Everybody’s Chattin’ and Music Break: John Wick Soundtrack

HAPPY [almost] FRIDAY!! I’m gonna combine this month’s Chattin’ post with Music Break as I missed it the past couple of weeks. I’m getting a bit of a blog fatigue lately and I’m behind on a bunch of reviews, so I might do more mini reviews in the next few weeks. I also have two fantastic guest posts from my pals Jack Deth & Daveackackattack on David Mamet and great TV recommendations, so stay tuned!

Well, since Interstellar opens this weekend, I most likely will go see that on Saturday. It’s nearly 3 hrs long, so I don’t feel like seeing it after dinner or I’ll doze off before the first half is over.

So here are what blogger’s been chattin’ about this past week:

Michael eloquently talks about his love for film photography which is increasingly become a lost art today.

OnlyLoversLeftAliveImgI can’t believe I still haven’t seen Only Lovers Left Alive, especially after such a glowing review from Mark , but fortunately I have seen Fight Club, and another Mark, as in Mark Walker illustrates why it’s definitely one of Fincher’s finest

Margaret reviewed Begin Again, which sounds lovely and I can see why she’s crushing on Mark Ruffalo 😉

Stu just caught up on The Act of Killing and I’m glad he appreciated that documentary despite not being the easiest film to watch

Drew on the other hand, is lamenting on how boring and pointless The Rover was, I had no idea Joel Edgerton wrote it!

PrinceSwitching gear to a music post, check out what makes Chris‘ list of Top 10 Songs by Prince 

Lots of new trailers are released this week, check out what you’ve missed on Terrence‘s Trailer Time Thursday

Now this is a list I can get behind… Tom lists 10 actors he avoids in pretty much anything. Wow, I agree with ALL of them, though I still don’t mind Timberlake in a small supporting role

Last but not least, Dan and Ryan have already set their minds on 2015 Blindspot lists, and they’re asking your help to choose 12 movies that you believe they must watch next year


Now time for some awesome music …


… and John Wick’s puppy, cutest movie dog you’ll see this year!

A lot of you already know I love the movie but one of the things I love about it is this cool and dynamic score from Tyler Bates and Joel Richard. It fits the mood and tone so perfectly and it’ll make for an awesome dance party soundtrack! I can’t help tapping my feet and groovin’ to the beat as I’m listening to it. Screencrush said in their John Wick review that Keanu Reeves is “…the kind of star who is still partying like it’s the mid-to-late ’90s, and that’s totally more than okay…” Y’know what, the music certainly has a 90s vibe to it to match the 90s-style action sequences of shooting guns mid air and the likes.

My fave track is the Shots Fired one at the club scene, followed by Red Circle and a slower one about Willem Dafoe’s character, Old Friend Marcus.

Well have a great Friday, everyone! What are you gonna see this weekend?

28 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ and Music Break: John Wick Soundtrack

  1. Hey there, Ruth! Haha, I noticed you mentioned someone else is crushing on Mark Ruffalo. I was crushing on him before Begin Again, but I really enjoyed that movie, so it only helped!

    For the most part, I really enjoyed the score for John Wick! Great one to include in your Music Break.

    1. Hi Kris! Mark is a charismatic actor, no surprise ppl are crushing on him 😉 I definitely need to see Begin Again. Glad we’re in agreement about John Wick! 😀

  2. Thanks for the linkage among your usual highlight of a number of great bloggers and features, Ruth. Kudos. Wonderful music, and the cutest puppy ever, from John Wick, too. Will try for a triple this weekend. Catching up with Nightcrawler (since I missed a chance last week), Interstellar, and Big Hero 6. If I can swing it, that is. 😉

    1. Always a pleasure Michael! I think my hubby Ivan can relate to your post 🙂 I remember taking a photography class back in college and there’s something so exciting to see how your photo develops in the dark room. Wow, hope you can catch ’em all Michael, I’m hoping to see Interstellar at least, Nightcrawler does sound good too. Hey if you see Big Hero 6, pls tweet me what you think of it 😀

  3. Tom

    Hey Ruth, thanks for that ping back!!! It’s always good to find some supporters of tricky Top Ten lists like those (or I guess in that case it was more of a ‘Bottom Ten’ lol!)

    I think it’s obvious what I’ll be catching tomorrow evening. But beyond the obvious, I also have plans to see ‘Dear White People’ (something that absolutely bowled over people with excitement at Sundance), ‘Laggies,’ and ‘Big Hero 6.’ I got lots on the plate!

    1. Sure thing Tom, interesting how we pretty much share our Bottom 10 ha..ha..

      Oh Big Hero 6 is one of my two faves I saw last month, absolutely dig that one, hope you enjoy it!

  4. Thanks for the linkage Ruth. I always love these posts and it’s even better to feature in them 😉

    Doubt I’ll be catching much this weekend as it’s my little ones 4th birthday. But I do have Linklater’s Boyhood in my sights very soon.

    1. You’re welcome Mark. Hey, tell your little one Happy 4th B’day!! I still haven’t seen Boyhood either, but I’ll definitely rent it at some point.

  5. Thanks for the link! That sure is a cute puppy from John Wick 🙂 “The Shots Fired” track is pretty pulsating stuff, I can imagine would work well in an action scene.
    This weekend, if there’s time, I’ll go see Interstellar, I think it’s the kind of film to see on the big screen

    1. Thanks Chris! I thought I left a comment on there saying that despite living in Mpls and that I used to pass by Prince’s studio in Chanhassen every weekend on my way to this church I used to go to, I can’t say I’m all that familiar w/ his work.

      I’ve been listening to John Wick’s score a lot, it’s awesome for workouts too! Yep, I heard the visuals of Insterstellar are amazing!

      1. @Ruth: You’re comment has been there since 27 October on the post with tracks 20-11, so not sure what you are confused about? It’s all good 🙂
        I’ve just got back from Interstellar and I’m a bit confused by it to be honest!

        1. Oh sorry! I think I mistakenly thought your current Prince post was the same one but it’s a continuation of your other list. Ok good then that my comment didn’t go missing 😀

          As for Interstellar… oy, is it good confused or bad confused??

  6. Stu

    Thanks for the link Ruth, much appreciated!
    I am going to try and see either Interstellar or Nightcrawler this weekend, but if I don’t get time I’ll go and see one (or both) during the week ahead. Maybe I’ll take an afternoon off and see a double bill, haven’t done one of those for over a year!

    1. I think Interstellar is a surefire hit considering how many ppl are going to see it this weekend. Wow, that’ll be 5+ hrs if you’re doing a double bill of that w/ Nightcrawler!

  7. Ted S.

    Saw Interstellar on IMAX last night, loved it! Going to see it again on Sunday at the 70mm theater so I can compare the two 70mm formats, it’s going to hard topping IMAX’s immersive screen. Some of the sequences in the film were so spectacular that I felt like I was in the scenes with the actors.

    1. Hey, glad to hear! Would you do a review comparing the two formats? So did it feel too long for you? I hope I’ll love it as much as you, going to see it matinee on Saturday.

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah sure, I always love writing about film formats. It’s long but I was into the film so much it didn’t feel long to me. I think the marketing made it look like it’s an action picture but it’s not, I saw some people walked out halfway through the film, I assume those people thought there were going to see an action picture like Star Wars/Trek. When you hear people say Nolan is copying Kubrick’s 2001, they weren’t kidding, so many sequences from the film were lifted from Kubrick’s classic flick. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

  8. I’m still gathering my thoughts on Interstellar, but it’s easily the spectacle of the year, like Gravity was in 2013. Hope you like it!

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Begin Again. I’ve seen it three times, and it’s a delightful movie.

    The John Wick soundtrack is wonderful! I might have to see it on the big screen. 🙂

    I’m probably going to see Laggies and Birdman this weekend. Looking forward to them!

    1. Hi Josh! I’m gonna see Interstellar tonight. No doubt it’ll be a spectacle, though I honestly don’t know how I’d feel about the film as a whole.

      Ok given all the recommendations, esp from you and Sati, I’ll rent it next weekend!

      I REALLY had fun w/ John Wick, definitely worth seeing Josh, and it’s only an hour and a half long 🙂

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