Five for the Fifth: AUGUST 2015 Edition

Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Thank you thank you Netflix for adding more Stanley Weber‘s movies available to stream [happy dance] So this first question is inspired by my recent watch of  Sword of Vengeance over the weekend, which is a sword-and-sandals movie is set in 11th century England.

Here’s the trailer:

Though it’s not really my genre, I actually enjoyed it more than I thought. Yes of course having the charismatic French actor in the lead naturally adds the enjoyment factor for me, but the cinematography is quite beautiful to look at despite the small budget. I’m also diggin’ the music, I liken it to John Wick if it were set in the Middle Ages. It’s a no-frill plot and not much dialog but for a violent vengeance flick, it’s pretty effective. This THR review states that the filmmaker’s influenced by Japanese samurai epics and the Italian spaghetti westerns, hence the protagonist is suitably taciturn.

So what’s your favorite vengeance movie?

2. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Relativity Media, which up until recently was the third largest mini-major film studio in the world (per Wiki). It was founded in 2004 by Ryan Kanavaugh and was quite prolific for the past decade or so, co-financing movies like Pinneaple Express, Fast & Furious, The Social Network, The Bourne Legacy, Les Misérables, Oblivion, etc. Well, reportedly it’s filed chapter 11 bankruptcy, which THR said as one of the biggest bankruptcies in Hollywood history.


Now, whilst two films from its slate are still on schedule to be released, a heist comedy Masterminds starring Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson, and the thriller Kidnap starring Halle Berry, there are quite a few movies that are now on limbo. Some of those are …

  • Jane Got a Gun, a Western starring Natalie Portman
  • Collide, the action-thriller starring Felicity Jones, Nicholas Hoult and Anthony Hopkins
  • The Tribes of Palos Verdes, the YA adaptation starring Jennifer Garner and Tye Sheridan

And it seems that The Crow reboot probably isn’t meant to be as it’s also one of films caught in Relativity’s fallout. They should just pull the plug on that once and for all!

I’m curious if any of you’ve been following the news about Relativity, and if so, what are your thoughts?


3. No new trailer piqued my interest in the past few days. I couldn’t care less about Deadpool‘s trailer, I have no interest in watching that movie anyway.

This FIRST LOOK however, did caught my eye and I hadn’t even heard of it before. TRUTH is a political drama starring Robert Redford as Dan Rather and Cate Blanchett. Well, the casting alone is awesome.

Per Variety, the film is based on the Mary Mapes book Truth and Duty, and Blanchett plays Mapes, a CBS News journalist and Rather’s producer. It follows Mapes and Rather as they uncover allegations that George W. Bush may have been AWOL from the U.S. National Guard for over a year during the Vietnam War. Four documents were presented as authentic in a “60 Minutes” broadcast aired by CBS on Sept. 8, 2004, less than two months before the 2004 election, but it was later determined that CBS had failed to authenticate the documents. The ensuing scandal ruined Rather’s career — he stepped down six months later — and caused profound changes at CBS News. The network fired Mapes, several senior news executives were asked to resign, and CBS apologized to viewers.

It’s to be writer James Vanderbilt’s directorial debut also stars Topher Grace, Elisabeth Moss and Dennis Quaid. Well, the only good film Vanderbilt’s written is Zodiac, so hopefully his directorial debut is a good one.

What’s your initial thoughts of this one?

4. Just saw this yesterday and I have to say I was geeking out so much even though I’m not even a Trekkie. But come on, who wouldn’t want to win this thing!!  Check out this Star Trek Beyond Walk-On Role Contest video…

I’ve watched the video repeatedly just for Idris Elba breaking into a dance (breakdance?) at the end… [swoooon]. Man, I’m drooling over this so much, I mean I don’t really care about the walk-on role, I just want to hang out with THIS cast on set all day!


So did you/would you enter this contest? 

5. This month’s Five for the Fifth’s guest is Adam from Consumed by Film:

I’ve recently been reading Mark Cousins’ The Story of Film as well as Mark Kermode’s Hatchet Job, the former about the history of cinema and the latter Kermode’s take on the future of film criticism.


Do you have any favourite non-fiction movie-related books that you’ve spent countless hours peering over?

Well, that’s it for the August 2015 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

68 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: AUGUST 2015 Edition

  1. 1. That’s easy. Oldboy by Chan-wook Park.

    2. I’ve heard about the studio’s bankruptcy as I’ve been visiting a Natalie Portman fansite as they were worried about Jane Got a Gun. Honestly, I kinda hope that film fails as revenge for screwing over Lynne Ramsay over final cut privileges.

    3. Let me see a trailer and I’ll form an opinion.

    4. No…. I’m just not interested.

    5. Yes. I have some books about films. One about Erotic Cinema and some used books about 2001: A Space Odyssey, Katharine Hepburn’s book about making The African Queen, a book about the art of Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Bresson’s Notes from a Cinematographer, and a book about John Ford which I haven’t read so far.

    1. Ah yes, I remember Oldboy being a cult fave for revenge thrillers.

      I wasn’t familiar with the Jane Got A Gun project but yeah it seems that it’s doomed to fail. It’d have been good if Ramsay’s still attached, we need more women directors in Hollywood.

      I hope the trailer for TRUTH is out, I quite like political dramas, though my memory of the actual event w/ Dan Rather is a bit hazy.

  2. 1. Boy there are tons of vengeance theme films that I love. Let’s start with the samurai classic, The Sword of Doom; Death Wish, Oldboy (the original), James Bond License To Kill, Kill Bill, Payback, I think those are some that I can think of at the moment.

    2. I haven’t been paying attention to Relativity Media’s money trouble but I’m not surprised at all that they’re going bankrupt. This is nothing new in Hollywood, there were many independent studios that tried to compete in that town and failed. Back in the 80s and 90s, studios such as Orion Pictures, Carloco, Savoy Pictures and Cannon Films has many hits but ultimately they just couldn’t compete with the big and well known brand name studios.

    3. Can’t say that I’m interested in this movie.

    4. Don’t really care about “walk in” role in any film because most likely the role will be cut out of the final film anyway, ha ha. Also, I don’t think I want to find out the real attitude of these stars, they act nice in front of cameras but when you get to know them behind the scenes, most of the time they’re not nice to us “regular” folks.

    5. Sorry can’t think of one at the moment.

    1. Hi Ted!

      I have a feeling you’ll have plenty of answers for #1 😉 YES on Licence To Kill! In a way Quantum of Solace is a revenge flick also, but not as good.

      I suppose this bankruptcy thing is nothing new, I just paid more attention to Relativity as it seems so high profile and Ryan K reminds me a bit of Harvey Weinstein in ruthlessness & arrogance.

      I’m not really that interested in being in the movie personally, but it’d be cool just to meet those guys. You’re right tho, they’re probably not friendly to fans, but if you’re the winner, they probably have to be nice to them for fear of bad publicity.

      1. Oh yeah, Relativity seems to have some good run the last few years but like other studios before it, they couldn’t survive in the expensive world of movie making. Orion Pictures and Carloco has several hits back in the 80s and 90s, Rambo, RoboCop and Terminator films were some of good examples that those studios released but in the end they folded because they produced too many big budgeted films that failed.

  3. 1. Well, if we’re going all out for vengeance then it has to be “KILL BILL: The Whole Bloody Affair”. Not the chopped into 2 two-hour movies “parts” released to theaters, but Quentin Tarantino’s original. The one screened at Cannes in 2003, and here in L.A. circa-2011, where I saw it — and we’re still awaiting that version’s release to disc (promised for sometime in 2015, but we’re still without even a hint of that).

    2. Not really, but I miss so much these days. 😉

    3. I’m intrigued, plus how can you not be with those two leads?

    4. That’s a maybe…and my lack of enthusiasm is directly due to what J.J. did to the rebooted series with his “Into Darkness” follow-up. Hated, hated the mash-up of some of the classic aspects and story-lines used from the original ST series in that film. They have a lot to make up for with this longtime Star Trek fan.

    5. Read a short while back, “We Don’t Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy” by Caseen Gaines and really enjoyed that.

    1. Hi Michael! Wow I had no idea there’s an original version of Kill Bill, The Whole Bloody Affair… I like that name, so bad ass! I bet it looks great on the big screen.

      I’m immediately intrigued by TRUTH because of Blanchett/Redford combo, I mean, WOW!

      Ah, I see. I guess as a Trekkie you’d hate that he messes up w/ the classic, it seems that’ll be the case w/ Star Wars too.

    2. Michael I’m so jealous that you got to see The Whole Bloody Affair, I’ve been waiting for it to come out on BD for years! I know because of the Miramax money or business issues with Disney, they couldn’t release it yet to home video.

        1. Btw, speaking of studios in financial troubles, aren’t the Weinsteins selling Miramax now? Maybe that’s why they haven’t released it, just a thought.

    3. Wow, Michael. Here’s a first we adamantly disagree about Star Trek. I loved what JJ did to the reboot. I will say I was tired of the metaphors by Bones, but how could you not bring the “isms” to the younger versions of themselves? The cast is perfect and their fresh faces and the inclusion of Leonard Nimoy into the plot blended the two versions together wonderfully. I loved Kahn played by Cumberbatch.

      1. That’s quite okay. I’ve had the same disagreement with my friend and author John Kenneth Muir. He loved “Into Darkness”, too. Admittedly, there were aspects I did admire. Specifically, the allusion to our reaction to 9/11, which harkened back to the original Star Trek TV series writing. Anyway, we can’t always be on the same wavelength. 🙂

  4. 1. I’ll go for a couple of older ones – Get Carter (the original with Michael Caine) or Straw Dogs (again, the original, with Dustin Hoffman!!! Hollywood really has run out of new ideas!)

    2. I read about this. I’d have been keen to see Jane Got A Gun but don’t know too much about the other films they had in development. More of a shame for the people who had ‘normal’ jobs with the studio really.

    3. I’ll watch Cate Blanchett in anything. Not so fussed about Redford these days but I’d give this a go if it’s a quiet week!

    4. Not for the poor man’s Star Wars, no. *Leaves internet*

    5. I’d like to read that Cousins book, he’s a fine writer. Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind is good if you’re into the New Hollywood films and directors of the late 60s/1970s but in terms of going back to a book time and time again it has to be David Thompson’s “Have You Seen…”, which is basically a collection of short reviews/opinions on 1,000 different films from the dawn of cinema to the present. It’s brilliant…in fact I’d recommend anything by Thompson.

    1. Hi Stu!

      Yeah, it’s tiresome & heartbreaking to see all the classics being remade. Hollywood’s creative well has dried up years ago.

      Good point about the regular folks who work for Relativity, I mean I don’t really feel sorry for Ryan K. because he’s already made millions.

      I LOVE Blanchett, I’m so-so w/ Redford but he’s generally good in political movies.

      Ahahaha, poor man’s Star Wars! Funny that JJ is involved w/ both of them too!

  5. Great post. I’m going to try to get my hands on Kermode’s Hatchet Job, he’s one of the few critics I really like. Very few can completely destroy a movie the way he does.

  6. 1) Taken… no just kidding. lol. My favorite recent vengeance movie is Blue Ruin. It’s very atypical as the lead character is not cool, menacing or badass. One of my favorite movies of the past few years.

    2) Haven’t heard about Relativity. Will have to read up on that one Ruth.

    3) Would like to see the trailer for this one. If they could pull off what Mann’s The Insider or All The Presidents Men did then great but Redford’s last political/journalistic movie, Lions For Lambs, wasn’t so hot.

    4) I wouldn’t say no but having been on movie sets before I’m wouldn’t be as enthused, although I wouldn’t mind meeting with Idris and Pegg. Idris breakdancing was pretty epic though.

    5) These are all essential reading IMHO. Great reads all of them. The behind the scenes of the first four books are just fascinating. Highly recommended:

    The Battle of Brazil: Terry Gilliam v. Universal Pictures in the Fight to the Final Cut – Jack Mathews
    Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho – Stephen Rebello
    Citizen Kane: A Filmmaker’s Journey – Harlan Lebo (While this book hasn’t been released it’s basically an update of his book Citizen Kane : The Fiftieth-anniversary Album which I’ve read)
    Final Cut: Art, Money, and Ego in the Making of Heaven’s Gate, the Film that Sank United Artists – Stephen Bach

    Adventures in the Screen Trade: A Personal View of Hollywood and Screenwriting – William Goldman
    Making Movies – Sidney Lumet

    1. Ahah, well I won’t judge you even if you’re serious about TAKEN Dave 😉

      I read up on a lot of trade magazines like Variety and THR and that news was all over those sites.

      If only Mann had been directing TRUTH. I haven’t seen Lions for Lambs, that’s the one w/ Tom Cruise too right?

      Idris & Pegg would’ve been awesome to hang out with! Love those British blokes, Idris seems so laid back too w/ his Bermuda shorts!

  7. 1) Gladiator comes instantly to mind. Instantly!

    2) I feel bad laughing about this, but I followed all the hoopla over Jane Got a Gun on the blog last year with the revolving door of directors and cast and all the screenwriters bitching on Twitter and so this new news has me kind of in stitches. The irony! Jane can’t catch a break.

    3) I’ll be seeing this.

    4) LOL, winning would be EPIC!

    5) I haven’t read any, personally, although I’ve had that ‘My conversations with Orson Welles’ biography in my Amazon cart for a few years and just haven’t pulled the trigger on it. Honestly, I just read every one of Joel’s comments on my blog with savage interest because he’s probably read every book on Hollywood out there.

    1. Well hello Drew!

      Heck yes Gladiator! “I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.” Epiiiiiiic!!!

      It seems that some films seem doomed from the start, it’s too bad tho as a female-centric Western would’ve been cool to see.

      I just want to hang out with Idris, the rest are optional 😀

      Oh, the Orson Welles book must’ve been interesting. I read Gregory Peck’s biography and enjoyed reading all the tidbits of Old Hollywood!

  8. Howdy Ruth! Great 5/5th post as always…

    1. Hmmm, could it be that you have tapped into a future Phenomenal 5 that I have written and ready to post? 😉
    2. Sad news (anytime something like this happens). Relativity is an interesting animal. I think they have put out quite a few stinkers in their days.
    3. Not the least bit interested in seeing Deadpool, but I am intrigued with Truth. Redford sometimes concerns me when he does political movies but this one could be really good. I remember when all of this went down.
    4. How can you not like the idea of winning that, right? That would be….epic!
    5. I read quite a bit of theology. I went through a mobster stage. And of course I’m constantly reading movie-related books (which kinda count)!

    1. Howdy Keith!

      Oooh I look forward to your Phenomenal 5 list! I kinda have a feeling there’ll be some classic flicks on there 😉

      I perused Relativity’s filmography and there are a lot of stinkers, they should’ve been more selective.

      Yep, not interested in the foul-mouthed, unfunny Deadpool. Seriously, Hollywood just loooove Ryan Reynolds, ugh! As for Truth, I’m mostly interested because of Blanchett’s casting, but the director is not experienced so we’ll see I suppose.

      I REALLY just wanna hang out w/ Idris & maybe Pegg, he’s just sooo cool! The energy of that video shot up as soon as Idris shows up.

    1. Exactly Becky! I really just wanna hang out w/ Idris, seriously that man is the epitome of cool. The other guys in the video just pales by comparison.

  9. 1 – Vengeance films, hmm. I though Blue Ruin was tremendous, and then there’s obviously classics like Oldboy that are painfully violent and compelling. I guess Once Upon a Time in the West is a vengeance-type film, which I watched recently and loved.

    2 – I’ve been keeping vague tabs on the Relativity drama. It’s sad, we need as many movie studios that produce interesting films as possible (The Social Network is great and I quite liked Oblivion too). Jane Got a Gun isn’t having much lack at all.

    3 – I’ll watch anything, and Cate Blanchett doesn’t often star in a flop. I’m interested!

    4 – I’d end up face-planting in front of Pine and Elba and lose all my street cred. I’m sure Simon Pegg would find a goof like that hilarious though.

    5 – Thanks for having me Ruth! In a bit of a reading spurt at the moment, so I’m interested to see what other people have been reading.

    1. Hi Adam, THANKS for being this month’s guest! I wish I had the stomach for films like Blue Ruin or Oldboy. I did see Kill Bill which was very violent but it was more stylized so I could somehow tolerate it, but generally it’s not my cup of tea.

      I think w/ Relativity, they might become too bold and investing too many bad apples. It’s nuts how fast it came crashing though, that took me a bit by surprise.

      Yeah, Blanchett seems quite selective, though there’s one film of hers I did turn off, but it’s not really her fault. The Good German was just so boring to me.

      Ahah, those two guys are quite drool-worthy, but I prefer Idris as he’s got such edge. Pine is just so pretty!

      LOVE your question! I should check out Kermode’s book, sounds like a good one, I love British humor so I might enjoy that.

  10. Tom

    1) I think ‘Kill Bill’ is an obvious choice and ‘Django Unchained’ was quite fun as well, but I’ve recently seen ‘Blue Ruin’ this week and it’s a current favorite indie of mine.

    2) This is the first I’m hearing about Relativity’s financial woes. That’s crazy news! Hopefully a few of those projects can find a new home. I’m not sure if it’s as simple as getting bought out by someone else but let’s hope so, I’ve been curious for ‘Jane’s Got a Gun’ for some time now. It’d be a shame to see that disappear. Why they’re trying to remake ‘The Crow’ is beyond me though.

    3) Thanks for putting ‘Truth’ on my radar — that looks fascinating. It’s funny, just the other day I was talking to my mom about famous news anchors and she was insisting Dan Rather’s career ended in shame, and I was adamant that he stepped away in a good light. But I guess I should have done my research first! I’m very curious to see a movie adaptation about that.

    4) Lol that casting bit could be a lot of fun, but I don’t think I’m going to enter because the odds of me getting selected just is astronomically low. I guess never say never ,but still. Though that video was excellent. I posted it to my Facebook actually. 🙂

    5) Sorry Adam, but unfortunately I do not have any such books. But I may just be curious enough to pick up a copy of Kermode’s book, though I can’t stand that man.

    1. I did see Kill Bill, the first one, and enjoyed that despite its unflinching violence. I might brace myself and see Django Unchained as I like QT’s style.

      I actually just heard about it a couple of weeks ago too Tom, and that’s why I was wondering if others knew about it.

      I didn’t know they’re making a film about that but I suppose political films are often ripped from the headlines. I’m enthused about it mostly for the cast at this point.

      Ahah, you never know Tom! I haven’t entered yet myself, though it’s very tempting!! I love that video thanks to Idris!!

      1. Tom

        I wouldn’t say I would detest him to the point of not reading his stuff. He’s a very well-spoken critic and knows what he’s talking about. I think he comes across as obnoxious though more often than not. Can’t remember if I’ve said anything about him before but it’s definitely possible! haha

  11. Have you seen the series that accompanies The Story of Film? It’s fantastic and as good as the book. As for the Relativity news, it’s certainly a shocking state of affairs and a rather revealing insight into the fragile nature of the film business. Who’s next?

    1. Hi Mark! I saw that The Story of Film is on Netflix, I should check that out. Yeah, it’s quite discouraging to see a studio like Relativity goes bust like that.

  12. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Intriguing collection of topics and questions!

    #1: I’ll go Old School with William Devane and a debuting Tommy Lee Jones in “Rolling Thunder’ as a shot…. Then Lee Marvin leading a superb cast in ‘Point Blank’. And Robert Duvall, Joe Don Baker and Karen Black in ‘The Outfit’ as chasers.

    #3: Having seen the supposed “Military Documents” regarding young Bush full of errors regarding fonts, Rank and Military bases. And my decades long dislike of “Big Three News” in general. And Dan Rather in particular. I’ll gladly pass on “Truth”.

    #5: ‘The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Films” by Michael Weldon:

    Also, “The Golden Turkey Awards” by Michael Medved:

    1. Hi Kevin! Always glad to see you take part in FFTF!

      I like Tommy Lee Jones so thanks for recommending “Rolling Thunder”!

      Ahah, I don’t blame you for not liking those big news anchors, seems that more of them have gotten in trouble w/ fabricating *news.*

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Consumed:

        The Psychotronic Encyclopedia has been indispensable over the years. All genres, budget and Grade of film are there. With concise thumbnails. Predominantly B&W. And many have been grist for MST3K and ‘Rifftrax’.

        You could also try the ‘Videohound’s Golden Retriever’ series. Annual publication that tracks and rates alphabetically, the Cream of The Crop in film. From silent to contemporary.

  13. Day late, but hopefully not a dollar short:

    1. Unforgiven. It’s an interesting take on it, since (at least initially) it’s revenge-by-proxy, but I think it definitely fits the theme.

    2. Relativity’s bankruptcy is news to me. That’s too bad, they’re a pretty solid movie company. I think this is somewhere around the 8th or 9th setback for Jane Got a Gun, too.

    3. Not really. To be honest, the real-life story wasn’t all that interesting in its own right. I think the fallout was all as it should have been, and addressing the ethics of it was important at the time, but it’s not as though it had any major impact afterwards as far as public-facing events go. Dan Rather was ousted, but he was on the verge of retirement anyway. And a few other people nobody’s heard of got fired, an apology was made… and the news carried on being delivered in exactly the same way as before, with just as much partisanship and lack of transparency. The filmmakers are going to have to really work hard to make this catch the public’s interest; Watergate, it ain’t.

    4. Nope! 😛

    5. Not really. I think the closest I have is a copy of Chevy Chase’s authorized biography, which has a couple of chapters devoted to his films.

    1. Hi Morgan, no such thing as a late comment 🙂

      Man I still need to see Unforgiven… I don’t normally go for Westerns but I’m interested in that one.

      Yeah, I guess we don’t know behind the scenes that they’d made some bad business moves. I think some films seem to be doomed before they even begun!

      As for the Dan Rather story, I think the movie could still be interesting from the acting point of view. Just like the story of The Insider might not have been as compelling, but the way Michael Mann brought it to life, w/ the ace performances of Russell Crowe and Al Pacino, it was excellent and absorbing.

  14. Hi Ruth!

    1. My favorite vengeance movie would be Once Upon a Time in the West. It’s a classic! 🙂

    2. It’s a shame that the smaller studios can’t keep up with the large ones, especially when the better films usually come from the smaller ones.

    3. I’m not entirely sold on TRUTH, but I’m definitely seeing it.

    4. Haha, that contest is so cool! More blockbuster productions should do stuff like this for charity.

    5. Oh, I want to read both of those books! I LOVE Mark Kermode’s podcast. Two of my favorite non-fiction movie-related books should be easy to guess: 85 Years of the Oscar by Robert Osborne and Inside Oscar by Mason Wiley and Damien Bona. 😉

    1. Hi Josh!

      Oy, Once Upon a Time in the West was on my Blindspot last year but I didn’t get around to it. I should see that soon!

      Yeah, I really think we need small/medium sized companies that’d churn out edgier movies, but for a while Relativity seemed to invest in a lot of duds though, I mean The Best of Me, Movie 43, etc.

      I’ll see it just for miss Blanchett!

      Yeah I think it’s cool to get a chance, however minuscule, to hang out on set w/ the cast, in the name of charity! 😀

  15. 1. I really like Kill Bill….no other come to my mind now
    2. I’m sad about it because they own the right to Crow remake and I was interested in it since it was announced Andrea Riseborough is gonna play the villain
    3. I’ll probably see it for the actors, I usually see everything for Cate
    4. No interest in Star Trek whatsoever 🙂
    5. I only read fiction and non-movie related but I once read a book about Woody Allen which was composed out of interviews with him, it was pretty good

    1. Hi Margaret!

      I really need to see Vol 2 of Kill Bill, but yeah it was awesome.

      Oooh I totally forgot Andrea Riseborough was gonna play the villain in The Crow!! I LOVE her, can’t believe she’s not in more films.

      Yes, same here about miss Cate.

      No interest in Star Trek even w/ Idris? 😉

  16. 1. Definitely Kill Bill 🙂
    2. I’ve sort of been following the news about Relativity. It’s all very sad. Jane Got a Gun has had A LOT of problems, hasn’t it? I wonder if it’ll ever reach theaters.
    3. Not really excited but I’d check out anything with Cate Blanchett.
    4. That contest is so cool! Can you imagine hanging out with that cast?
    5. I quite enjoyed The Film Club by David Gilmour and Jerry Weintraub’s When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead.

    1. Hi Fernando!

      Kill Bill has been a popular choice, and rightly so!

      Yeah, I’ll be very curious to see if Jane Got A Gun ever reach theaters, it’s too bad as I’d like to see a female-driven Western flick!

      “…I’d check out anything with Cate Blanchett.” You share my sentiment my friend! 😀

      1. Yeah. I HAD to go with that one. It’s my favorite film, after all.
        Jane Got A gun should get to theaters eventually. It’s only fair. It has gone through hell.
        And yeah, Cate Blanchett is so good all the time!

  17. I haven’t really been following the Relativity news but it’s a shame Jane Got A Gun is now on hold, I’ve been looking forward to that one for a while. Great question from Adam too. I’m a big fan of Mark Cousins – the depth of his film knowledge is staggering.

    1. It seems that Jane Got A Gun are plagued w/ problems, but if it ever came out, it might end up becoming a hit as people are curious about it. Let’s hope that happens.

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