Weekend Roundup – Back from blogging break

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend, yeah I know it’s Tuesday already so you’ve probably forgotten all about it, ahah.

Well, I saw the Prometheus chatter all over Twitter though I did hear that it got beaten by Madagascar 3 at the box office by about $10 mil! (per BoxOfficeMojo) Man, those animated kids movies really are a force to be reckoned with, but at least the Ridley Scott alien flick still ranks 10th amongst R-rated movies with $51 mil, so not bad business at all.

Logan Marshall-Green’s uncanny resemblance to Tom Hardy is out of this world!

I haven’t got a chance to read any of your reviews, yet. I literally only had time to check my email for a half hour since last Friday night, so suffice to say I didn’t have time to blog nor watch any movies. But I really had a great time hanging out with my best friend [we’ve been good friends since we were 13!] and seeing her on her graduation from De Paul University. Walking around downtown always reminds me of Nolan’s Batman movies, too, I should probably order those tickets for The Dark Knight Rises soon!

I also got to meet my blogging friend Kristin from All Eyes on Screen blog, who is as awesome as her always well-written and original posts, like this one she did on Five Memorable Courtroom Scenes, inspired by her first-time viewing of To Kill a Mockingbird, yay! That’s right Kris, better late than never. It was lovely meeting you and chatting with you, always so blessed to meet a like-minded people who share the same passion, in movies and otherwise. I hope you’ll visit MN soon, girl, I’ll take you out shopping for sure! 🙂

Well, the closest thing I got to some movie watching is catching a snippet of several movies playing on TV: An Officer an a Gentleman, a decent Navy drama starring a young Richard Gere in uniform [yowza!] and a race-car action flick Driven starring Sylvester Stallone & Burt Reynolds, which undoubtedly deserved all the Razzie awards they were nominated for in 2002, especially for Estella Warren who has no business in the acting industry. But this TV series from the early 90s Jailbreakers should’ve won a Razzie version for TV as well, I was alternating between admiring Antonio Sabato Jr’s exquisite face to cringing on his dumb acting. I think anything with Shannen Doherty is naturally cringe-worthy. It made me chuckle to see Adrien Brody in that show, glad to see he’s come a loooong way since then.

Well, that is my lame weekend movie viewing, folks. I’m 100% certain you’ve seen far better movies than I did, ahah.

So what does your movie-viewing weekend look like? Did you get to see Prometheus?

38 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – Back from blogging break

  1. Wow bloggers meeting up… awesome! I got to see Prometheus and I’m full of questions! Very enjoyable film though! I also got to see Friends with Kids which os good for what it is. I couldn’t even get through that Driven film. Absolutely awful, turned it off after about half an hour! And yeah that guy is like a slightly better looking version of Tom Hardy definitely!

    1. Hi Pete! Yeah it’s always nice to meet your fellow blogger, so next time you’re in MN, do look me up 🙂 I’m sooo jealous of everyone who’ve seen Prometheus, hope to see that this weekend. Ahah, I don’t blame you about DRIVEN, I only saw it as there’s nothing else on TV and I was just killin’ time. Hey, can’t hurt to have TWO actors who look like Tom Hardy in Hollywood!

  2. Ted S.

    I haven’t been to Chicago in a while, really enjoy the city. Kind of wish Hollywood would start shooting more films there like it used to back in the 80s and 90s.

    Didn’t see Prometheus, hopefully I get to see it this week. I want to see it on IMAX before it leaves the theater.

    Wow Driven, that was an awful movie. I think that was the film both Renny Harlin and Sly Stallone thought would be their big comebacks, they both worked together on Cliffhanger. Estelle Warren was awful too, good thing her career never took off because they are way too many talentless actresses in Hollywood already.

    1. Yeah, Chicago is lovely, I always enjoy visiting that place. Hey, you haven’t seen Prometheus either, oh I’m sure it’ll be around on IMAX for a while.

      Ahah, Renny Harlin, why am I not surprised. Actually Sly wasn’t that bad in the movie, but everyone else was. That Estella chick is just awful beyond belief, you’re right, I’m glad I don’t see her around Hollywood anymore. If only she could take Katherine Heigl and Lindsey Lohan along with her!

  3. Welcome back Ruth! I was out of town on a short break as well so I didn’t see anything. But my hubby saw Prometheus and loved it FWIW. Yes, DKR tickets for sure…i’ll be crushed if I can’t see that 1st weekend.

    1. Hi Paula, so welcome back to you as well 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one not watching any movies. Yeah, I’d be crushed too if I can’t see TDKR on opening night, so I better get the tickets pronto.

  4. Glad you had a good time in Chicago, Ruth! I had a pretty awesome weekend myself, full of audio/visual stimulation.

    Friday: I saw Roger Waters perform The Wall at Wrigley Field. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. The giant pig was deflated right in front of me. 😀

    Saturday: I saw Prometheus in all its sci-fi glory. I almost wish I had caught it in IMAX, but it was still awesome to see anyway.

    Sunday: I went to a pre-screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild, and sat right in front of the director and cast while they did their Q&A. Beautiful film, enhanced by the in-depth discussion afterward. I hope it makes it your way at the end of the month.

    So, do you plan on seeing Prometheus sometime this week? It sounds like you have some catching up to do. 😀

    1. Hi Eric, I can’t believe I forgot you’re in Chicago as well, somehow I thought you’re in Madison or something. I’d have loved to have met up w/ you as well.

      Wow, looks like you had an awesome weekend. That Roger Waters thing sounds great, I actually did passed Wrigley Field over the weekend too.

      Oh I saw the trailer for ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild,’ that looks intriguing, I’d be sure to rent it if I can’t see it on the big screen.

      Yeah, I certainly do have a lot of catching up to do, both in blogging and movie watching 😀

  5. Castor

    Good to have you back Ruth! Now, I’m offended that you would not Kristin shopping but not me! 😉

    I didn’t really get much done this weekend myself and kind of took a blogging break on Monday as well ahah. I did watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which was a really slow burning spy drama. I liked it for the mystery and trying to figure out who was the mole all along but it’s really quite slow moving.

    1. Ahah, I’d be happy to take you up shopping Castor, but I think you’d wish you’d never ask. Even my hubby doesn’t go shopping with me 😀

      I still haven’t reviewed ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ but it really was super s-l-o-w. I still enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would. Glad we agreed.

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    I’ll wait for DVD with ‘Prometheus’. Though I did watch Bert Lancaster in the B&W, WWII take, ‘The Train’. Though it is slow coming out of the gates. The John Frankenheimer film does have some of Mr. Lancaster’s best own stunt work. And the wreck of a real, honest to God Train!

    Also caught a surprisingly silly, thought not ‘so good, it’s bad!’ weekend offering from Sy~Fy. ‘Jersey Shore Shark Attack’. That IS exactly what the title implies. Well muscled sons and stacked, spoiled daughters of Italian descent in Oompa Loompa orange. Stuck in a ‘Jaws’ like scenario of a school of albino sharks feasting on errant swimmers along the Jersey Boardwalk.

    Fall on the floor funny! With a surprisingly decent cast of elder actors playing the people in charge. A great medium for countless drinking games. I kept looking for Roger Corman’s name to be attached to this scathing gem, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

    1. Hello Jack! Oh I’m curious about The Train now, so is it a political thriller? That’s what Frankenheimer is known for, right?

      Ahahahaha, Jersey Shore Shark Attack?? If only the shark would just eat Snookie or whoever it is in the awful Jersey Shore show. But hey, sounds like it’s a fun movie, so good for you Jack. Sounds like it’s a good spoof of Jaws.

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        ‘The Train’ is a WWII French resistance film. Where Lancaster is a station master in France. Working with British Intelligence to keep a locomotive and six car train full of plundered art treasures from reaching Germany.

        Sabotage abounds with loosened and rails and ties. Painted roofs of train cars, so British and American fighters wouldn’t strafe and destroy the train.

        One of Frankenheimer’s best!

        Frankenheimer did thrillers for the most part. His best political ones were ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ and ‘Seven Days in May’ from the early 1960s.His best overall thrillers were ‘Seconds’ with Rock Hudson in 1966, ‘Black Sunday’ from 1977 and ‘Ronin’ from 1998.

        1. Have to jump in here re: The Train…it’s one of my favorites. So suspenseful but it also makes you think. Lancaster did a lot of his own stunts, and they really wrecked a train.

  7. Glad you were able to take a break over the weekend Ruth! Quite the movie viewing for you over the wknd, huh? 😀

    Well, welcome back! Looking forward to what you have for us this week! I saw Prometheus (avoided Madagascar…not a big fan), and am catching up on several television programs.

    1. Ahah, I didn’t really see anything worthwhile. Those 3 on TV don’t really count as I only saw about 30-50% of each of ’em.

      It’ll be a slow catch up to blogging, but I do have a juicy review of Prometheus from a die-hard ALIEN fan tomorrow 🙂

  8. Still haven’t been able to see “Prometheus” either so you’re not alone. I’ve kind of had to be cautious in the blogging world the last few days so as not to bump into any spoilers.

    I’m so jealous of the blogging meet-up! Hopefully next time you swing back through Chicago I’ll be in town. Hope you had a good time here! It sounds like you did.

    1. Hi Nick! Thanks again for your splendid guest post. Yeah I’m wary about reading the reviews too, in fact I only glanced over the guest review my colleague gave me but I accidentally read the spoiler part (that’ll be hidden in the final post) but I try to forget about it, ahah.

      Hey I heard you’re coming over to the Twin Cities? I’d love to meet up w/ you and Castor. Yes, I had a lovely time in Chicago, but how could I not in that great city.

  9. I saw Night of the Hunter,Jeff who lives at Home, and Prometheus(Was able to catch it at a local theater on its discount night).I really liked Night of the Hunter,and i am kind of surprised it got made at the time it did, as it doesn’t seem to take a very favorable view of religion(or at the very least organized religion).

    Jeff who lives at Home i found kind of disappointing. I’m not sure i would call it bad, and towards the end i warmed up to it but the reviews i read seemed to love it, and i just didn’t get the same reaction they had.I also found the directing kind off obnoxious.

    And Prometheus was awesome(With some rather frightening moments), although there was one scene where the characters seemed to act rather idiotic for scientists.

    And its awesome you got to meet a fellow blogger. So far i’ve found only one blogger from Connecticut, so until i get a car i don’t see myself meeting one anytime soon

    1. Oh yeah, I’ve heard from everyone that Night of the Hunter is excellent, you beat me to it Julian, I still haven’t seen that yet. Oh and Prometheus either, so that’s cool that you’ve seen that on opening weekend!

      Hopefully you’ll get to meet a fellow blogger in the future 😀

        1. Good point, I guess not as they tally things up by Sunday night, but hey you’re still seeing it within a week of its release 😀

  10. Sometimes you need a small break from blogging, probably will take one myself pretty soon.

    Saw Prometheus last week and really enjoyed it (review has gone up today). Didn’t do too much during the weekend. Managed to watch 2 documentaries, one by Errol Morris, the other one was Religulous.

    1. Yeah you’ve been a busy bee haven’t you? 🙂 I just couldn’t blog when I was away as I didn’t have my laptop with me. Just as well though, as I needed to spend time with my friend anyway.

  11. Glad you had a great weekend Ruth. I did see Prometheus and enjoyed it but like others have said it seemed to ask more questions than it answered. Will the box office be good enough to entice the studio to produce the sequel…

    1. I’d think that with $50 mil opening wknd the studios would see that as good business. There are still lots of people who haven’t seen it yet so it’ll probably hold up well in the coming weeks, we’ll see.

  12. This weekend I didn’t have time to watch any movies or TV programs, since I went away with my family to a city near mountain. It was nice though, being away from a crowded city like Jakarta.
    Don’t know if I have the time to watch anything this weekend too (some weekends are just like that, sadly). But it seems you have a great time there. I’m looking forward to meet blogger friends as well.

    1. That’s awesome Andina, did you go to Puncak? 😀 I actually went to a boarding school when I was around 7 or so in Sindanglaya, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Puncak is not as cool now that I’ve lived in Minnesota though, ahah, in fact I consider it balmy! 😀

      Hey, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and not worry about blogging/writing about movies, so enjoy it!

  13. Hi Ruth! Hope you had a nice weekend. As you can see, I’ve also fallen behind on my reading a little, so don’t feel bad. I can’t believe Madagascar 3 beat Prometheus at the box office! I’m watching both Alien and Prometheus tomorrow. Hope I’ll enjoy them 🙂

    1. Hi Fernando, I finally caught up to Prometheus last night, too. Have you reviewed it yet? I’ll probably talk about it on the Weekend Roundup but yeah, I enjoyed it.

  14. I’m overly excited that my penguins have kicked PROMETHEUS at the box office 🙂 I do love me some Fass My Benders, but penguins are penguins…

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