I watched the Superbowl for the trailers… specifically Star Trek Into Darkness & The Lone Ranger

Superbowl2013I barely watched the Superbowl, maybe only for 5 minutes when the Baltimore Ravens’ QB threw a 40+ yards touchdown pass. I’ve only watched the biggest sporting game show for the ads, and now that I’ve got a movie blog, for the movie trailers! The power outage cracked me out though, someone tweeted that he’s expecting Bane to come out, ahah. Yeah it probably could be happen in the next superhero flick. Anyway, Congrats Baltimore Ravens … and Ray Lewis, what a way to end his NFL career!

Well, a boat load of trailers were released during the game, and two starring Dwayne Johnson: Snitch and Fast & Furious 6, neither one is my cup of tea. Then there’s Iron Man 3, Oz the Great and Powerful, and World War Z. I’m curious about Oz but the trailer isn’t that much different from the one I’ve posted here.

Now, these two on the other hand, got me quite excited and I wish this were released this weekend instead of in two months time!

Star Trek Into Darkness – Super Bowl TV Spot

After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.


I’m no trekkie but I love JJ Abram’s Star Trek movie. It was just so fun to watch and I quite like Chris Pine as Capt. Kirk. Now we’ve got a nemesis that should match his know-it-all “I am better at everything” cockiness, in the form of the BBC Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch. LOVE his gorgeous voice narrating this trailer and though I’m bummed not seeing Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy in the trailer.

Not sure who Benedict’s character is exactly… Khan or no Khan… it really doesn’t matter much to me. I expect this to be yet another entertaining action flick (and more lens flares of course! :D) Curious to see if Pine and Cumberbatch would have a mano-a-mano in the movie.

“Shall we begin?”

Why yes! Too bad we still have to wait until 17 May 2013!!

The Lone Ranger Game Day Spot

Native American spirit warrior Tonto recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice.


This looks like the quintessential buddy flick a la Lethal Weapon. Armie Hammer is becoming an actor I like to see on screen as he’s proven to be more than a pretty face, and I think he has the charisma of a leading man. Now surely that’s quite tough to do when you’ve got such a major movie star Johnny Depp as the sidekick Tonto. Depp seems to be right in his element playing a strange looking, wisecracking character, and he seems to have a good chemistry with Hammer. I have to admit I’m not a fan of Gore Verbinski’s most popular franchise Pirates of the Carribean, and I thought Rango was only funny in parts, but this certainly looks promising. Of course Disney also hopes this would be a hit given its hefty $250 mil budget (seriously?!)

Anyway, this trailer is pretty fun to watch. Let’s hope the movie itself will be too!

What do you think of these trailer folks? Feel free to share your favorite Superbowl movie trailers!

54 thoughts on “I watched the Superbowl for the trailers… specifically Star Trek Into Darkness & The Lone Ranger

  1. Ted S.

    I’m the opposite, I only care about the game, lol. It’s a quite entertaining superbowl in a while. As for the commercials and trailers, I hardly paid attention to them. Thanks for posting the new Star Trek and Lone Ranger, I didn’t see them during the game, I usually leave the room to get food during the commercials. They both looks to be fun summer flicks. From what I heard, The Lone Ranger’s plot will focus more on Depp’s Tonto so I assume he’s actually the main character.

    Superbowl trailers aren’t as exciting to me anymore since i can watch them later online. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, I was excited for the game and trailers because internet trailers were still rare.

    1. Ahah yeah, I knew you did! So are you happy with the results, Ted? Not sure who you were rooting for.

      Yeah I figure Depp is the star of Lone Ranger but the trailer at least show both of them together quite a bit.

      1. Ted S.

        I’m not a fan of either team so it didn’t really matter to me who won, I was just hoping it would be an entertaining game, thankfully it was. Since it’s the last game of the season, I tend to enjoy it no matter what, also I don’t follow any other sports so at least I got my sport fix taken care of until September. ha ha.

        I do think that Armie Hammer could become the next big star and he’s not being push hard by studios like they did with Taylor Kitsch. Plus he’s a good actor with charisma, so I think he’ll have a long career as a leading man. If I remember correctly he was already cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the unmade Justice League film a few years back.

  2. I missed these two — visiting family to see the game makes it hard to catch all of them — but really liked the one about the Joe Montana stain on the 49er jersey that gets washed by the Raven-fan spouse.

  3. Neither of these films were ones I was particularly looking forward to but Star Trek is looking more and more appealing to me. Still not fussed about The Lone Ranger, though. Just looks like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Wild Wild West.

    1. Ahah well I sure hope it’ll be a lot better than those two combos combined, Chris! I didn’t care for the POTC franchise and refuse to see WWW!

  4. I thought the Super Bowl spots were pretty good (much better than the tons of trashy commercials). Star Trek does look interesting although my expectations are tempered after the first Star Trek. I liked the Iron Man 3 spot and I thought Fast & Furious 6 looked insane. Somehow I missed The Lone Ranger.

    1. Trashy commercials indeed, esp the Go Daddy one, ugh! I’m not too excited for Iron Man 3 for some reason, don’t know why but I was the same way when Iron Man first came out. Maybe later on I’ll be more interested in it. You didn’t like the first Star Trek movie??

      1. I really didn’t care for it Ruth. I even bought it on Blu-Ray to give it another chance. I’m working on a newer review of it but lets just say I didn’t like the incredible amounts of creative liberties taken (and I often give those things a pass). I also felt it really Hollywoodized Star Trek. I’m no Trekkie, but that film didn’t feel anything like Star Trek for me. BUT, I know I’m in the minority on that one! 🙂

        1. Bummer Keith, but hey I guess you can’t please everyone. I guess because I’m not a Trekkie, I don’t mind this version. Hollywoodized? I thought the Star Trek series is also from Hollywood?

          1. By Hollywoodized I mean the big budget box office treatment. In other words the studios don’t believe a project can stand on its source material and audiences must have huge explosions, flashy CGI effects, etc. Loud and bombastic with an expensive coat of paint while changing the story to where huge numbers will see it.

            Like I said, I’m no Trekkie either but I did like Next Generation. But the series was never about big action. Then you have the criminally misused Karl Urban (an actor I love) and his Bones character who was basically set aside as comic relief. The Spock and Uhura romance which I thought was just absurd. The whole ice planet sequence. Sigh…it’s all coming back to me. LOL 🙂

            1. Ahah, ok Keith, I hear ya. I guess I still enjoy the movie despite all that, but I’m sooo thrilled to hear you love Karl Urban! Yes I’d love to see more of him in the film, or in any movie for that matter. I keep wishing he became a big star like Ryan Gosling as he’s certainly far more appealing to me.

    1. Yeah, this one is more of a teaser but you’re right it’s good that it kept it mysterious. Most trailers do reveal way too much these days!

  5. Believe it or not I watched Downton Abbey. Oh, Ruth, the fallout from a certain character’s demise last week. Such high drama! Basically I recorded the game as I had no rooting interest. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan I didn’t want to see the Ravens win (our big rival in our division, the whole Ray Lewis drama, they were the old Cleveland Browns, etc.) and I also didn’t want to see the 49ers get their 6th trophy as we have 6 ourselves (it’s good to be the king) .And don’t even get me started on the Harbaugh brats… I mean brothers. The only way I could win is if the lights had stayed out permanently. LOL. Anyway I fast forwarded through most of the game except this time I didn’t skip through the commercials. I especially liked the seniors in the Taco Bell commercial and the Paul Harvey on our farmers commercial. Star Trek was the only trailer that piqued my interest. I mean I probably was going to see it sight unseen anyways. Curious to see what J.J. Abrams` is going to bring to the table with Star Wars with the success of the Star Trek reboot.

    1. Man, I need to catch up on Downton Abbey soon! That is sooo my cup of tea, I love all the British actors. Hey, glad you’re into Star Trek as well, I thought it was a great teaser, definitely got me excited to see it!

    2. Ted S.

      I can only imagine would kind of media circus it would be if the Manning brothers makes it to the Superbowl next year. I think I’ll stop watching the sport channels until game time, I can’t stand it when the media over hyped up this kind of “drama”. Thankfully though this game was actually fun to watch, but a conspiracy theorist in me believes that the power outage was done so the game could be a shootout instead of blowout, which it could’ve been because The Ravens were on fire before the lights went out in the dome. I feel your pain though Dave about seeing a rival team winning the superbowl. A couple of years ago when the Puckers, I mean the Packers won it all, it’s not fun for us Vikings fans to see that happened.

    1. That is insane indeed. Didn’t they learn from John Carter?? You’re right it’s too much pressure, even with Depp in it it’s still risky.

      1. That’s another thing! I don’t see why Depp should be playing the part of a Native American Indian, nothing against him but i am sure there are lots of Native Americans to play the part.

        1. Tim check this out from wiki “In a 2002 interview, Depp stated that he has Native American ancestry in 2011, he specified, “I guess I have some Native American [in me] somewhere down the line. My great-grandmother was quite a bit of Native American, she grew up Cherokee or maybe Creek Indian.” Also name one Native American who can open a $250 million dollar film?
          I mean really. Wes Studi? Graham Greene? If you thought a $250 m budget is insane… then what would you call putting an unknown Native American alongside the unproven, but brilliant Armie Hammer? Know what I’m sayin’?

          1. Yes I am sure he is 1/16 Cherokee or whatever but still feels like a pull for money rather than getting the best man for the job. I am sure he will do well in the role but its worth thinking about.

            1. Tim it’s totally a pull for money. Hello? This is Hollywood were talking about, right? Where accountants and lawyers run the studios nowadays. Hollywood doesn’t make art… they make money. Sad but true.

              I totally get what you’re saying but in his defense Johnny is one of the best and most bankable actors of his generation. Oddly enough the British/Irish Daniel Day Lewis is sweeping the awards for playing one of our most revered American presidents in Lincoln. Would you say the Spielberg didn’t get the best man for the job? Same with the American Meryl Streep playing the iconic British minister Margaret Thatcher last year. Her Oscar would indicate they the filmmakers made the right choice. Just something to think about.

              On the flip side of that M. Night got a lot of backlash about the casting on The Last Airbender. And to think the American pop singer Jesse McCartney was originally slated to star in the lead role that Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel later got..

          2. He’s lying out his ass on that. Or his great-grandmother was. If he really was an Indian, he’d know it. Not “maybe Cherokee, maybe Creek”. The fact of the matter is, while a lot of white people think they “might be” part-Indian, thanks to a brief period of time at the turn of the 1900s when it was fashionable to be thought of as being part of one of the “civilized” tribes (the Cherokee being first and foremost among them), virtually none of them are. Actual Indians are actually registered members of their tribes.

            You’re right that there isn’t an Indian actor who could draw in as many viewers as Depp. Certainly true. Also certainly doesn’t justify this. Would you cast Johnny Depp as a prominent black character, in black face? After all, not even Will Smith has Depp’s drawing power right now. Maybe he should have been Kato in The Green Hornet, with made-up Asian stereotypes. It wouldn’t fly, would it? This is the same thing.

            1. Yeah Johnny might be lying, misinformed or he might be part Native American. We’ll probably never know.

              I probably wouldn’t cast Depp in black face… but I might cast Robert Downey Jr… again… because he was great. Go figure… they even nominated him for an Oscar. Shame on him and Stiller though.

              I just can’t work up an outrage for anything Hollywood does these days. If you’re looking to Hollywood for truth, art and integrity I would say abandon all hope. Stick to the indies, foreign films and documentaries for that stuff.

              1. Ted S.

                “I just can’t work up an outrage for anything Hollywood does these days. If you’re looking to Hollywood for truth, art and integrity I would say abandon all hope. Stick to the indies, foreign films and documentaries for that stuff.”

                Same here, I used to bitch about Hollywood when it comes to their choices of films they produced but now that I’m older, I realized all big studios want is money. Art and integrity, yeah right! LOL.

                  1. Ted S.

                    Oh yeah, it’s all business and the only color they see is green. I love those two films and also The Big Picture, remember that one with Kevin Bacon? I think it’s because of those films that I decided not to go to Hollywood and pursue my dreams of making it in the industry. I have bills to pay and I don’t have rich uncle who can help me. LOL

        2. Ted S.

          I think Disney and Gore agreed to tone down the budget from $250mil to around $190mil, remember the film was put on hold last year when they couldn’t agree on a budget? But still $190mil is way too much to spend on a western film, I’m pretty sure the final budget will come close to its original price tag anyway, with marketing it might be close to $300mil.

            1. Ted S.

              Oh yeah, i think it might get around $300 domestic if it gets good reviews. Westerns aren’t known to earn big money overseas so I’m curious to see how much it will make around the globe.

                1. I don’t blame Disney for Depp’s participation. Unfortunately the reality is that many will go see it because Depp is attached to the project. Those same people may skip it if, let’s say, Wes Studi took the role. I’d see it but be assured many wouldn’t.

                  1. Keith I’m with you. If it’s a good film I’ll go see it no matter if Depp or Studi star in it. But this is Hollywood where the film probably wouldn’t have even been made without Depp. Certainly not for 200+ million. Besides since when are we holding Hollywood up as a bastion of intergity? Still there are some people who would say then the film shouldn’t have been made. Should Orson Welles Touch of Evil have not been made because Charlton Heston played a Mexican cop? Should Terence Malick’s The New World not have been made because Q’orianka Kilcher (Pocahontas) is Swiss/Peruvian? Should The Untouchables and The Godfather III not have been made Andy Garcia (aka Andrés Arturo García Menéndezas) was a Cuban American playing Italians? Just some food for thought.

                    Fun fact: Q’orianka is related to the pop singer Jewel Kilcher.

  6. I dont like Star Trek and havent seen any of the films or shows, BUT I will probably watch this new one just because Cumberbatch is so god damn good in Sherlock, and I think he will be amazing here 🙂

    1. Me neither before I saw the first film. I love Cumberbatch in Sherlock too, I think they’re brilliant in casting him as he’ll bring in a bunch of new fans for the franchise!

  7. I know nothing about Superbowl except that it is a big deal in USA 🙂 I’m looking forward to star Trek, I really liked the first part. Lone Ranger looks kinda bad though, but HBC and Ruth Wilson are in it so I’ll probably catch it on DVD. I really liked OZ spot, especially Mila’s evil laugh in the end.

    1. Yeah it is indeed Sati, I only just realized that after I graduated from college, I never even noticed that until then, ahah. Glad to hear you like Star Trek, it’s amazing how Abrams managed to win new fans with that first movie. Oz looks interesting to me mostly because of the female cast!

  8. Love these trailers! Really liked Abrams’s Star Trek so I’m excited for the sequel and despite my general dislike for Johnny Depp, I’m really looking forward to The Lone Ranger.

      1. I just think that lately he always does the same schtick and it’s boring. He doesn’t put in any effort anymore. Also, I kinda hate him because I don’t like his fanbase. There’s a kind of Johnny Depp cult. A lot of people adore him and defend him and idolize him and I just can’t see why.

        1. I suppose you’ve got a point there, but this kind of roles suits him I think. I don’t know anything about his fanbase, but that’s really not his fault though. A lot of fans are so rabid it’s ridiculous, I think Gerry Butler’s fans are right up there as well. They even has a convention in his name, I mean, seriously?

          1. Yeah, those roles suit him but exactly because of that, I think he’s stopped making an effort. Like the role will play itself or something, or like the weird makeup or clothes will do the job on their own.

            And yeah, I’m well aware he’s not to blame for his intense fans. I just can’t help but alter my perception of him from the actions of his intense fanbase, lol. I’m sure some of the people who don’t worship Meryl Streep like I do feel that way as well, haha.

            I didn’t know that about the GB fans. That is crazy!

            1. Well I don’t think the makeup alone would do the job, I think Depp has that charisma that makes it work even though the persona might be preposterous. I’m not Depp’s hugest fan but I do think he’s got star quality.

              For some reason some actors/singers inspire crazier fan base than others. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it. I almost became that way w/ GB but still probably nowhere near as nuts as some of the die hard fans, ahah. It takes too much energy to be obsessed!! 😀

              1. I think he’s got star quality, too. That’s why I care, I think. If he was just talentless, I wouldn’t give a damn, but knowing he’s talented and that he takes it for granted is what bothers me, I guess.

                1. Ah I see your point Fernando. Again, I’m not trying to defend him but I think he’s tried a variety of roles, like in Rum Diary, etc that’s more of an ‘acting’ role but I think he gravitates towards the bizarre, odd roles and people like him in those roles. I guess I can’t blame him for seeking those out.

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