Exclusive Deleted Scene of ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ featuring Stanley Weber via We Are Colony


You already know how much I adore this movie. If I had to do a list of top favorite cinematic discoveries by year’s end, surely Not Another Happy Ending AND Stanley Weber would be at the top of the list. I’ve seen this charming Scottish rom-coms more than a dozen times and it still feels fresh to me every time I watch it. Karen Gillan is lovely in the lead role, supported by a set of wonderful Scottish actors: Iain De Caestecker, Henry Ian Cussick, Kate Dickie and Gary Lewis. But having a French actor as Karen’s co-lead adds an international flair to the movie, plus Stanley’s got a great comic timing and works so well together with Karen.

I bought the bundle from We Are Colony a few weeks ago. It’s so well worth it as I can watch the movie over and over, plus there are tons of behind the scenes goodies to complete the experience. So when a rep from We Are Colony contacted me to collaborate on a post on this exclusive deleted scene featuring Stanley Weber himself, of course I’d be happy to do it! Check out this newly-released clip below:

Frustrated by Jane’s defection to prestigious publishers Klinsch & McLeish, Tom (Stanley Weber) does his best to poach one of their leading writers Glen Buchan (Tom McGovern).

So get your Not Another Happy Ending bundle and enjoy this charming movie time and time again! Also check out the We Are Colony website to get exclusive access on a ton of great independent films that include exclusive extras, including ‘making of’ documentaries, behind-the-scenes interviews, deleted scenes and much more!

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Check out the film’s trailer:


16 thoughts on “Exclusive Deleted Scene of ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ featuring Stanley Weber via We Are Colony

  1. Amazing that Stanley can go from brutal Juan Borgia to a mild-mannered book publisher. Can’t wait to see him in Outlander. Too bad Hollywood can’t make rom coms as good as this.

    1. Yeah it’s really quite a shock when I checked out BORGIA after watching this. It’s like watching two completely different actors. If that’s not versatility I don’t know what is. He’d be fantastic in Outlander as he can play good or bad roles convincingly. Yeah NAHE is definitely a lot better than most Hollywood rom-coms!

    1. Watch it Cindy! It’s available on Netflix streaming. Lots to like about this movie, the Glasgow scenery is gorgeous, Karen’s outfits are an homage to Annie Hall, and I don’t think I need to sell you further on Stanley right? 😉 Trust me, he’s not just a pretty face.

  2. I’ve never heard of this movie but your obsession with it reminds me of my obsession with Blade Runner, ha ha. I’ve owned it on VHS, all of the cuts that’s available at the time, then I bought it on LaserDisc, DVD and of course now I own every cut of the movie on Bluray.

    1. Wow I think your obsession beats mine Ted! I don’t have the dvd of this but I don’t need it when I can stream via We Are Colony + get all the special features! 😀

  3. Sounds like a great rom-com! I absolutely adore Karen Gillian. She is so talented, and Stanley Weber is totally a plus to putting this on my to-watch list. ;D

    1. Hi Katy! It’s a pity most people haven’t heard of this rom-com. I know you’re into Dr Who so it’ll be a treat seeing Karen here, she’s adorable! I think the Glasgow setting and having non-Hollywood stars made this movie all the more charming.

  4. This looks absolutely adorable! My kind of movie. Plus, I haven’t seen anything of Stanley’s yet, so this would be a good introduction into the rabbit hole 😛

    1. It really is Ashley! I was intrigued initially because it was set in Glasgow, you know I have a thing for Scottish everything! But I ended up falling for a Frenchman 😉

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