Five Movies. Five Words – Volume 2

FiveMoviesFiveWordsSo much for consistency eh. I meant to do these posts as a monthly series but it has been three months since my last Five Movies in Five Words post. The idea is to come up with five movies from various genres and capture the essence of the film, or whatever that comes to mind when I think of that film, in one word. For this volume, I choose the films I saw the past year (old or new) that I haven’t had the chance to review yet.

Once again, special thanks to JOSH @ ClassicBlanca for the inspiration!

Five Movies. In Five Words.



The Grey


Something Borrowed


The Iron Lady


This Means War


Well, that’s the July edition of Five Movies in Five Words. I hope from now on I can do this once a month 😀

Well, any thoughts on these films and/or the five words?

35 thoughts on “Five Movies. Five Words – Volume 2

      1. Ahah, so is that a good of bad thing then guys? 😉 Seriously, I have some choice of words for describing Chelsea Handler alone, but I won’t waste my energy!

        1. Totally understand Mark! You’re still working on your cabin right? Well, I always appreciate you dropping by… so thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule, my friend!

          1. Yeah, still working away and the kids are off school so I don’t have much time for a lot these days. I occasionally brush up on some old posts to keep my hand in but I’m finding it hard to read others’ stuff just now.

            1. I hear ya man. I feel like lately I feel like I lose my blogging mojo a bit for whatever reason. I hope I get it back soon though. Family should come first anyway Mark so enjoy your time w/ the kids, I mean we’re always gonna be reading your stuff whenever you decide to work on it 😀

              1. I’m totally with you Ruth. I can feel my enthusiasm slipping. Maybe it’s a good thing, though. You do need to take a break and hopefully it’s comes back again. I just don’t want people to think that I’m being ignorant. I know you don’t, though. It just feels better to let people know. 🙂

                1. Yeah, I don’t really sweat it that I’m not as enthusiastic, I mean it could be just a case of being worn out. Oh you’re not ignorant at all! I think people know you are swamped, besides, there’s Twitter so we can always say a quick hello over there too, as we sometimes do 😀

  1. ninvoid99

    “Something Borrowed” is w/o a doubt, one of the worst films I had ever seen in my life. I love Ginnifer Goodwin but man, her character is so dumb. I wanted to punch everybody in that film. It was insulting.

    1. Well said man. I was being kind by putting saccharine on here, I mean it certainly is, but I could’ve used less-kind words like vapid, banal, idiotic, etc. I mean EVERYBODY in this movie is just like you said, punch-able, esp that guy playing the love interest. He looks like a poor man’s Tom Cruise, he may be taller but my goodness man, I’ve never seen anyone less charismatic!

      Btw, do you have a link to your blog? It’s not showing up on your gravatar for some reason.

  2. You should continue with this series. It’ll be fun! I’ll try with some recent movies:
    Pacific Rim= Fun
    The Lone Ranger= Flop
    Despicable Me 2= Minions
    White House Down= Deja-vu
    The Hangover Part 3= Deja-vu all over again (okay, that’s more than one word :p )

  3. Ted S.

    This is fun post Ruth, I haven’t seen any of the movies on the list there. I think it will be even more fun if you do it on bad movies, lol.

    1. I’d think it’s worth a rent, surely. I was quite in awe by the lush and gorgeous visuals. It’s just so green, I call it the most environmentally-friendly animated movie, ahah.

  4. If you were to tell me to guess the word beginning with “R” to describe This Means War I would have put my house on “RUBBISH”!!! 😉

    1. Ahahaha! Yes rubbish fits that movie perfectly too Dan. Though me not being English we don’t use that word as often over here 😀

  5. Such an inspiring and challenging idea to sum up a movie in one word! Something Borrowed is definitely sacharrine, and perhaps for me also sappy. Thanks for sharing Ruth!

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