Christmas in New York – pics from my NYC trip

Hello everyone! Greetings from New England! Hope y’all had a lovely Christmas w/ your family and friends. I had been in NYC for most of last week, we stayed at a loft on 34th street, but no there’s no Miracle on 34th Street 😉 , though we felt very blessed to have spent a festive and safe Christmas in the Big Apple with no major incidents.

We’re now in New Hampshire where my in-laws resides, but I thought I’d share some pics from our Christmas in New York. Most of these are my Instagram pics, with a couple shots taken by my hubby.

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As for movies, well I haven’t seen anything since The Force Awakens before we left, not sure if we’ll fit in movie viewing before the year’s done. In any case, I’ve got my Top 10 of the Year post ready to go for Dec 31, so stay tuned! 😀

So did you see anything on Christmas Day folks? Well, hopefully it was a good one!


35 thoughts on “Christmas in New York – pics from my NYC trip

    1. Thanks Cindy! It’s actually my niece, ahah, but that’s ok, I often can’t tell a baby’s gender either. I don’t usually travel around the holidays but it’s fun once in a while 🙂

  1. FABULOUS photos Ruth. My wife and I are still planning a trip to the Big Apple. She wants to see Phantom of the Opera. I want to take the TCM movie tour. LOL!!!!

    1. Thank you Keith! Oh you should man, there’s so much to see and Phantom still is one of the best shows on Broadway. I’ve seen three POTO performances in my life and the recent version by Cameron Mackintosh is pretty darn good. Oh, is the TCM movie tour in NYC also? I thought that’s just in LA.

    1. Oh my, really? That’s crazy! I heard it snowed in Mexican border, boy this El Nino sure makes for insane weather. Thanks for stopping by my friend!

  2. Hi Ruth – your timing was excellent. The temps in Minneapolis during the football game on Sunday were in the low teens. New York most have seemed almost balmy.

    As for you photos – I lived in Manhattan for a long time. Though I have returned to New York every year since 2009, I generally did not have time to see the New York highlights. But still the shots of Grand Central Station, Central Park, and even Central Park West were fun for me to see once again. Thanks.


    1. Hi Mike! How are things in FL? Hope you had a great Christmas. Yeah we lucked out that we left as the temps starting to dip in Mpls.

      Wow you lived in Manhattan too, that’s cool that you’ve lived in so many places. I think people who go to NYC often probably avoid the touristy places and rightly so. Rockefeller Center was beyond nuts on Christmas night, seems like EVERY tourist around NY area went there all at the same time.

    1. Hi Eddie, hope you had a great Christmas! Yes NYC is indeed a great place though I don’t think I can bear living there, it’s just TOO much going on.

  3. Paul S

    I am envious. I’ve never been to New York, but it’s the setting of some of my favourite movies. One day I’m gonna’ be a part of it.
    Best wishes for 2016 Ruth!

    1. Hi there Paul! Oh you’ll absolutely love NYC, so many films of Meg and Michelle take place there as you already know 😉 Best wishes to you as well!

  4. I’ve always wanted to check out NYC during the holidays–great pictures! You look like you had a fantastic time! I’ll keep an eye out for your top 10 list 🙂 mine should be around sometime in January!

    1. Hi Courtney, NYC can get crazy during the holidays, for sure we will avoid the touristy places next time, esp Rockefeller Ctr. I look fwd to your top 10 as well!

  5. Looks like you had an awesome time! Looking forward to your top 10. Have published it on the Dutch version of my site already but haven’t come around yet to translating it to My Filmviews yet….will be up soon though!

    1. Awesome Nostra, curious what you have on your top 10 list, surely everyone’s gonna have a pretty different picks depending on what they’ve seen.

  6. abbiosbiston

    Great pics! We normally watch a film on Christmas Day but everyone was a bit sleepy so it didn’t happen this year. Although Mr O and I randomly watched Back to the Future 3 on Boxing Day.

    1. Hi Abbi! Sounds like a fun time for Boxing Day. We didn’t get to see anything this year as you can see, but still looking fwd to new movies in 2016!

  7. Dan

    Color me jealous! Great pics Ruth – this time of year in NY seems like the perfect time. A trip to New York City is on my bucket list!

    1. Hello Dan! Hey you got to spend Christmas in the UK, I wish I could spend Christmas in London one year. But yes, NYC is especially charming during the holidays.

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