Everybody’s Chattin’… RIP Richard Kiel (aka 007’s best henchman Jaws)


I have New York City on my mind today as my hubby and I are flying there tomorrow for a few days. I’ll be taking a few days off blogging as well… but hey no fret, you have my fellow bloggers to keep you company [as if you aren’t reading each other’s posts already, ahah].

So here are some awesome posts my friends have put up this past week:

Margaret (aka Lady Sati) kept up with her Fincher series with another highlights from his films, this time it’s a memorable scene from The Social Network.

Kristin took part in the Flick Chicks’ Guilty Pleasure Blogathon, check out which five movies made her list.

SpectresCatWho doesn’t love cats… on screen or otherwise. Well Nick picked six best movie cats (but where’s Puss the Boots??) 

As for Telly Chattin’, Melissa posted her August TV Favorites, Zoë reviewed Netflix series House of Cards Season 1, whilst Getter (aka Mettel Ray) set her sights on What’s New this Fall.

Michael continued his awesome TMT series with Marnie, a Hitchcock movie I’ve been wanting to watch for some time, whilst Cindy highlights her favorite stop-motion animated movies.

We can always count on Mikey to bring us the most important news updates. He took to the streets of Glasgow to chat with some movie geeks about what they think of the whole Scottish Independent issue. 

Notable Reviews, mostly of films I haven’t seen yet:

CalvaryImageNostra reviewed Zero Theorem, Steven reviewed A Love Song for Bobby Long, Irene reviewed Blue Ruin. Rodney reviewed Draft Day, and Mark reviewed another Brendan Gleeson film I’m looking forward to seeing, Calvary.Meanwhile, Wendell reviewed a recent remake which I have seen and actually quite enjoyed, Robocop.

As for mini reviews, Fernando reviewed Chef & The Maze Runner, and Tim reviewed a couple Japanese animated movies.

RIP Richard Kiel

I just found out last night as I wrote this post that a character I grew up with just died. Richard Kiel died on Wednesday at the age of 74.


Mr Kiel w/ fellow Bond villains: Christopher Lee, Rick Yune & Toby Stephens!

I remember growing up watching Roger Moore’s Bond movies, I was quite afraid as well as amused by the steel-toothed henchman. I don’t know much about his personal life but reading his articles about him, sounds like he’s a gentle giant whose smile was always as big as his stature. I also remember him in Happy Gilmore, it was such a hoot when he showed up and of course Mr. Kiel was always a scene stealer.

As a mini tribute to the late Michigan-born actor, here are three memorable scenes of him as Jaws, the ultimate & best Bond henchman ever.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you sometime next week!

24 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’… RIP Richard Kiel (aka 007’s best henchman Jaws)

  1. I also was saddened to hear of Mr. Kiel’s passing…I too grew up with him, and I agree he was one of the best henchmen, along with Oddjob. Steel teeth are ALWAYS in style. PS: I’m interested in your thoughts in CALVARY. In my opinion, if there’s any justice in the world, it’s some serious Oscar-bait for Brendan Gleeson, John Michael McDonagh, and possibly Chris O’Dowd.

    1. Hi Paula! Just got back to blogging this afternoon after a few days break. Yeah I definitely will rent Calvary and let you know what I think. I LOVE Gleeson, he’s always so fun to watch even playing antiheroes. Didn’t know O’Dowd was in it as well, I also like him a lot.

  2. Thanks for the linkage, Ruth! Always good to read some great reviews (I liked Nostra’s look at Zero Theorem in particular!) and check out what’s happening in the dark corners of the blogosphere!!!

  3. Thanks for the mention 🙂

    I actually met Richard Kiel once at a screening of The Spy Who Loved Me. He was really nice and a funny guy. He really embraced the character of Jaws and totally owned it. Sad that he’s died 😦

  4. Ted S.

    Sad to hear another actor has passed away, may he rest in peace. But unfortunately I was never a fan of Jaws as a Bond villain, I thought he’s the silliest villain ever in the Bond franchise. Then again I was never a big fan of the two Bond flicks he appeared in, I thought Moonraker was atrocious, right up there with The World is Not Enough and Die Another. The Spy Who Loved Me has its moments but it kind of bore to me.

    Have fun in NYC! I’m seriously thinking of going back and visit there this year.

  5. Awwwww, I didn’t even know. I loved Jaws, he absolutely fascinated me as a child and beyond. What a pity. Lovely tribute post Ruth!

    Also, thanks for the shout out!

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Richard Kiel was an excellent comic relief henchman. Best henchmen would be a toss up between Robert Shaw’s “Red” Grant in ‘From Russia With Love’, And Sean Bean’s Alec Trevelyan in ‘Golden Eye’. With Harold Sakata’s “Oddjob” from ‘Goldfinger’ in third place.

  7. Thanks so much for the shout-out and linkage with this fine group of bloggers, Ruth. Much appreciated. Sad to hear of Richard Kiel’s passing. He certainly left his formidable mark on TV and movies through the years. May he rest in peace.

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  9. Sad to hear about Richard Kiel. He will always be Jaws. That said, if I remember correctly, he had a memorable turn as Big Foot on The Six Million Dollar Man. Thanks for the link!

  10. To be honest I didn’t know who was Richard Kiel when I first read the title of your post, but that image from the Bond series certainly brought it all back. Sad about his passing, I also remember him in Happy Gilmore. At least he lived a full life.

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