Everybody’s Chattin’ & Music Break: ‘Pacific Rim’ by Ramin Djawadi

HAPPY FRIDAY!! It’s been a sweltering Summer the past week, so I’m gonna cool off tonight watching … you guessed it, Pacific Rim once again at the IMAX, wahoo! I was gonna do a Music Break in honor of Guillermo del Toro’s movie, but since I’ve been so sporadic with posting my regular series, I thought I’d combine it with Everybody’s Chattin’. I’m sure y’all don’t mind? 😀


So here are what blogger’s been chattin’ about this past week:

EuropaReportFilm Hipster‘s Chris reviewed one of this sci-fi movies I’ve been curious about: Europa Report. Sounds intriguing and it also stars Sharlto Copley which impressed me greatly in District 9.

Another Chris (aka Terry Malloy Pigeon Coop) makes me feel so guilty that I haven’t seen Metropolis yet. An inspired and fitting choice for his ‘What Do You Mean You Haven’t Seen …’ series.

Josh and Eric recently reviewed a couple of films I haven’t even heard of yet but certainly sounds intriguing. Check out Josh’ review of What Richard Did and Eric’s write-up of Ali: Fear Eats the Soul [1974]

Sati is at it again with her Visual Parallels, this time pairing two HBO shows: Game of Thrones and ROME. Brilliant as always.

Both Mark and I appreciate Joaquin Phoenix’ acting chops and his outrageous stunts from a few years ago is perhaps one of his greatest work yet. Check out Mark’s review of I’m Still Here, which I’ve been meaning to see for some time.

Those close to me know I’m not one for horror or war films as I simply don’t have nerves of steel. But Keith‘s latest rave review of Black Hawk Down made me think if I should muster up the courage to give that a shot. Maybe, just maybe.

BallOfFireOn the Classic front, Paula made a tribute to commemorate a screen legend’s 106th birthday by doing an Unscientific Favorite Stanwyck Movie Poll Results. All of them look superb, though I’m most intrigued by Ball of Fire 😉

One of my favorite series from It Rains… You Get Wet is TMT (Theatre… a Movie… and a Time). And this latest one happens to be one of my favorite action franchise (well up to the third movie anyway): Die Hard (1988). Seems like Bruce Willis never stops playing John McClane, even in non Die Hard movies 🙂

A couple of BLOGATHONS are going on right now that are worthy of note: Cinekatz‘ Not-So-Secret Santa Review Swap and My Film Views’ The 5 Obstruction – Click each link to find out more and join in on the fun!

Trailer-wise, there are quite a few great ones released this week. I’m most excited to see 12 Years A Slave and The Fifth Estate. It so happens that both films have birthday boy Benedict Cumberbatch in it!


In The Fifth Estate he plays the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, check out the trailer:

For more trailers, head out to Terrence’s Triple T, that is Trailer Time Thursday!

Now time for some awesome music!

One of my favorite sites The Art of the Title is currently featuring Pacific Rim‘s gorgeous opening and end credits titles, done by Imaginary Forces Creative Studio. Combined with composer Ramin Djawadi‘s rousing score, it just might be one of my favorite credit sequences of all time!


I love this score so much I’ve been humming it constantly the past couple of weeks. It’s a GREAT soundtrack for working out as well. It gives me an extra boost at the elliptical machine… but no, I’m not trying to walk like a Jaeger, ahah.

A softer version of the theme I like is the Cancelin’ the Apocalypse track:

Well have a great Friday, everyone! What are you gonna see this weekend?

35 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ & Music Break: ‘Pacific Rim’ by Ramin Djawadi

    1. Anytime Nick! Btw, my movie ‘gift’ is apparently available on Amazon On Demand too, makes it easier to see it 🙂 YES I LOVE Pac Rim’s score.

  1. Thank you for the kind link love Ruth. A lot of fun trailers. And a lot of great links here. I am looking forward to reading Keith’s bit on Black Hawk Down. Man what a movie!

    I love the soundtrack for Pacific Rim! Great spotlight. woot woot!

    1. My pleasure! Hope things settle down a bit for you. Yeah, lots of great reviews here from fellow bloggers, hope you have time to catch up on some of our posts here too 😉

      Can’t say enough good things about Pac Rim’s score. Perhaps my fave so far this year.

  2. Wow, what an epic post! It’s going to take me all weekend to read it and go through the links. Thanks for including me Ruth, it’s much appreciated.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Ted S.

    I’m still waiting to see if I can win free passes to see Pacific Rim at the IMAX theater, waited for like 3 weeks for Man of Steel. Hopefully I’ll win some next week and then I’ll get to see it.

    If you decided you want to see Black Hawk Down, I can lend you my BD or come over and watch it on my big screen. 🙂 I haven’t seen it in a long time myself.

    I probably won’t be seeing any new film this weekend so no review of The Conjuring, my GF is working and I don’t want to see it by myself.

    1. Well, after seeing it last nite, i like Pac Rim even more! It looks awesome on Imax Ted, totally worth the $13 bucks i paid for.

      I might borrow ur BHD BD one day Ted 🙂

      Well you can always review it later after u see it then.

      1. Ted S.

        I’m sure it looks great on IMAX but I don’t want to break my streak of not paying to see a movie there. The last time I paid to see a film there was my third time seeing TDKR last summer, ever since then I’ve always won free passes.

        I think you might enjoy Black Hawk Down, the first half hour of the film was actually a set up for the big battle, nothing graphic happened at all. But of course when the battle happens, it gets pretty brutal.

  4. I wanted to like PR but the fact it was so cliche up to having Elba blow himself up for humanity again prevented me from it. But I really liked the score!

    1. Ahah well it is corny, like i said in my review, it’s predictable too but sometimes you enjoyed a movie so much that i didnt mind so much. I had fun w/ it even the second time around 😀

      Glad u like the score tho n seeing Elba looking so gorgeous 😉

  5. You’re so right about the Pacific Rim music…. its been my gym music ever since I saw it last week! I knew it would be since I first heard it… just pumps you up so much!

  6. The plan is to see The Conjuring with some mates tomorrow night (if we can get ourselves organised) but I’m still reeling from Pacific Rim! Might take a break tonight and just read instead 🙂

    Oh, and I bought the Pacific Rim soundtrack yesterday – couldn’t help myself! Have fuuuuun!

    1. Hello Ruth!! Glad u like Pac Rim too, sooo much fun! The score is definitely my fave of the year so far. Did u end up seeing The Conjuring?

  7. Ooohhh…I have nothing but eagerness to see the 5th estate. From the trailer, I can see that Benny has delivered another great performance…tho I miss his accent.

    12 Years of slave is a bit dillematic, the story sounds good…I hope it’ll be good enough for me to ignore the fact that Pitt is in it.

    1. Yeah glad to see Benny getting more roles of late, looks like something up his alley. As for 12 Years of Slave, well hopefully Pitt’s role is small. Great cast overall tho.

      1. I think Benny has more chance to get notice than Cillian (tho I still love Cilli more) … so I am glad he starts to get leading roles now.

        Yup…12 has amazing cast and the story looks great too. At least, I hope Pitt doesn’t look snobby as he always is 😉

  8. Thanks for the link, Ruth! I was disappointed with Pacific Rim, but I liked the soundtrack. The action and visual effects were good too.

  9. Great post, Ruth! I’m very excited for both Cumberbatch films, particularly 12YAS!

    About Pacific Rim, the music’s cool but I didn’t like the movie a lot. Too cheesy for my taste.

    1. My pleasure Chris! Well, I did see Pac Rim again and I was so excited just listening to the music on screen. Especially the first time we saw Raleigh n his brother in a Jaeger, it was so much fun to watch!

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