen Lieberher in anything but despite his young age, this isn’t his first film. He’s able to convey a lot without saying anything, which is tricky even for adult actors. Shannon is truly one of the best actors working today as he’s excellent in everything I’ve seen him in so far, including this one. There’s something enigmatic about him but here he shows a tender, vulnerable side as well. He shares a convincing emotional bond with Lieberher which makes you so invested in their journey. Edgerton is another actor whose work I admire, so it’s cool to see both him and Shannon’s continued collaboration with Nichols (both are featured in his latest film, the Sundance darling Loving). Adam Driver has a supporting role as the NSA officer, sporting geeky chic glasses a la Snowden. He’s quite memorable here and at times provides some comic relief. I have to mention Kirsten Dunst and Sam Shepard as well in small but key supporting roles.

Though mostly serious, the film isn’t devoid of humor and some amusing scenes thanks to some of the roles some of the actor have portrayed. I’m not going to say what that reference is, but let’s just say it has something to do with a superhero from another world who’s also adopted by an earthly father. I appreciate that the film has plenty of quiet moments but by no means slow or tedious. The fact that there’s not much action happening, but when it does, it’s quite effective.

I wouldn’t say the film is perfect however, there are some predictable moments that somewhat lessen the impact. The fact that there are still a lot of unanswered questions about Alton by the end is a bit frustrating. Why did he end up on earth in the first place, why is the daylight harmful to him, why the cult thinks Alton is who they think they are, and so on. That said, there’s enough going for it that Midnight Special was a satisfying ride. Oh and that finale is quite a heart-pounding one. Given all the suspenseful build up, nice to see a pretty powerful pay-off.

Overall it’s an impressive film that offers a unique twist to an often-told sci-fi tale. This one is actually Nichols’ first studio film (with Warner Bros), but given that it’s budget is only $18 mil, the studio still agreed to let him have the final cut. I sure hope that he’ll continue to get as much creative control over his work even as he inevitably transition into bigger-budget films.


So have you seen ‘Midnight Special’? Let me know what you think!

44 thoughts on “FlixChatter Review: Midnight Special (2016)

    1. He’s a really good writer/director, I’m glad we still have ppl like him in Hollywood. I think you’ll enjoy this Ryan, good to take a bit of a break from horror, he..he.. same w/ me from period dramas 🙂

    1. I still need to see Take Shelter, Vern. I totally forgot about Starman, but that whole ‘journey to return home’ thing is certainly got an ET vibe 🙂

  1. Fine review Ruth. It was my most anticipated movie of the year and it didn’t disappoint. In fact it’s my favorite of the year so far.

    1. Hello Keith! This might very well end up in my top 10 of the year, we shall see. I knew you love this one, it took me forever to get to it but glad I finally did!

            1. Oh yeah, and that’s why I wanted to see Midnight Special, as I love Nichols’ style. So not surprised the other two you mentioned are great as well.

  2. I’m not sure where I would rank it as the best film I’ve seen that is out this year but it is certainly one of the most compelling. Especially as I read that Jeff Nichols wrote the film sort of based on his own experiences in becoming a father as there are these little moments that I found touching. Notably the line where Michael Shannon tells his son “I enjoy worrying about you” which I was moved by.

    1. I need to watch two of his previous films as well as his new one, Loving. I like Nichols’ understated but effective storytelling style. That’s cool about his own fatherhood inspiring him to write this. That’s a great scene indeed.

    1. I have a feeling you’ll like this one Cindy! You like Michael Shannon & Joel Edgerton? Two of the best working actors of this generation IMHO.

          1. I didn’t know Colin Firth produced it. Jeff Nichols is ultra-hot right now, isn’t he? He’s a magnet for me as a director. I’ll go if he’s behind the camera. It’s nice to be excited about a film and the career of a director.

            1. Are you referring to Loving? That’s cool! Yes he’s the filmmaker du jour but I’m glad that he is as he’s talented, not a hack who just takes orders from studios.

  3. Oh I’m super intrigued by the sound of it now, Ruth. I’ll make sure to know as little as possible when I see it as that sounds like the best way to going into a viewing of it.

  4. I really need to see this movie at last. i love this guy’s previous films and I read nothing but good things about this one. Great review!

  5. Nice review Ruth. I think I definitely liked it to a great extent, but I think it pales in comparison to Nichols’ previous work, especially Take Shelter. And the Sci-Fi elements and slow-burn pacing just didn’t sit too well with me.

    1. That’s a bummer you’re not as impressed w/ this Khalid. I actually like the scifi elements and the slow-burn pacing is still engrossing. I still need to see Take Shelter though.

  6. Great review! I am really looking forward to catching this one sometime, it seems great. While I might not have loved Nichols’s last outings, this might be the one that changes me.

    1. Which ones have you seen? I really like MUD which is the only one from Nichols that I saw before this. I hope you enjoy this one, Zoe!

        1. I definitely like Midnight Special more than MUD, but people have been saying Take Shelter was excellent so I’m curious to check that out!

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  8. Excellent! I really liked this, but felt it had been cut too much. Characters fell by the wayside while plot strands didn’t entirely work but it’s got so much going for it.

    1. Hi Mark! Yeah that’s why I didn’t give it 4.5 as even though I really like it, I thought it could’ve been much tighter and has more character development. But overall I thought it was impressive and the performances won me over.

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