Springtime in Québec – pics from my Montréal/Québec City holiday


Hello everyone! I’m back from my Québec trip… well actually I’ve been back since Friday night but I’m just too tired to blog. I actually didn’t even visit my blog or anyone else’s during my week-long vacation, though I did fit in some time to work on my script here and there. Monday is Memorial Day so my hubby and I get an extra vacation day, wahoo!

We’re very blessed to have had a very smooth trip to the French-Canadian region, no immigration/flight hassles of any kind, thank God. In fact, we’re upgraded to economy comfort on both our flights which is always a treat.

Well, we both LOVE Montréal and Québec City! We’ve been to Montréal once before about a decade ago, but it’s our first time in Québec City and I absolutely fell in love. The atmosphere, the architecture, all those cobblestone streets lined with cute shops and cafés, and of course all the French-speaking… it was more than a little taste of Europe. Plus our airbnb’s Victorian-style flat is like a 4-star hotel in a very strategic location on Rue St Jean that’s close to Quebec Old Town. I definitely will be staying at Sébastien’s place again when we return to Quebec City!

So here are some pics from both cities…


Click to view a larger image


As for movies, well I didn’t really have time to see anything all week. We were thinking of renting Netflix as our host in Montreal has it, but we’re too tired to do anything when we get back late every night. One thing I notice is that they have way more Netflix selections of new releases in Canada, way more than my streaming selections here. What gives?

I did watch parts of Antman on the plane but didn’t get a chance to finish it by the time we landed. I still enjoyed it and might even rent it again at some point. I’ve got a screening of the tearjerker drama Me Before You on Tuesday night, but depending on whether my friend can make it or not, I might skip that one.

Well, hope you enjoy my travel recap. So what movies did you see this past week, anything good? 


43 thoughts on “Springtime in Québec – pics from my Montréal/Québec City holiday

  1. Sounds like a fun vacation, welcome back! I’ve never been to Canada, will have to go there someday since it’s so close to us.

    I was planning to go see X-Men this weekend but I came down with a cold and don’t feel like going anywhere. I did catch up on my TV shows and watched a movie on Netflix called The One I Love, a small sci-fi love story that I liked.

    1. Yeah, the French-Canadian side is very charming. It feels very European. I might just rent X-Men: Apocalypse later, no desire to see that on the big screen. Hey, if you feel inclined to write a review of The One I Love, I’ll be happy to post it. I’ve been curious about that one.

  2. Let’s see, other than a re-watch of American Pie 2. I saw Ricki & the Flash and yesterday, Fight Club which I had never seen before (review coming tomorrow).

          1. I have seen it at least thirty times. When I first saw it, as soon as Norton started talking about insomnia I was glued to the screen. And then it just got better and better. I could watch it again today, I’ll never tire of it. Incredible movie, I really need to finish the book

            1. I should rewatch that film, I remember liking it a lot though at times I didn’t understand what was going on, ahah. Hey Jordan, Pride + Prejudice + Zombies is now out on Bluray and Digital, hope you’ll see that soon man 😉

              1. I’m planning to watch it tonight or tomorrow ;D

                As for Fight Club, you gotta see it more than twice. Its that sorta movie. Once you get what is happening you realise just how great it is. Plus Norton and Pitt are so damned good! Jered Leto pops up too in a small role. It also has a wicked sense of humour.

  3. Wow they are some fantastic snaps Ruth. I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday, I’d love to travel to Canada but it’d cost me several thousand dollars =/

    As for netflix, you should see how limited our range is. And most other streaming services simply aren’t available to Australians. So if its a movie I really wanna watch I’ll use a VPN program to trick the site into thinking I’m in the right country. A bit of a faff, but if there is no other way of watching a film, what is one to do?

    As for my week of movies, as you know I loved The Nice Guys, I also wrote about a VERY fascinating doco about 18th cellos and violins and how they are made with extreme care and effort. Very interesting. I also just watched 8 1/2 for my blindspot pick. It took two watches for me to understand it, the first viewing left me totally confused.

    And lastly, welcome back 🙂

    1. Hey thanks Jordan! Well, the reason we went to Quebec instead of Europe is to save money, but hey, plenty of great vacation spots near you right, such as Bali 😉

      As for Netflix, I wish I knew a way to *trick* it like you did, there are really a ton more selections in Canada, makes me wonder about other countries too.

      Oh I’m gonna watch 8-1/2 too soon as that’s one of my Blindspot picks. I look forward to your review, but I have a feeling it’s one of those cryptic films.

  4. I grew up in Montreal and used to work in Old Montreal (in fact, you took a photo of my old office on Notre Damme, I’m sure of it).

  5. Ohhhh, Ruth, how gorgeous! I’m so glad you decided to share your favorite photographs. I love the pink balloons festooned over the streets. I’ve always wanted to stay at the Fairmont Hotel. It’s so regal and I bet $$$$. One day I’ll get there. Thanks for letting me vicariously visit it through your pictures. Welcome back, friend!

    1. Thanks Cindy! Hard to take a bad picture in these two cities, esp Quebec City. Fairmont Hotel is super expensive, like $500 a night or something and I can see why. Maybe if I get my film made I might treat my hubby and I for a night there, ahah.

    1. Thanks Eddie! You should visit Quebec, it’s just our neighbor of the north 😉

      Hey, that’s an accomplishment to finish an entire season, esp when there are lots of episodes!

  6. PrairieGirl

    Awesome, pix, Flixy! Can see that you had a wonderful stay. Glad I got to see Franklyn this weekend, a very interesting and well-done film.

    1. I was exhausted from all the walking but I love both cities. Will definitely visit again one day. Glad you enjoyed Franklyn. Seriously, there’s not a single role that Sam didn’t do a good job on.

    1. Thank you Margaret! I heard Brothers Grimsby was very graphic, but then again everything Sacha does is preposterous. Glad you enjoyed Civil War and Nice Guys, I will have to rent the latter at some point.

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