Music Break & Scenes Spotlight: Guy Ritchie’s Rocknrolla


I quite like Guy Ritchie’s frenetic style. Most of his films have a cool vibe and I think his best work is when he tackles the London underworld. His humorous gangster movies always feature a great cast and witty dialog, and Rocknrolla is no different. His movies aren’t for everyone though, I remember dragging some of my friends to see this on the big screen and half of them didn’t dig it. I think some of the conversations are tough to understand without subtitles, that’s why I actually enjoy it more when I rented it later on. I ended up buying the Blu-ray as it’s something I enjoy watching repeatedly… how could I not, it’s set in my favorite European city AND it stars a lot of my favorite actors!

Today happens to be Idris Elba’s 41st Birthday, so I thought I’d highlight the movie I first saw him in.


The Wild Bunch – comprised of three hunky Brits: Idris Elba, Gerry Butler & Tom Hardy – is no doubt my favorite group in the film. All of my favorite scenes have at least one of these guys in them. They have such great chemistry together I feel like I’m actually watching a documentary of Cockney gangsters, ahah. Oh man, I’d LOVE to see a spinoff of just these guys! I think Ritchie originally wrote this film as a trilogy and I remember seeing several interviews where all the cast are on board w/ the idea. Alas, the movie didn’t make enough money to warrant a sequel! Ritchie is quite busy these days with big-budget film, like The Man From U.N.C.L.E I talked about yesterday, well I still hope that one day he’d still revisit this story again in the future… but it has to be with THIS cast! I quite like Toby Kebell in the title role and Mark Strong in this as well.

There’s a certain style to Ritchie’s movies, down to the title sequence which I’ve featured a while back. But really, the music is one of the major highlights here, it’s almost its own character in the movie! From start to finish, the music never fails to entertain and it just adds so much to the tone of the film. The stylish rock ‘n role vibe definitely lives up to its title!

Here are some of my fave songs from the film:

Just for the fun of it, why not check out some of the great scenes with the boys of the Wild Bunch. I’m not usually fond of colorful language but Ritchie’s certainly has a gift for snappy dialogue. And with the right cast, it’s even better! Seriously, I could listen to these three guys talk all day long. The song in the dance scene of Butler and Thandie Newton is Waiting for a Train by Australian band Flash & The Pan.

Dance Scene

Mumbles & One Two – The Talk

Is This a Robbery?

Handsome Bob

Hope you enjoy the soundtrack & clips. What do you think of Rocknrolla and this cast?

24 thoughts on “Music Break & Scenes Spotlight: Guy Ritchie’s Rocknrolla

  1. Love this. Rocknrolla was the return of Guy Ritchie (post-Madonna). I agree that its cast was a great one, it also has my personal fave Brit at the moment, Mark Strong. Thanks, Ruth 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, Michael! I skipped his film in Madonna years, ahah. I like Mark Strong here, you could say he’s the co-lead in this one. I like his interactions w/ Butler in this too, all around a great cast!

  2. Underrated Guy Ritchie flick, mainly because it’s like all of his others. However, there’s still a bunch of fun to it that I don’t even care! Nice stuff!

    1. Yay! Glad to see you’re a fan. I’m still holding out hope that Guy would revisit his plan to complete the Rocknrolla trilogy, I think he said he’s written ’em. I’m sure his cast would come back though most of ’em have found success since then.

  3. Ted S.

    I don’t think I’ve seen Rocknrolla all the way through, just caught it on TV and watched bits and pieces of it. Maybe I’ll give it a rent and see the whole thing.

    Funny when you mentioned The Wild Bunch, I thought you were referring to Sam Peckinpah’s film. LOL

      1. Ted S.

        No, I actually never liked any of Ritchie’s work, I somewhat enjoyed the first Sherlock Holmes but not a big fan of his films. I always thought he’s like a poor man’s Tarantino, most of his early work, he tried to imitate QT’s films. Not really his fault because most young filmmakers at the time did the same.

  4. I’v ebean meaning to rewatch this, as the first time i saw it wasn’t really impressed with it. That was a while ago, so its possible my movie tastes just weren’t diverse enough to appreciate it then.

  5. Oh, I really like this soundtrack, it actually made the movie even more entertaining. I love that scene with Butler and Idris talking about slow dancing, probably the funniest scene after “Archie, slap him” scene.

    1. Hi Sati! Yeah, the music is awesome indeed. The cast is just brilliant all around too, I LOVE Idris & Gerry, they seem to get on so well, I’d love to see those two in a film together again. Yeah, that ‘Archie, slap him’ scene is hilarious, but my fave scenes are the ones w/ The Wild Bunch boys.

  6. Nice post Ruth 🙂

    I really like this movie but I think I need to watch it again because when I watched it I wasn’t familiar with Cockney accent…but a Cockney comedian that I like once tweeted that he enjoys laughing at someone’s fake Cockney accents because it sounds so fake. Because of him, I have been curious to see it again.

    1. Hi Nov! Cockney accent is tough to understand, I actually have to turn on subtitles sometimes, ahah. I really enjoy this one as I LOVE the cast all around, so yeah give it another look. I quite like GB in comedies (NOT rom-com) and he’s surrounded by such great actors!

      1. I have no problem understanding it … I am so fascinated with accent and it makes me easier to understand it, but when I watch that I hadn’t know Cockney well…so I didn’t notice if the Cockney accent in that movie sounds so fake (at least according to a real Cockney)

        Hahahaha GB and Tom were funny…especially that dancing scene 😉

    1. Hi Josh! Glad you’re a fan too. Yes, this is one of those spin-off that I’d pay money to see. Maybe Guy Ritchie should take on Kickstarter to get it made!


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