Star Wars Fever: Movie posters that Lightsabers would definitely have improved

Hello everyone! Had enough of the force yet? Star Wars fever hit fever-pitch this week with its premiere in L.A. and its wide opening tonight. The press screening was last Tuesday but it was at 11am and I had to be at work, plus I was going to see The Big Short that night anyway.

Surely all of you either have seen the movie or you’ve got your tickets for The Force Awakens. Apparently I didn’t order mine fast enough as the Friday tickets in our fave theater is mostly gone (I refuse to sit in the front row) and so hubby and I are gonna see it Saturday night, woot woot!

Well, we’ve got a cool guest post from Izzy just to mark this special occassion…

The Lightsaber – THE weapon of choice for both Jedi’s and The Sith and in the words of The Urban Dictionary, ‘A weapon from a more civilized time’. I personally couldn’t think of a more appropriate word than ‘civilized’ for this type genre of fighting (if fighting can ever be deemed civilized?). A Lighsaber duel is elegant, takes skill, and it doesn’t involve hiding and firing from a distance (yet it can deflect bolts being fired from afar). I challenge you to come up with a more polite way to battle!


My adoration of duels in true Star Wars style had me thinking about which movies would have been improved if the mighty Lighsaber had featured. Thinking turned to wishing, and wishing turned into poster editing…Eventually I landed here, showing you guys which movies my buddy Luke and I thought would have been significantly improved with the occasional Lightsaber battle….

Click on each image to view a larger version

Posters courtesy of Izzy and were originally posted on
Izzy S. is a drama graduate with an interest
in literature and screenwriting

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Ok, I’ve been wanting to include this video for some time. It’s an oldie but goodie, but it never fails to crack me up. Eddie Izzard is a comedic genius!

May the force be with you, folks! 

22 thoughts on “Star Wars Fever: Movie posters that Lightsabers would definitely have improved

  1. Oh man, that clip of Eddie Izzard is fucking hilarious. That is awesome. I already got my ticket for Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. Yeah, that early because it was the only one available that day and in 2D.

    1. I know! I’ve watched it millions of times and it made me laugh every time. The original skit with Izzard on stage is hilarious too but I LOVE the Lego rendition. Hey, 9:30 am is probably great as it’s probably not as busy as other times. I’d rather do that than sit in the front row.

  2. Holly

    Going to see it in less than 24 hours now (10:10 Saturday morning here). As a huge SW and BR fan, I love that poster especially!

    I had forgotten about the Eddie Izzard clip. I may need to share that with my readers today 😀

    1. Hi Holly, welcome to FC! I’m seeing it on Saturday too, hope it lives up to the hype right? The BR one is absolutely perfect! And yes, do share that Izzard clip, seems that some people haven’t seen it yet.

    1. Hi Ted! We couldn’t get the tickets at the Dolby Atmos one this weekend as the timing just didn’t work out. But that’s ok, I’m not as picky about that, and we may see it again so we’ll see it at the Atmos one next time.

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