A Rant and a Question: Where do you get your movies?

This is what the Random Thoughts category is for. I haven’t actually posted anything under that in a while but what happened today prompted me to this rant I rarely do on my blog.

Before I get to my rant and question, let me give you a quick background. Well, yesterday I found out that the next subject of the LAMB’s Acting School 101 is Nicole Kidman. I really want to participate in this, maybe do a Top 5 Fave Roles of hers, but after looking at her filmography, I realize there are some of her films from the past few decades that I’ve missed. I figure since the blogathon isn’t starting until the end of the month, it might be good to catch up on a few of her past movie One of them that caught my attention is The Portrait of A Lady by Jane Campion. I quite like period dramas and this is based on a novel by Henry James. Alas, as you can see on my tweet below, it’s NOT available to rent anywhere!!

In fact, neither Netflix DVD NOR Streaming has the movie available to rent! I even went so far as searching my local library for it! Zero. None. Zip. Nada. Basically my only option to watch this movie is to BUY the darn thing! Gah! Now after seeing the trailer I’m even more curious to see this movie, I mean it’s also got John Malkovich, Barbara Hershey (who was nominated for Oscar’s Best Actress in a Supporting Role), plus Christian Bale and Viggo Mortensen in smaller roles!

Now, a few other of Kidman’s movies I’m hoping to check out this month are Fur, The Hours, and Rabbit Hole. Ted is going to lend me The Peacemaker this weekend. I have no interest in seeing Dogma, The Others, nor Eyes Wide Shut. Those who know me probably know those films aren’t my cup of tea. I haven’t checked yet if those movies are readily available to rent.

Truthfully, I’m dismayed that there are some movies are practically impossible to see unless you have Netflix DVD subscription (except for The Portrait of a Lady as I’ve mentioned above, the date of availability is listed as UNKNOWN!). Two other films my hubby and I had been wanting to watch are The Guard and The Whistleblower.

Yes I know they both have super generic, uninteresting titles but the premise and cast of both of them are quite appealing. But unless I’m willing to buy them, it doesn’t look like I have any option to see those two! Right now I just can’t justify paying $15 bucks a month for both Netflix DVD and Streaming option, so I guess that’s my problem, eh?

All right, enough about my rant. I’ll find a way somehow to rent those titles, but I’m curious now if any of you encounter the same issues about not being able to rent the movie you want. So my question to you is…

Where do you get your movies from?

Is it through iTunes, Netflix or (LOVEFilm if you’re in the UK), Amazon on Demand? If you get your movies through illegal means, you don’t have to answer, ahah.

91 thoughts on “A Rant and a Question: Where do you get your movies?

  1. Well, I like to mix it up. I get movies from:

    – iTunes
    – Netflix
    – the local library

    Or other times I watch them on TV. (Strictly on the commercial-free channels.)

    1. I haven’t had much luck from the library, a few of the movies I want to check out haven’t been available. I don’t have cable either so TV is no option ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. I hardly blind-buy anymore (might pick up an occasional DVD on the cheap if I come across something interesting). Otherwise I’m mainly re-watching old DVDs or films in my bookshelf that I have never watched before. I also have a membership with an old time rental place in my local mall but to be honest this is the last year I’m having that. When it expires I’m switching to online streaming services.

    1. Oh yeah I’ve never done that either, I only buy movies that I know I’ll watch over and over. The brick and mortar dvd stores are going away so it seems that we’re stuck with companies like Redbox or Netflix here, sadly. I wish Netflix Streaming had better selections!

  3. I’m a big Netflix user (discs and stream) If I can’t find it on Netflix, I check Hulu, if I can’t find it on Hulu, I check Youtube. It’s annoying to watch movies in 10 minute parts, but that’s actually how I found a lot of foreign movies before Netflix came around.

    1. Yeah I’ve done that a couple of times, watching films on YouTube, but I try to avoid it as I prefer to watch stuff on my TV downstairs. I mean I could set it up where I watch the Youtube vids on my TV but it’s a pain to set up.

  4. I think I’ll be posting a few of Kidman’s stuff on the acting school as well Ruth.

    As for how I get my films, it’s mainly through amazon or second hand shops that provide some real little gems that can be very difficult to get otherwise. A couple of films in particular that I’ve been trying to get a hold of is the Ryan Gosling film All Good Things and an old Betrand Tavernier film with Harvey Keitel that was filmed in Glasgow in the 70’s. Can’t seem to get them anywhere.

    1. Very cool Mark! You’ll be LAMB of the Month again in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

      Usually Amazon has great selections but for some reason the movies I mentioned above are only available to BUY!! I mean I’m not gonna shell out $15 bucks or whatever on something I don’t know I’d like.

      Bummer about that one filmed in Glasgow, I’d like to see it also though I’m not fond of Keitel, ahah.

      1. A little Lammy award wouldn’t go a miss now. LOL.

        You don’t like Keitel? He’s one of my favourites, I think he’s a superb actor and very brave in the roles he has chosen over the years. I must admit, it’s the fact that the film was made in Glasgow that find most interesting. Apparently it was re-released this year so I must hunt it down again.

    1. Yeah I’m being much more selective about buying Blu-rays now, too. The selection is worse than in the US? I don’t think we have that good a selection to begin with.

      1. From what I’ve seen, via a bit of IP address tomfoolery, the US Netflix is much better and has much more up to date stuff. We only have an online version of it too, we don’t have a disc delivery service which I believe the US does.

        1. Yeah I think the DVD subscription has much better selections but it’s so darn expensive to have both that and the Streaming one. I didn’t mind it when it was only 10 bucks.

  5. The Whistleblower is streaming on Netflix now, just thought you should know.

    I have the streaming and DVD subscription on Netflix because there are many films that I want to see that have yet to go streaming on there so, I think it’s worth having both, unless you want to see “The Portrait of a Lady” like you said. BTW “The Portrait of a Lady” might make it’s way to Amazon Instant or Netflix because I saw that the DVD/Blu-ray are getting released on Dec. 11. Other ways I watch are through Amazon Instant when it’s a hard to find title. And I only watch films for the first time on TCM since they are commercial-free, other than that, I avoid films on TV since I don’t have any other commercial-free channels. That’s about it, I mean if I come across a cheap DVD of a film I have been wanting to see I might pick it up, but only if I’m really sure I’ll like it, but I have bought some that I turned out to not like.

    1. Oh really? I checked a couple of weeks ago it wasn’t there. Well I’ll check again as I really want to see that film.

      I’ve tried having both DVD and Streaming but I just can’t justify it as I don’t have time to watch movies as often as I’d like. The nice thing about Streaming is all the TV shows you could catch up on, very useful since I don’t have cable. Plus we never could plan on what to watch so it works better for us. I might check out the used DVD store and see if I could find Portrait of a Lady for cheap!

      Thanks for the info about dvd/bluray release Amanda! I’ll just wait patiently until Amazon has it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m with you – I don’t believe in blind-buying a movie.

    At the risk of sounding tremendously old-fashioned, there is an awesome dvd rental shop up the street from me and I still frequent it often. Very few times have I been looking for a film and come up empty when I go looking for it there.

    Crazy what happens when we hold on to the old methods, ain’t it?

    1. Oh lucky you! I’d be happy to go to an actual rental shop if there were one near me! I think the Blockbuster store has closed down ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. Primarily, I use Netflix (discs only) because I don’t like watching movies on the computer, and I only watched about 5 streaming films in the 8 months that I had the streaming option. For some limited new releases, I use Amazon Instant Video, which is great since I can watch some films while they’re in theaters. Sometimes I go to the library as well, especially for some older films.

    1. I don’t like watching stuff on the computer either Josh. Usually Amazon has great selections but it’s just odd that some of the movies are only available to BUY. What’s up with that??

      I should check the library more often for classic movies, though I did buy most of the Gregory Peck stuff as I don’t mind rewatching those again ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I use Lovefilm over here in the UK, as it has a great selection of foreign films that I would normally need to import. If there is something I want to buy and can’t wait for I’ll pay to import it from Asia or one of the American sites if it isn’t too costly. Hell, I even had some delivered from Australia. Custom charges can be frustrating but most places mark it as a ‘gift’ (especially ebay sellers) so it makes it cheaper ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I get LOVEFilm ads all the time even though I’m in the US, ahah. I don’t know the selections compared to Netflix, can’t be worse I imagine. I’ve actually bought some dvds from Australia, even New Zealand before, but those are reserved for actors I absolutely adore, he..he..

  9. I buy the Blu-rays of the films I really love. Otherwise I get my movies through Netflix or Redbox. I have to say I’m very disappointed in Netflix. It seems that if you don’t like TV the streaming service is almost useless.

    As for Nicole Kidman, I’m not her biggest fan. In fact I tend to think she’s a little bit overrated. But just a little. Now two of her movies I really loved – The Others and Rabbit Hole Are well worth watching. But there really isn’t anything else on her resume that I feel like I have to see again.

    1. “I have to say Iโ€™m very disappointed in Netflix. It seems that if you donโ€™t like TV the streaming service is almost useless.” Exactly Keith!! Redbox is a pain too as everytime I try to return it I’d have to wait in line for over 10 min, such a waste of my time.

      I’m just ok about Nicole. I LOVE her in Moulin Rouge though, that’s the one movie of hers I see repeatedly. I’m curious about Rabbit Hole but The Others is too spooky!

  10. Let’s go back to the library option. Now, I don’t know much about the library system in the Twin Cities (give me a month or so!) but most public libraries have the option of using Interlibrary Loan. That means if they don’t have something themselves, they can often borrow it for you from some other library that does. So I would say that 9 times out of 10, with a little bit of poking around, you can get your hands on whatever you’re looking for.

    Having said THAT, however, in the case of Portrait of a Lady, it appears that it’s never been released on DVD. So do you still have a VCR? If so, go ask your friendly local librarian about Interlibrary Loan, and I’ll bet you’ll get the hookup.

    Ok. I’m done being a librarian for the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ahah, thanks for the info Sam! Perhaps once you move here to MN you can give me the lowdown on the library system in person! The last time I rented anything from the library was back in college but clearly I’m missing out!

      So it’s never been released on dvd?? That’s just crazy. When someone mentioned it’s gonna be released in December I just assumed it’s a re-release!

      1. Yeah, that would appear to be the case. I have no idea how the decision to release stuff is made, but I have found that a lot of older or more obscure films still have not made it onto DVD.

        Seriously, though, the way most public library systems work is that a bunch of little local libraries all work together and so if one place has something, you can usually ask for it at YOUR library and they’ll send it over. I use my library a lot for movies, particularly if Netflix is letting me down.

        1. Yeah that’s quite a surprise to me too. At the very least if making dvds are too expensive, they should be able to make ’em be available for streaming??

          That is a cool tip about libraries, Sam. I guess I knew that about books, but never thought of it for dvds. Thanks for the great info, I should go to my local library soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. Maria

            Hey Ruth,
            well in the Library of my University in Germany we do have “Portrait of Lady” with Nicole Kidman on DVD and it is a version only in English so it must have been released. Maybe you do have a University Library next to you which has it too. Most of the Universities do have a library with film adaptions and they also have Interlibrary Loan. A library pass you will get for free in many Universities even if you arenยดt matriculated.

            1. Hi Maria, welcome to FC! Hmmm, so it IS available on DVD, so that’s very odd that none of the companies I listed above has it. My friend who has Netflix DVD subscription just told me it’ll be available in mid December, so I don’t know what happen there. Thanks for the library suggestion, will definitely give that a try.

  11. That’s really too bad, Ruth – I hope you get to see Portrait soon – Nicole Kidman is very good in it. I also love her in To Die For. I think that’s the first movie I saw her in where I thought she had some chops. To answer your question of “where to get your movies”, we’re fortunate in Atlantic Canada to be behind-the-times enough to still have a number of local arthouse-y video stores (Blockhouse has long since vanished though – no great loss). There’s one called Video Difference where customers can rent and return movies by mail as well as at various convenient locations throughout our major city center. I use them a lot – they have tons of obscure independent and foreign titles as well as mainstream new releases. I also use the local library, which has a pretty thorough collection of older films (but they didn’t have Portrait – I looked just out of curiosity). I haven’t gotten into Netflix at all – heard too many disappointing things about the service. Sorry none of my go-to options help you out much with your current dilemma but I like your question – always good to know what works for others to get those off-the-beaten-track films.

    1. Hi Janet! Oh yeah she was good in To Die For, she was quite the femme fatale. Well I’ve heard from a couple people here now that the dvd of ‘Portrait’ has never been released, so that explains it. It must be so unpopular that the studio didn’t even bother to release it for people to rent??

      That’s great that you have a lot of options to get your movies. I think generally I can always find a movie from the three different venues I’ve mentioned, it’s really frustrating when you can’t rent something in this day and age, y’know.

      1. Totally. It’s pretty rare there would be a film not available through any of the options for accessing movies out there. I guess if it was never released that would explain it!

  12. Libraries are a huge benefit not because of their own collections per se but because they can borrow from other libraries. The vast majority of what I want to see has been available through NetFlix, HuluPlus, and libraries.

    For those films without a U.S. release or that are extremely difficult to locate, I do use the internet. There are other services (Ubu, for instance) that offer some. NetFlix sometimes has some real obscurities. Those are last resorts, but sometimes the last resort is what’s needed.

    1. Hi SJ, well another vote for libraries, I should really visit ’em more often! Is HuluPlus free? If they have a huge selection I don’t even mind paying a small fee but can’t imagine they beat Netflix as far as collection is concerned. I went to Ubu.com after I saw your comment, not yet sure I could find what I’m looking for there.

  13. Hi Ruth –

    As for Netflix or Amazon streaming – My laptop has an HDMI out port – so I can plug it into my big screen TV – which means I don’t have to watch it on a smaller PC monitor, or laptop screen. Maybe you can do this – even if it means swapping the HDMI cable from your DVD player to the laptop.

    The Math for the Netflix DVD service. It costs roughly the same as a ticket to a movie theater. Let’s call it 9 or 10 dollars a month for the basic service which is 1 DVD at a time. If you spend the 10 dollars to go the theater – you see one film for the money. With the DVD service, AND depending on how quickly you can stuff the Netflix return envelope into the slot at the post office – you may be able to see anywhere from 6 to 10 DVDs a month on the basic plan for the same $10. It only becomes cost prohibitive if you sign up for the more expensive plans which deliver more DVDs than 1 at a time.

  14. PrairieGirl

    1. Netflix DVD by mail. It seems like I can get 90% of what I’m looking for there.
    2. Cable TV. This is a very random method, though. I’ll scroll through the guide when I’m in the mood, and will watch something I wouldn’t go out of my way to see or rent on DVD. This is how I saw Iron Man, I actually didn’t think I’d like a film like this but I did.
    3. Borrow DVDs from friends ;-D
    Also, my dad gets a lot of DVDs from the library.
    So ‘fess up now, Ruth. You know you get movies by piggy-backing on a good friends’ Netflix DVD subscription, ha ha! Just giving you a hard time, happy to do it for you.

  15. I think I fell asleep a couple of times while watching PORTRAIT OF A LADY (the same effect WINGS OF A DOVE had on me) and you know Dezzy likes period films ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’d really love it if you wouldn’t watch or support THE PEACEMAKER, Flixy, because that atrocious film promotes hatred and prejudices towards Serbs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    And I watch all my movies thanks to Torrents, it’s the only church I worship ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You fell asleep on a period drama? I’m disappointed in you Dezzy! ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for The Peacemaker, I don’t know that the studios/filmmakers were against the Serbs, they’re against terrorists that happen to be from that region. That said, Hollywood does have a penchant for stereotypes of certain groups of people, but they do that with other ethnic groups as well from all over the world.

    2. Ted S.

      “Iโ€™d really love it if you wouldnโ€™t watch or support THE PEACEMAKER, Flixy, because that atrocious film promotes hatred and prejudices towards Serbs”

      So apparently a character in the film who wants to blow up NYC and kill a bunch of innocent people are okay with you as long as that character is not Serb? But since the character happens to be a Serbian, the films is against Serbs? Wow just wow.

      1. First all you should learn not to put words into other people’s mouths. I didn’t say that characters who kill people are alright and acceptable as long as they aren’t Serbs.
        You should try not to be so superficial in reading other people’s comments, especially people whom you do not know. American films almost always use Serbs, Russians or Muslims as villains and killers and thus they spread prejudices and ignorance, because most regular viewers have that imprinted into their subconsciousness. And when you repeat that in three, four, five, ten or hundred films, most people start taking it as truth. It is very dangerous.
        It would be the same case if all Chinese or Russian films would have Americans in the characters of murderers, rapists, terrorists, killers, maniacs… it’s dangerous.

        1. Ted S.

          Okay fair enough but explain to me how The Peacemaker promotes hatred and prejudices towards Serbs? From your original comment, it sounded like you meant because the antagonist’s a Serbian, the film’s anti Serbs. To me, it was just a simple action film and the villain happens to be a Serbian, I don’t see how it promoted hatred towards that group of people.

          As an action film fanatic, I know that Hollywood typically used a certain ethnic group as the villains but I like to believe most educated adults wouldn’t take that too seriously, I hope they can tell what’s real and what’s fiction. But if someone’s that naive to believe what they saw in films are real, then well…

  16. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    Not much of a Nicole Kidman fan. Yes, she’s versatile, but outside of a few memorable roles ( ‘Dead Calm’, ‘To Die For) I don’t see a character on the screen. I see Nicole Kidman.

    Pretty much feel the same way about Keira Knightley.

    One of my favorites sites for buying ‘older’ films that actually, aren’t that old. Is Oldies.com.


    They have a huge variety of genres and themes to choose from.
    And their prices are quite good (Inexpensive)!

    1. Hello Jack! I hear ya about Kidman, I didn’t like her in Australia. Thankfully I only saw parts of that movie when I was on my in-laws’ last Christmas. It was playing on TV. I think she’s more versatile than Keira though.

      I’ve never heard of Oldies.com, I’d have to check that out, thanks!!

  17. Nice post. Very similar to my “Cinephile Problems” feature, hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I agree that it’s a pain in the ass when you can’t find a certain movie anywhere.

    Oh, and you can stop your search for The Whistleblower. It’s an awfully boring movie. I don’t think you’d enjoy it.

    1. I hardly rant here on my blog but I just can’t help it this time ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh it’s boring?? That’s too bad, I thought it got a decent review? I’d still give it a shot as I quite like Rachel Weisz.

    1. Yeah, borrowing from friends is a good idea. I do ask my good friend Becky to rent something from her DVD subscription as she has the 2-dvds-at-a-time plan. Yes I heard The Guard is good, that’s why I can’t wait to see it!

  18. Ted S.

    You know that I don’t do streaming when it comes to films so lately I’ve been renting movies from Redbox but there are films that I want to see that aren’t available on Redbox. For example, I really want to see Hitlist but it’s not available to rent and I don’t want to buy it since i haven’t seen it.

    You may want to check out The Others, it’s not a scary horror type of film, it’s very similar to The Sixth Sense and yes it does have a twist ending. But I thought the twist really good and you didn’t really see it coming. Kidman was excellent in it, the film has this dreamy feel to it.

    1. Redbox barely has anything that iTunes or Amazon on Demand, plus the wait time to return things is a pain. Which one is Hitlist, Ted?

      Y’know, I think I read a spoiler on that twist on The Others so I kinda know it already. I saw the trailer and I find it too spooky for me, I guess my nerves just aren’t as strong as I grow older, ahah.

      1. Ted S.

        Since I’ve never used iTunes or Amazon on Demand so I wouldn’t know if they’re good or better than Redbox. Streaming still can’t offer what the actual BD can when it comes to picture and sound quality.

        That movie is actually called Kill List not Hitlist, ha ha. It’s a movie I’ve been wanting to see for months.

  19. Ruth try here for The Portrait of a Lady if you can’t find it anywhere else: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UHvOvcfexc .

    I personally have You Tube streaming on my TV but I’ve also watched stuff on my big computer screen. The quality is not a good but beggars can’t always be choosers. Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Amazon, Verizon on demand and even had to download things that are really hard to find. Especially the obscure, foreign films Tyler recommends. LOL. I haven’t rented a movie from a physical location in the longest time. Between my extensive collection, the theater and films streaming on the net I haven’t needed too.

    As far as Netflix goes 50 cents a day is pretty reasonable for a month’s worth of streaming and dvd’s. To me it’s less that the cost of a single DVD, the cost of a night out for two to see one single movie or even a case of good beer (my treat to myself). But hey if movies aren’t really your thing… ๐Ÿ˜€ (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

    I was going to recommend The Others like Ted S too. Even though you know the twist it’s still a good movie. It’s more of a ghost story than a horror flick. Also check out these films early in Kidman’s career: Flirting (Thandie Newton, Noah Taylor) an Australian coming of age story and Dead Calm (Billy Zane, Sam Neill), a taut little thriller from director Philip Noyce (Patriot Games, Clear & Present Danger, Salt). The latter film may be too intense for your liking although it’s nice to see Nicole when she looked… well normal. Fresh faced with curly red hair.

    1. Thanks Dave! I might wait until ‘Portrait’ is available on DVD in Dec as someone said it might be released then. I heard about Dead Calm, I’ll see if that’s available on Netflix Streaming. Ahah yeah, I think she looked much more fresh back then with her curly hair and freckles instead of the porcelain-hard face she has now. She really went nuts with Botox!

  20. FUNK

    Not much of a Kidman fan, but did like her in Cold Mountain.
    Usually get my movies from iTunes, Library, or buy a DVD if I’m sure it won’t be available on iTunes. Movies I purchase have to meet the criteria of being watchable over multiple viewings, so that narrows field.

    1. Hi Dave, that’s another one I haven’t seen but not too excited about it as I’m not into war films. Yeah I’m the same way about buying movies that have great watch-ability value, otherwise it’s not worth it.

  21. I will confess I’m a huge Kidman fan. I always list her when someone asks me for a Top 5 Favorite Actresses List. I think she’s willing to push herself in a way a lot of actresses aren’t, which admittedly means she sometimes end up in subpar movies. But more often than not it was still a brave choice.

    You definitely have to see Rabbit Hole, which is fantastic all the way around. I would also recommend checking out Birth. She’s great in it and it has a weird but intriguing vibe.

    1. So I’ll be seeing some posts from you on the Acting School 101 then, Nick. I think she is versatile and talented, and I respect that she seeks out challenging roles. I want to see Rabbit Hole but Birth, I’m not sure.

  22. Funnily enough I never rent…so no Netflix DVD or streaming for me. All my films come through my movie channel subscription with Sky (not sure of the equivalent TV subscription in the US), review DVDs and Blu-rays from PR companies or by buying the film. I’ve found that I can usually sell a DVD or blu-ray on eBay if I don’t like the film so that offsets the increased cost of buying. But I also like to build my collection. That said I have started to reduce it due to space issues!

    1. So how’s the selection on the Sky channel subscription, Dan? I wish I could subscribe to just the BBC or Sky shows as I probably like those shows better than the US ones. I’m too lazy to sell stuff, I usually just go to a used books/dvd store to sell ’em but I don’t get hardly anything for them.

  23. Nice rant, Ruth. I sympathize… there have been some films that I haven’t been able to my hands on from time to time (though usually I’m in no particular hurry.)

    I’d say the bulk of my movies are usually from Hulu — well worth checking it out, since there is often a pretty good selection of older films, even without paying for the subscription service. I also use Crackle from time to time. The Internet Archive is also good for old public domain stuff.

    Digital rentals and purchases, I’ve tried out a few options though mostly on the “hey, these guys gave me a voucher” basis. CinemaNow / RoxioNow works pretty well, Amazon Instant Video works well, Flixster is pretty lousy. I haven’t tried iTunes for movies yet, and I’ll be checking out Vudu soon.

    Otherwise… it’s been a while since I rented a DVD, but I do still have a Blockbuster in my town (it’s just not convenient at the moment since I’m not usually in town every day). I will occasionally blind-buy DVDs if I expect I’ll like them and it’s cheap — pawn shops can be a great place to find cheap DVDs if you don’t mind spending some time searching (and if you find the less-scuzzy pawn shops). Most of the ones in my town only charge $2-3 a DVD, which makes it pretty reasonable so long as you check the disc for damage. (After all, if it’s as cheap as a rental, what are you really risking?) Some pawn shop owners will also be helpful and try to find a particular title in their stock if you’re looking for one, or just do the sensible thing and sort the shelves to begin with.

    1. Thanks Morgan. I’ll check out Hulu more and more, and Crackle does some of the older stuff.

      Haven’t tried Flixter but iTunes is pretty good, just wish they have more selections. You still have Blockbuster where you live huh? There used to be one near my work and home but both have closed down! Pawn store? I never thought of going there!

  24. “unless you Netflix DVD subscription”: Uh duh! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean, can you even watch anything on Streaming aside from corny sequels to C-movies that absolutely no one has any interest in?

  25. This is an interesting issue, Ruth
    You know Indonesia, not many movies get here…almost no foreign tv series too!! and you know how I love my British TVseries. And then I don’t buy DVD unless I know it was very good. I download most of those I can’t rent through Torrentz. I know it’s illegal, piracy thing, but I have no other choice. If I really like it, I usually buy the original DVD, if it’s available here.

  26. This can be sooo frustrating. I couldn’t find a movie the other day on YouTube, or Netflix instant, of Amazon watch instantly, or IMDB or ANYTHING! This mostly happens with the less popular/well-known films. It’s such agony, but I’ve found if I want it bad enough, I just have to buy the damn thing.

    1. Hi Margaret, yeah I suppose if I’m desperate enough I’d buy it but I’m not there yet with this one, so I’ll wait until ‘Portrait’ is released on dvd.

  27. For me it’s a combination of Netflix, the library, and our local video rental store. It’s part of an endangered species both in the sense of being an actual physical video rental store and because it’s a small, locally owned business. So I try to support them when I can. Occasionally we rent movies through Amazon Prime.

    1. Yeah I’ve tried Amazon Prime before, they do have decent selections. Another mention of the library, definitely need to go there more often now!

  28. Lately my viewing choices are either DVD or cinema, but for some very rare cases I use more unorthodox choices, and sometimes even Youtube- you can find a lot of films there, too!

  29. It really is frustrating when you can’t find a certain movie despite there being so many options these days. There have been a few like that for me — I have been wanting to see Wild at Heart, but Netflix doesn’t even have the DVD for it!

    I use the Netflix Instant/DVD combo, so I have a pretty good variety always available, even if they are missing a handful I want. I also use Redbox for new rentals ($1/night) and occasionally will nab something on Vudu if something catches my eye. Oh, and we have Amazon Prime, but I rarely use its streaming since it has a very similar library to Netflix.

    1. So perhaps Wild At Heart never got released on DVD? Apparently that’s what happened w/ Portrait of a Lady. I might bite the bullet and subscribe to the Netflix Instant/DVD combo, we just didn’t think it was worth the $5 price hike initially. What’s Vudu?? I’ve never heard of it before.

      1. Amazon is selling a DVD of Wild at Heart but it’s $29.99! Insane. I’ll just have to keep looking, I guess.

        Vudu is a digital service where you can rent/buy pretty much any movie or TV show you can think of. They often get the video-on-demand stuff early, too. It’s a really cool service: http://www.vudu.com/

        1. Yikes!! It’s a pain that they force us to buy. I think The Guard is the same way, I could buy it for $19.99 but I’m not gonna do it before seeing it first.

          I’ll check out Vudu. Thanks Eric!

  30. I feel your pain Ruth! I’m still with Lovefilm and they are pretty good but every month when I try to add titles, I’m still frustrated by the Universal dispute. It’s annoying but I think their range is still a lot better than Netflix UK.

    1. Hi Pete! That’s great that LoveFilm has better selections than Netflix UK, at least you’ve got an option there. Yeah, studio disputes are indeed very annoying!

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