Posters Spotlight: Cool Minimalist Posters of The Avengers & The Dark Knight Rises

The comics world are colliding right before us come May 4th. As many of you already know, the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be shown in front of The Avengers on its release in two weeks! I think it’s a win-win for DC, Marvel AND us moviegoers, I mean both movies are hugely anticipated and certainly there’s room for two major blockbusters this Summer. It’s not the first time DC is using a Marvel movie to promote their product, as back in 2008, the third trailer for The Dark Knight was shown in front of Iron Man.

Anyway, since my pal Terrence is dedicating his Time to Vote Tuesday to Christopher Nolan, I figure I’d highlight some of my favorite minimalist posters from the two of this year’s surefire blockbusters from DC and Marvel.

The Dark Knight Rises

I love the simplicity of these two posters, stark and no-frills but delivers its maximum impact. The small amount of red against mostly black & white design emphasizes its significance, Bane’s red eyes look pure evil and that trace of blood from Batman’s mouth is a chilling hint of what’s to come to our hero. I like that clever tagline signifying the end of Nolan’s trilogy as well as the downfall of a legend. Brilliant!

Click each poster to see a larger version

Source: ComicBookMovie

This one has a vintage look to it that I love, it’s gritty and has that dark, edgy quality about it that fits the vision that Nolan’s created for the dark knight. DEVIANART designer Ryan Luckoo is so darn creative to create Bane’s mask out of the skyline of Gotham, complete with the two bats making up the eyes. LOVE it!

Since the Bane/Batman face-off is going to be a huge part of TDKR, naturally some designers like to mix the two together in the design, like this one by Chaz Russo that I think did a pretty darn good job in keeping it simple and uncluttered. Bane’s eye just looks so menacing even being drawn in a simple way, and keeping with the broken glass theme is awesome.

The Avengers

Now, I think creating a poster with sooo many characters are definitely tricky. Truth be told, I don’t really care for any of the official poster design of this movie. But these minimalist posters actually did a much more attractive design than the official ones, and the retro look makes it even more compelling. I much prefer these than the glossy, overly-photoshop-ed versions the studio churned out.

I LOVE everything about this design. The blue color is fresh and retro-cool, and the silhouettes perfectly captures each character’s superpowers and personality. Man, I’d love to get this one for my entertainment room!

Source: DeviantArt

This one somehow makes me think of a design for an International Summit or something that’d be hanging off of a UN office. But hey, the Avengers is not only global, it’s across all kinds of universe so I think it’s fitting. I LOVE each details of each character, it’s vibrant without being overwhelming and it even has a heroic vibe to it.

Source: LiveForFilms

This one I could see working well as t-shirt or buttons for each movie. I love that each is color-coded and also has a vintage vibe to it. I’d love to see what it’d look with all of them together as ONE poster though, maybe have the ‘A’ of the Avengers logo being prominent and the small icons underneath it or something?

Source: OrangeInks

What do you think of these, folks? Any other TDKR or Avengers poster that caught your eye?

46 thoughts on “Posters Spotlight: Cool Minimalist Posters of The Avengers & The Dark Knight Rises

  1. I absolutely LOVE the DKR posters. I really widh these were the kind of the thing studios would use for real. They are brilliant, creative and fill me with anticipation. Like the first Avengers one a lot too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, right? I think posters these days just look sooo busy, but they communicate nothing. These are evocative without doing too much.

  2. Love minimalist posters. The last one for The Avengers is brilliant. Wish this kind of design was used in a more mainstream way, especially if it can replace the tedious need to give each individual character their own poster now!

  3. Love all of them. Bane is featuring very prominently now. Wonder if he’ll be as iconic of a villain as Heath Ledger’s Joker though…

  4. @ceciliarusli

    I really love the design by Ryan Luckoo. Very artistic and creative.

    The one from Orange Inks, I think I’ve ever seen the similar one for Harry Potter series. So there were symbols from each of the film.

    1. Hi Cecilia, how’re you? Yeah that Ryan Luckoo should be hired by the studios to create the official posters!

      Oh I haven’t seen the HP ones, I should look that up.

  5. Ted S.

    Those are great, especially the first set of Bane and Batman.

    It’s sad to see that today’s studio people doesn’t really care about posters anymore, they either have some lazy in-house designer do it or hire some cheap agency to do it for them. I miss those days when movie posters look great. I remember the first time I saw T2’s poster back in the days and I blown away by it. Now big studio films are just a bunch of bad Photoshopped posters.

    1. I know! Some of these look like they’re traditionally hand-drawn, not Photoshopped. I love the earthy quality about ’em, not too polished and overly-glossy like the official ones.

  6. Great posters! The last one is missing an item representing Black Widow, which is the character I look most forward to in “The Avengers”. The broken glass one for TDKR is really wonderful!

    1. Oh Black Widow is your fave? Are you a big fan of Scarlett? My fave character is Loki, ahah, and Agent Coulson. I always like the underdog 🙂

  7. Jaina

    I love fan posters. I would say that 90% of the time, the fan made posters are far better than the officially released ones. They have more creativity and originality. The officially released ones, especially for comic book films, are so damn generic. If I see another release of “character” posters, I might just scream.

    Love the Avengers poster by Arco2002 – just stunning. Got a great texture and it’s just simple but brilliant!

    Less is more. Less silly photoshopped silliness and more well designed, crafted and illustrated posters please 😀

    1. Ahah yeah, those character posters are really getting out of hand and most of them are crap. I think the ones for The Avengers are awful to be honest.

      I knew you’d like the Arco2002 one, that is my favorite too. I think as we’re both designers, we like the more asymmetrical look as it’s much more unique and aesthetically-pleasing.

      1. Jaina

        Ugh. The Avengers ones depressed me. See I get it. They have these individual ones so they’re easy to use – they can grab one of the character ones, and drop them into the big ol’ poster and it kind (but not really) works. They did that with Maria Hill when Cobie was at the premiere. But they’re just so badly photoshopped. They’re barely the people they are meant to be!

        Yes to asymmetry! If I saw a poster like that in the cinema, my attention would be far more grabbed than any of the others that are usually seen.

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