Holy Batfleck! Lamenting on the latest Batman casting news + the Bat Poll

Oh the irony… Warner Bros. officially announced who they had cast as Batman right on the birthday of Richard Armitage, MY pick of who should don the cowl in the Man of Steel sequel. Thanks to my pal Terrence who texted me just as I was driving home from Austenland screening (which was hilarious btw), so of course I soon realized the news has turned social media into a frenzy. I mostly stayed on Twitter and enjoyed the vehement reactions from all over the globe. On one hand, I’m glad that this news finally ends those crazy rumor mills of Batman casting… alas, there goes my hope that WB would make a good choice 😦 In case you were away from any news media outlet of any kind, well, our next Batman is (you might want to sit down)… BEN AFFLECK!

So THIS is  the next savior of Gotham??

Not surprisingly, within a matter of minutes, Twitter was ON FIRE!!  According to Variety, there were 5,744 tweets about the film in the first hour, and it averaged 2,307 tweets per hour. Every topic that have anything to do with Batman AND Affleck was trending: #BenAffleckAsBatman #MattDamon (Robin anyone?) #MichaelKeaton #ValKilmer even #GeorgeClooney. With the general consensus saying that George is so happy with this casting as there’s FINALLY more than a smidgen of hope that he’d no longer be considered as the WORST Batman! 😀 Poor Matt Damon, his name is now inexplicably linked to Robin… because whenever there’s Affleck, there’s his BFF, right?


It was fun reading people’s reactions to this news, so I simply just sat back and enjoyed reading ’em.

Even some celebs couldn’t help chiming in…

I think the general reaction ranges from Say What? to Nooooooooooooooooooooo! There is in fact a petition to WB already underway to request the removal of Affleck from the Batman role, ahah. It’s already got 4000 signatures as of the time I’m writing this post!! Of course, as of this morning, the whole Batman tweets have given rise to…  #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck trending 😀 This one below is my favorite:

and this:

What does Batman himself say??

So yeah, I’m disappointed, no disheartened by this news. There are TOO many reasons but one simple reason is this: I just don’t see Affleck as Batman nor Bruce Wayne. It’s often than an actor can fit only one of the two persona of a superhero, but in this case, it’s neither! But resorting to such hatred about this is a bit of an overkill. It reminds me of the whole uproar over Daniel Craig’s casting as Bond (what, a blond Bond?? NOOOOOO!!), in which I was also quite skeptical. But the difference is, Craig was a fairly unknown at the time so there’s not as much ‘baggage’ associated with him the way it is w/ Affleck. Of course there’s always a chance, however minuscule, Affleck’s casting is gonna work out just like Craig’s did, but I REALLY can’t picture that at this point. It’s interesting that in the height of his career (winning an Oscar for ARGO), Affleck’s willing to put his career on the line for THIS role [shrugs]

So that means Affleck is SO not through with playing superheroes. I have to hand it to this guy, apparently he’s still not traumatized by the backlash of him playing Daredevil!! I know a lot of people are still suffering from PTSD from seeing that movie atrocity. Speaking of which, this will mark Affleck’s THIRD time playing a superhero role.

Daredevil’s blind… and bats are blind too, so maybe there’s the connection?? [shrugs]
Oh I just LOVE wearing spandex! But… does it come in black?

Oh, and there’s another casting oddity in Man of Steel 2Diane Lane played his wife in Hollywoodland where Affleck portrayed the first Superman TV actor George Reeves, and now Lane is Superman’s earthly mom!

Now, apparently Zack Snyder can’t wait to work with Affleck, who’s apparently already working out like mad to achieve the ridiculously buff physique Snyder ALWAYS requires from his actors:

“Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne. I can’t wait to work with him,”

Mwahahahaha, a layered portrayal?? Synder, you should be a comedian!

In any case, I’d love for you my dear readers to weigh in on this topic, please take a quick vote:

So what do you think of the BatFleck AND the reactions over the news? Sound off below.

100 thoughts on “Holy Batfleck! Lamenting on the latest Batman casting news + the Bat Poll

  1. I’ve got no problem with this casting. I think Affleck can easily pull off the Bruce Wayne persona, and Batman is at least a reasonable possibility. As for Daredevil, he was not the problem with that film, it was the script.

    Dreyfuss’s comment is hilarious, though. Love that. Hey, maybe he be snuck in as Alfred? 😀

    1. Yeah I think the Bruce Wayne part is probably easier to pull off than the Batman part in general, curious how they’d handle the voice thing.

      Ahah, they need a Brit as Alfred I think. I agree that comment is hilarious!

      1. I don’t see why, they just had a Brit as Batman and they’ve got one as Superman. If Brits can play American comic book characters, surely Alfred can have a Brooklyn accent. 😀

              1. I was mostly joking (remembering a minor furor over “a female M” in James Bond) but you know, if she were involved, I’d be more inclined to play the gender-assignment straight and put her as Maggie Sawyer (Gordon’s opposite number in Metropolis).

  2. I’m on record liking this selection, as I’ve grown to enjoy Ben’s work. I know many don’t like it, primarily for DAREDEVIL. However, that film was not bad because of Affleck, but its script and direction. We shall see what we shall see when this comes out.

    1. I’ve come to enjoy his work too, but more as a director. I think he was good in Argo and The Town, but he’s still a stronger director than actor. I suppose we shall see right Michael? That’s why even though I was dismayed, I still keep an open mind and not gonna be spewing hatred like we’ve seen a lot of ppl do on social media.

          1. I know! But that’s what happens w/ social media. It only fuels negativity in people. Yeah, there’s not even a script in place yet and sounds like perhaps the focus is still gonna be on Superman as Batman is as his older, wiser ally? Well, one thing for sure, WB has created a huge buzz for itself with this piece of casting, and I bet the studio honchos are laughing all the way to the bank right now.

  3. I posted a piece about this earlier today and I’m excited. Sure there is a time of negativity but that’s nothing new. I like Ben and I think he has some of the key qualities needed for the character. Many are making a Clooney comparison but that’s simply not fair. First, Clooney’s material was God-awful, probably the worst superhero flick ever. Second, Affleck has a grittiness that Clooney doesn’t have.

    Daredevil had faults but I don’t think any of them fall on Affleck. I can really see him pulling this off especially with a strong script in place. That’s what made Bale such an easy Batman to buy into – a tremendous script and vision for the character. That’s all Ben needs to make this work well.

    1. Hi Keith! It’s funny isn’t it to see ppl’s crazy reactions all over Twitter, FB, etc. I refrained from tweeting or even retweeting anything last night and just kind of sit back and watch the circus, as it were.

      I think the comparison w/ Clooney is inevitable because people automatically go with the WORST Batman that they hated, I really can’t imagine a more terrible Batman than Clooney, personally, and to your point, the material and director were not in his favor!

      I guess what we need now is a REALLY strong script to pull this off. Well we need that no matter who’s cast, but given Ben’s a famous actor, the script almost have to work extra hard to make people BELIEVE him in the role.

      1. Great point. People need to see him as Batman, not Ben Affleck playing Batman. But ya know, really good writing can do that. It can make us but into some of the most absurd things on screen. Not saying Ben is absurd but a great script would put all of this to bed.

        1. Well some ppl argue that it IS absurd. But no matter how seemingly bad casting is, the script and direction still hold the key to a film’s success, so Snyder and Goyer better up the ante in that regard.

  4. The difference between Ben Affleck and likes of Ledger and Daniel Craig is that we have a full understanding of his acting ability. Mute and dull.

    I can imagine him as a billionaire maybe but as the dark crusader who brings fear to hardened criminals I don’t see it at all!

    My interest in this film has dropped significantly, only a spectacular trailer will win me after this.

    1. Yeah I think the Bruce Wayne part might be more convincing for Affleck but a bad ass caped crusader, I dunno. He has this goofy look on his face at times, he better tone that down if we were to believe him as Gotham’s Dark Knight!

      I’m VERY curious to see your trailer post when this one comes out, Tim 😀

        1. So now you’re looking forward to the film?? I thought you were gonna skip it entirely 😀 Yeah right, everyone who said they’re gonna skip it is probably gonna see it anyway, ahah.

            1. I remember you gave Man of Steel 5/5 right… I wasn’t as generous but I really think they’ve built a solid base to which the franchise could really soar. I’m scratching my head as to where they’re going w/ this.

    1. Well I have a feeling it’s more of the studio’s decision on Affleck. It’s just funny that Snyder’s comment about being enthused in working w/ him doesn’t seem so genuine, but who knows. I do hope Affleck proves naysayers and doubters wrong, too, seriously, DC desperately NEEDS a hit!

  5. Ted S.

    I’m just happy they didn’t cast pretty boy Gosling or the old man Brolin. I think people are just overreacting because Warner cast a famous actor instead of a more unknown one. As some people already mentioned, Ben was not the problem in DareDevil, it’s the awful script and direction; he’s actually great as an action hero. As long as the script is strong and Snyder doesn’t go over board with his indulgence again, Batman vs. Superman should be good, I hope anyway. I actually can’t wait see what Affleck’s take on The Dark Knight and I voted for Other on the poll.

    Interesting note about Damon as Robin, apparently he tested for Robin in Batman Forever, of course he didn’t get the role since he’s still unknown at the time. I’m sure he’s thankful he didn’t get it since Chris O’Donnell’s film career went down the toilet after he played Robin, LOL.

    1. You read my mind, Ted! First thing I thought of was, at least it wasn’t Gosling!! That’d really make me sad as then I’d have to see him alongside someone I REALLY like, Henry Cavill. I don’t mind Ben in general and in fact I’ve grown to respect him w/ his work BEHIND the camera. But unlike you I don’t see him as an action hero. Yes he is a big guy (6’3″) but he seems like a softie to me.

      WOW, I forgot Damon tested for Robin back then. My goodness, he must’ve been thanking his lucky stars he DID NOT get that role! Ironically, he’s STILL somehow linked to Robin now since Affleck is his BFF 😀

      1. Ted S.

        You liked him in The Town right? He’s pretty good as the action guy in that film and watch him as DareDevil, he’s the only good thing in that awful movie. Funny though I always thought he should play Superman when the reboot was announced back in the late 90s and when Nic Cage was cast, I was not happy. Thankfully we never get to see that version.

    1. Yep, exactly!! I mentioned that how he took this role after winning an Oscar for ARGO. That’s quite mind-boggling to me. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when this deal’s made, ahah.

  6. Great post Ruth. Those tweets were absolutely hilarious. LOL.
    As for the matter at hand, I don’t particularly care. I can see why a lot of people don’t like Affleck as an actor but it’s a bit extreme is it not? I even seen a petition online that was apparently sent to Warner bros. for them to drop their decision to cast him. Poor Affleck, the guy must be rocking in a corner somewhere smeared in his feaces. 😉

    Like you say, the same was said about Craig as Bond and that turned out great. Tom Cruise took a lot of crap for him being cast as Lestat and that turned out good. I reckon people will end up eating their words here.

    1. Hi Mark! Yeah, social media just fuels the fire so extremities become the norm nowadays. I don’t feel sorry for Affleck as he’s got to know this type of reactions would happen, I mean it’s not like it hasn’t happened to him before. That said, like you mentioned, a lot of casting picks people were up in arms about turned out to be ok. I like Cruise as L’estat too, he was an unlikely choice that worked out well.

      1. Yeah, I suppose he should have expected some sort of backlash. It’s a bit if a shame really, as he has just carved himself a very impressive résumé in directing. I’ve enjoyed all of his films. In fact, is he not your highlight for the “debuts” Blogathon?

        1. Yep, I’m gonna do Gone Baby Gone which is an impressive debut! Who knows maybe he’ll give some directing pointers to Snyder in Man of Steel 2 😀

  7. I like Ben Affleck. He’s won back some measure of respect after his overexposed period of bad movies in the early 2000s that culminated with Gigli. I just don’t see him as Batman. I’m not really happy with the decision though I’m willing to give him a shot as he is a very different actor than what he was back when he did Daredevil. Still, I wanted someone else like Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

    1. I suppose u’re right, Affleck’s come quite a long way since his early career. I dont see him in this role but who knows maybe he’ll turn out ok.

  8. I think its funny how up in arms people are getting. Honestly, I already have a great Batman trilogy, so I’m satisfied. And Man of Steel was pretty disappointing, so I likely wouldn’t bother checking out the sequel regardless.

  9. I never thought I’d say this, but when I heard this, I realized I’ve got a huge case of SMAS (Superhero Movie Apathy Syndrome). It may be incurable.

  10. At first I was a bit taken aback, but I think and really hope Ben can do a good job with the part. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but waaay better than Gosling lol.
    I agree that Affleck is a better director than actor though; kind of wish he was directing this movie instead of starring in it! I have more respect for him than Snyder. I guess we’re stuck with him though, unfortunately.

  11. I can’t say that I’m overjoyed by this news, and truthfully, there’s a whole slew of actors they could have gone with who don’t have the baggage Affleck does with the comic-book movie genre, but I’m prepared to wait and see. I wasn’t happy with Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker, and look how that turned out. Obviously the suits and people with the cash saw something in Affleck that we haven’t yet, so I’m gonna give Snyder and Co time to unleash Batfleck upon us and prove us all wrong.

    Of course, it could also work the other way and be a major cinematic disaster a la Batman & Robin, but fingers crossed it isn’t!

    Hows this for a tidbit: wonder if Affleck agreed to be Batman in exchange for working on the new DC Cinema Universe – perhaps even directing a DC franchise down the track…. Wonder Woman? Aquaman? JLA? Anyway, it’s good for Warners to have a two-time Oscar winning film-maker in their corner.

  12. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Not much of a Ben Affleck fan.

    I’ll opt for either Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Tim Olyphant (Raylan Givens in ‘Justified’).

    Push comes to shove. Give the role to Kevin Conroy (The voice of Bruce Wayne and Batman from ‘Batman: The Animated Series’)!

  13. I am def not disturbed by Affleck’s casting. although I like Jack Deth’s option of Kevin Conroy! haha

    I voted “Other”, stating: “I’m okay with it. Gotta be better than Gigli”

    We’ll see. I think the petition is overkill. The movie hasn’t even released yet. ha

    1. It’s not fair to compare this to Gigli n yeah the petition thing is definitely overkill. I guess now that the idea’s settling in a bit i’m not as disturbed by it as i did initially. Still i’d looooove to see Armitage get the chance tho.

  14. I consider myself in a pretty isolated category when it comes to Superhero movies. I hated The Avengers and it’s related franchise films, loved Man of Steel, and grew up really liking Daredevil. I think Ben will really surprise people – it’s a shame to me everyone’s skepticism catches on like wildfire. I think he’s a far better choice than Orlando Bloom or Josh Brolin.

    1. So u’re more of a DC girl then Katy? Me too! I so want them to succeed, love Man of Steel too but Marvel has done a great job with their franchises tho in terms of strategy especially.

      1. I guess you could say so Ruth – though I don’t really pay attention to the differences! I honestly thought the sequel was going to be Superman vs Lex Luther, so I’m still a bit surprised by them incorporating Batman so soon. Hopefully they’ll change minds with the next one. 🙂

        1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing too, esp with the rumors of Bryan Cranston as Luthor. It really took everyone by surprise I think w/ this Batman being included, so yeah, let’s hope it’ll be good!

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  16. Honestly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Affleck is a good actor, talented and has a Batman-y look. Don’t be haters. Give the guy a chance.

    1. I’m not a hater Ronan, yeah we should be able to express disappointment without resorting to anger n hatred, esp about mere entertainment stuff!

    1. Ahah very wise of u Fogs!! I dont even remember what my reaction was when both of those were cast. I think iwas ok with Ledger as i didnt know who he was then.

    1. Ahah, I like your decisiveness Cindy 😀 Well as much as initially shared your sentiment, I’m a bit more hopeful now that I think about it.

  17. Hahahaha…this is a very funny post!
    You know I don’t care with all superhero franchise anymore, this is the first time I know about Affleck as Batman…But even though I don’t care about the franchise, I can imagine Affect equals Clooney 😉

    Unless Cillian is casted again, you know I wont be watching Afflect as Batman

    1. You haven’t heard about this news until you saw this post? Wow, I’m honored… and it proves how much you don’t care about this franchise, ahah.

  18. I’ve seen generally positive or indifferent/dubious comments … which I find surprising. Affleck is a proven actor – he was very good in the lead role in Argo, as well as in State of Play…and I thought damn near perfect in The Town. Fanboys and Fangirls over-react with every bit of casting news these days. So long as the script is there, Affleck is going to do great.

    I agree the casting Gordon-Levitt would have been cool from a continuity standpoint, but I have not seen one comment yet that has convinced me there was a better actor that could have been cast.

    1. Y’know I forgot about State of Play as there are Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren but I guess he was ok. I think he’s ok in The Town, more compelling than in ARGO actually. As far as Levitt though, I like him as an actor but NOT as Batman (maybe Nightwing), as I always picture Batman actor as being at least 6 feet or taller, so I guess Ben fit the physical aspect for the role IMO.

  19. Well, Ruth – this fun post has garnered a lot of comments! I have to say that, while Affleck is FAR from my first choice, I think the vitriol he’s getting on the internet is a bit much. I think he’s a good actor in the right role (note, this doesn’t mean he’s right for Batman/Bruce Wayne). And count me as one person who actually kind of liked DAREDEVIL (particularly Colin Farrell’s performance as Bullseye). So I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude. It might be blasphemous to comic book fans, but the whole concept of Batman fighting Superman strikes me as pretty stupid. I mean, what chance does the very smart but mortal Batman have against an alien god?

    I do think your Richard Armitage choice is a good one. Frankly, i would have liked Christian Bale to return to the part, as an older, more cynical Batman, but that’s just me.

    1. Hi Jeff! Oh I’m with you that Batman VS. Superman just won’t work! I think this is more of Batman being an older and wiser ally of Superman, now I could see that working w/ the right script. Yay, glad to hear you at least like my idea of Armitage as Batman, I really think he could get the job done and as Bale is Welsh, it’d be nice to see someone from Britain tackling this role again.

  20. I don’t think it’s the worst casting or the best casting. It’s just another bit of casting for a film that I’m only mildly interested in. I like how this is all developing though. Now with Bryan Cranston onboard as Lex Luthor. And the fact that Affleck will be helping with the script. Also great news. And hopefully Affleck will have got a similar deal with the studio that Nolan had when he signed up for Batman – he was given funding to do his own projects in between. Affleck turned down Justice League earlier this year, so I’m guessing something else changed his mind.

    Who knows how this will turn out. I’m just going to wait it out and see.

    1. Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor would’ve been awesome, he’d probably the scene stealer in that film. Hmmm, someone mentioned that too about Affleck possibly helming another DC movie in the future which I think is a good idea. I respect his work as a director.

  21. Awesome post! I remember when I first read that Richard Dreyfuss tweet. It’s hilarious! 🙂

    I’m not sure how he’ll pan out as Batman, but I don’t think he’d even cross my mind if I cast the film. However, I think he can be better than Val Kilmer, maybe even Michael Keaton and George Clooney. I’ll definitely see it, as Batman is my favorite superhero.

    1. It never crossed my mind either Josh, and I never saw Affleck’s name in all those casting list from other sites so it seems like a decision out of left field. I hope he’ll do your fave superhero justice, man!

    1. Y’know, as I said above, I’m actually more open-minded about it now. I mean, I still wish Richard Armitage got the role but maybe Affleck isn’t as horrible a choice as ppl think. We shall see!

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  23. I think… I think I’m actually okay with this casting, funnily enough. Never really got the hate for Affleck, and surely it’s nice to have an American icon actually being played by an American?

    1. “…surely it’s nice to have an American icon actually being played by an American” I suppose, though it’s not as big a deal to me since Americans have played iconic characters from other countries, too.

  24. I was going to do a post on this… but there’s nothing I have to say that Terrence, Keith or Nick from CineKatz haven’t already said in their own posts.

    I fully support Affleck as Batman. My only concern seems to be the age thing, as I discussed with you previously. While Artmitage had the brooding sense of an older-than-Cavill actor, I can’t see Affleck be older in comparison to Cavill. As I keep mentioning, I think RUNNER RUNNER will be a good estimate of Affleck’s capability to do Batman as there are some factors to look out for in that role, which are dynamics that might bleed into the MoS Sequel.

    A) He plays a seasoned badass in contrast to Timberlake’s naive pretty boy.
    B) He seems imposing, intimidating and aggressive as hell…

    I guess only time will tell…

    1. Hello Shah! Y’know, I’m warming up to the idea a bit more now about Affleck. But you hit the nail on the head about the brooding older and wiser part, I just don’t see Affleck as that at all even though he’s the same age as Armitage. I’m looking forward to Runner, Runner, press screening is a month away in October though, but yeah, we’ll see if he can be bad ass, ahah.

  25. Not too fond with Affleck before this news. So, my expectation to the second Man of Steel now a little low(er). Funny reading the tweets! Maybe he’ll take the harsh comments to be a higher challenge to be better? Let’s hope so.

    1. Yeah, reading the tweets was a lot of fun. I spent like an hour on Twitter when the news broke, it was hilarious! I think Ben is a smart guy so yeah, hopefully he’ll prove those naysayers and doubters wrong. You’ve got to have a thick skin when you take on such a popular role, ahah.

  26. Haha, love those tweets. I’m not a fan of Affleck’s casting either…. I just don’t see him as Batman. Would have loved to see a lesser-known actor get the call, but who knows, maybe he will surprise us all.

    1. I’d much prefer a lesser-known actor to get the role (preferably Richard Armitage whom I championed), but oh well, maybe they specifically wanted someone more famous than Cavill. Let’s hope this pans out in the end 🙂

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