Five for the Fifth: March 2012 Edition

Hello folks, welcome to the March 2012 edition of Five of the Fifth!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here. So let’s get started, shall we?

1. This film has been catching all sorts of buzz all over the film sites/blogs. It’s won the Audience Award at TIFF and has been well-received all over film festivals such as SXSW and Sundance. This movie is definitely NOT my cup of tea, I actually read a review that described the non-stop action as being so brutal that it makes Oldboy looks like a Pixar film. Oy.

But what caught my attention is that, this is actually set in my hometown Jakarta and starred mostly unknown Indonesian actors. The director is Welsh-born Gareth Evans was working on a documentary called The Mystic Arts of Indonesia: Pencak Silat for a production company owned by Christine Hakim (Indonesian’s version of Meryl Streep) when he met the lead actor Iko Uwais. He was so impressed with Uwais that he cast him in his first Indo-production Merantau.

Well what do you know, this movie hasn’t even hit US shores yet (it opens in limited release on March 23) and US studio Screen Gems has already been planning for an American remake [heh, what else in new]. Anyway, check out the featurette below:

Have you heard of this movie folks? Would you watch it?

2. I saw a photo of Jude Law recently in the upcoming Anna Karenina adaptation in which he’d play Anna’s high-ranking Russian government official Alexei Karenin. My first reaction is that how in the world are they going to make one of Britain’s most beautiful actors look dour and not-much-to-look-at as Alexei’s described in the book?? But after seeing the first still from the Joe Wright’s movie, well clearly the makeup people somehow made it happen! I almost didn’t recognize Jude in this photo!!

Anyway, Jude’s been busy this past year (though not as busy as Ewan McGregor, but then who is?). A lot of you might have seen him in no less than three films, Contagion, the Sherlock Holmes sequel, and HUGO. I kind of appreciate him more as he seems to tackle quite a diverse types of films, going from one genre to the next and he doesn’t capitalize on his good looks.

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on Jude? What’s your favorite Jude Law film(s)?

3. Now for this next question, I actually borrowed it from Sunday’s #MTOS (Movie Talks on Sunday) session on Twitter, hosted by PopFeelings blog. It’s a fascinating question that no doubt will get different answers from movie fans, so here goes:

What genre seems to generate the most terrible films and why?

4. All right, casting news time! Thanks to my pal Dezzy the Hollywood Spy for bringing this to my attention. Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, I Am Legend, The Da Vinci Code, Cinderella Man) is writing the script and will be making his directorial debut in A Winter’s Tale (no, NOT the Shakespearean version). Will Smith and Russell Crowe are set to play a ruthless mobster and a judge, respectively and Tom Hiddleston is currently in talks to join the cast (per THR).  Wahoo, I definitely love the idea of Crowe and one of my new favorites Hiddleston appearing in a movie together!

Here’s the plot: A sweeping drama about reincarnation, the story is set in the early 20th century and focuses on a thief on the run who, when breaking into a wealthy man’s home, strikes up a relationship with the man’s terminally ill daughter. A flying horse and a time-shift 100 years also figures into the equation.

What do you think about this film’s concept & this cast?

5. Lastly, this is an upcoming project that the first time I heard it I was like, what?? Another remake to Hitchcock’s classics? Fortunately it’s NOT a remake. The film is called Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho which according to SlashFilm will be about exactly what the title suggests. I’m more psyched about the senior cast members Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren who’ll play Hitchcock and his wife Alma, respectively. In the role of Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins, they’ve cast Scarlett Johannson and British actor James D’Arcy.

Heh, I always thought that Andrew Garfield would be the perfect choice to play Perkins as when I saw Perkins in On the Beach recently I kept thinking that they could practically be twins! Both are lanky with dark hair, and their facial structure are so similar.

I’m not as familiar with D’Arcy’s work having only seen him in Master & Commander, so I can’t say much about his casting. As for Johansson, well I haven’t been impressed with anything she’s done lately but I suppose she has that retro look that might work for this casting, though her um, busty figure probably is more suitable to play Jayne Mansfield.

Anyway, what do you think about this project? And who would you prefer to play Leigh and Perkins?

Well, that’s it for the March edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all!

63 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: March 2012 Edition

  1. 1. I have not heard about this film; I will probably give it a miss. But then again, I have seen Oldboy.… 

    2. I like Jude Law. I think that his looks overshadow many of the roles that he chosen and played over the years. Of course there was Dickie Greenleaf from The Talented Mr. Ripley. He was just so beautiful. One film that I watched of his on repeat viewing is Music From Another Room. Other face performances include: Wilde, Gattaca, AI, Alfie, Road to Perdition. I still have not seen Cold Mountain but those I hold near and dear absolutely love it and his performance in it.

    3. Horror/slasher because folks think that you throw enough blood T&A at the screen that is what will scare the audience. But horror/terror at its finest is so much more. 

    4. Interesting concept, interesting casting. Smith and Crowe are obvious faces of Goldsman

    5. No problem with D’Arcy being Perkins … unfortunately a recent film create was Madonna’s W.E. but I have seen his work in UK television and it is not too mad. As for ScarJo I am with you Ruth, definitely not a Janet Leigh in my mind. Who would I choose? I am at a loss.

    1. Jude is definitely beautiful in The Talented Mr. Ripley but he’s sooo evil in Road to Perdition, so he is quite versatile. Haven’t seen Cold Mountain either.

      I guess I don’t mind D’Arcy, I just don’t think he resembles Perkins much. But then again neither does Scar-Jo w/ Leigh.

  2. Ted S.

    1. I’ll probably give The Raid a rent, hopefully it’s more than just non stop action sequences. I’m an action genre guy but I need a good plot to actually enjoy it, the trailer didn’t show much except the graphic action scenes.

    2. I don’t care for Jude Law, I know Hollywood tried to make him be the next big leading man back in 2000s, thankfully all of the films where he was the leading man, they all tanked. Guess my favorite film that has him in it was The Talented Mr. Ripley.

    3. Comedy and action films tends to be quite terrible if they weren’t made with care. The Transformers films and a bunch of rom-coms in recent years are some great examples.

    4. I’m not a big fan of Akiva Goldsman since he helped Joel Schumacher made two terrible Batman films. But the story sounds interesting and has a good cast. Let’s see if Akiva can direct since he’s not much of a writer.

    5. I’m very interest in seeing film about the making of Psycho. I read that Hitchcock and the crew had some difficulties shooting Psycho back in the days, unfortunately no one film the behind the scenes stuff, would love to watch that. Did you see any of Scarlett Johannson’s earlier work before she became “pretty” and famous? I though she was great in Ghost World and The Horse Whisperer. That was when she’s still young and not people thought she’s attractive yet.

    1. Hi Ted, well from some of the reviews I’ve read, sounds like it WILL be just non-stop action sequences. In fact, the director himself said they made it a heck of a lot quicker to get to the action stuff than Merantau, which is already chock-full of action.

      Yeah, Akiva’s track record seems to be hit and miss, he also did the Da Vinci Code which I despised.

      I think the Making of Psycho could be really intriguing, I certainly like the older cast. Yep, I saw Horse Whisperer though I didn’t remember Scarlett in it but I liked her in Lost in Translation. Nothing else since.

  3. 1. Oh, heck yeah I’ve heard of ‘The Raid’. It’s one of my must-sees for 2012 and I can’t wait since it now has a release date. That it incorporates the Indonesian martial art of Silat is another appealing aspect. What can I say? I’m a guy 😉
    2. For a while there, Jude Law didn’t interest me that much (perhaps his initial over exposure). But lately, I’m really enjoying his work.
    3. Of late, I’d say it’s romance (no, not ‘Persuasion’). When you get things that look like ‘The Vow’, I rest my case (box office is not an indicator for me — see anything with ‘Transformer’ in the title, if you don’t believe me).
    4. Ah, no.
    5. I’m intrigued with this one.

    Thanks, Ruth.

    1. That’s cool Michael. Are you familiar w/ Pencak Silat then? I actually don’t know much about it even though I’m Indonesian.

      I’m the same way about Jude Law, I think he’s probably a better actor than I gave him credit for.

      Ahah, yep I’m w/ you about The Vow and a lot of other romance movies Hollywood churn out these days. Persuasion is a small British production, as is a lot of Austen’s work, which tend to be concerned with quality than the look of the actors. Same w/ Sense & Sensibility which you definitely should check out some time 😉

      1. Watching martial arts in film has been ingrained in me since the early 70s, I also studied Judo in college. Naturally, catching those arts in Chinese and Japanese film was instilled early, and that only grew through the decades. I became curious of the Filipino fighting systems (Kali), and later those of Indonesian (Pencak Silat), after its exposure and use in ‘The Bourne Identity’.

        Yeah, the quality of the genre done by the British, and with authors like Austen, really stands out. Makes the stuff like ‘The Vow’ pale.

        1. Wow, you studied Judo? Very cool! Y’know what’s funny, my mom once asked my two brothers and I to pick between Ballroom Dancing or Karate lesson, well of course my brothers picked the latter! I wish I had taken Ballroom Dancing as I don’t think I’ll ever be any good in any kind of martial arts, ahah.

  4. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Interesting ‘5 For The Fifth’!

    #1: I caught a clip of ‘The Raid’ on another site and thought it was only for the hard core connoisseurs of Asian and Japanese ‘Chop~Socky’. The cops are given a near impossible task and really should have many more SPAS~12 gauge shotguns and fewer MP-5s.

    #2: Jude Law is hit and miss with me. I keep feeling that he has not found his niche yet. For awhile early on, I felt that Law thought himself the next Michael Caine, though he will never be, I did enjoy his ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’. Simply because he didn’t take his role too seriously.

    #3: The genre that generates the most terrible films is the Horror/Slasher genre, That hit rock bottom with the original ‘Hostel’ and ‘Saw’ and been wallowing in the deep ends of the cesspool with their continuing franchises.

    #4: ‘A Winter’s Tale’ boasts a decent cast. Crowe has talent and potential to burn.

    #5: The last time ‘Psycho’ was played with in 1998. By filming in color instead of B&W. Changing the cast, though keeping the dialogue intact resulted in an epic fail BOMB! Why, do people continue to mess with what should never be messed with?!!!

    1. Hi Jack!

      Oh I don’t think Jude’ll ever be the next Michael Caine… I mean sure he looked like a young Michael but that’s about it.

      I think horror definitely has way more than its fair share of crap movies, and given that there are sooo many of them, I think it surpasses the rom-com genre.

      Yeah I heard about that ’98 Psycho remake, but this one is not a remake thank goodness, as it focuses on the making of the film. People are comparing it to the ‘My Week with Marilyn’ as far as it’s connection w/ classic Hollywood.

  5. 1. I’m looking forward to seeing the Raid for months, so I can’t wait till it’s released over hear and will immediately head to the cinema once it is!
    2. I think he’s an actor that doesn’t really stand out, but I do think he is a good actor.
    3. That’s a very hard question to answer, but my gut feeling was comedies (both romantic and “normal” ones). Basically because it has so much to do with personal taste.
    4. I’ve only looked at the pictures of the cast (you know I don’t read anything about upcoming movies) and that looks interesting
    5. The concept sounds interesting and I’ll probably see it…

    1. Hi Nostra, as for your answer for #3, I totally agree that comedies have much more to do with personal taste than anything else. I do think that good comedies can appeal to a lot of different people, which is very challenging to do.

  6. 1- The Raid?? Oh yes, have been quite excited about this one for a very long time now!! Bring it on!

    2 – Jude is on my naughty list, with Knightley. I just dislike anything he is in.

    1. Oops hit ‘post comment’ too early!! HAHAHA

      3 – this is, in my opinion a very subjective question. For me I think the weakest segment is Rom Com at the moment, with a few exceptions film makers seem to do a LOT of copying and playing it safe

      4 – God I really do look like Russell Crowe don’t i? He even has my smile!!

      5 – You are so right about Garfield Ruth!!

      (Oh and it is my baby’s Birthday today… 5!! Happy Birthday Pearl!)

  7. What genre generates the worst films? I think my personal distaste for the modern romantic comedy would immediately push towards that genre but I think that does a disservice to a genre that has produced some of the finest films of all time (The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, Goodbye Girl, Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally).

    Therefore I would have to nudge myself to the obvious one really – horror. Even some of the most well known horror films are trashy and few filmmakers have approached the genre with the seriousness that made its best films work – eg. The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby etc.

  8. I love me some Jude Law. Loved him best in ENEMY AT THE GATES, COLD MOUNTAIN, CLOSER, BREAKING AND ENTERING but most in SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, I wish that one made him a super star instead of some mediocre freaks who are called mega stars in Hollywood 😦

    I’ve no intention of watching ANA KARENINA. Having in mind the director and the actress whose name we shall not mention, it will be a blasphemy against Tolstoy!

    Thanks for the linky dinky. love Hiddlestud and James D’Arcy.

    1. Hmmm, I think I’m not as well-versed on Jude Law’s work compared to you Dezzy, haven’t watched all of the movies you mentioned except for ‘Sky Captain.’

      1. you haven’t seen CLOSER and COLD MOUNTAIN, Flixy? Oh, my, how is that possible? 🙂
        I think you would personally love BREAKING AND ENTERING, Juliette Binoche is great in it and speaks flawless Serbian since she plays a woman from Bosnia whose son steals something from Jude.
        PS I will have some truly lovely info on our dear Hiddlestud tonight so be sure to pop over for some tea and hiddlecookies 🙂

  9. 1. Definitely looking forward to The Raid, heard nothing but good things so far! Sounds right up my street!

    2. Never really paid much attention to Law but thought he was pretty good in Contagion and he’s also pretty good in the Sherlock films. Loved that Enemy at the Gates film he was in once upon a time.

    3. Definitely rom-com for me. A lot of bland, boring, sentimental crapola but then I loved (500) Days of Summer and Crazy, Stupid, Love. As much as I love horror, I am also well aware that there is an awful lot of terrible stuff in that genre too though.

    4. Not convinced yet.

    5. Holy moly that’s uncanny! Perkins and Garfield must be related. Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this! Sounds like a cool project, I vote Garfield for Perkins and ScarJo is fine with me for Leigh.

    Fun post!

    1. Hi Pete!

      I do love (500) Days myself, I wish there are more rom-coms like that one.

      Ahah, it’s crazy about Perkins & Garfield isn’t it? They’re not even from the same country. Well Garfield is half American I think. I really think he should play Perkins at some point, maybe even in a Psycho spoof or something as I think he could make for a mean Norman Bates.

  10. 2. I’ve always liked Jude Law. When it’s not about that velvet voice and those hypnotic blue eyes of his, I always focus on his acting. Personally, the film that de-glamorizes him to the core is Road to Perdition. I was also very amused by his brief work in The Aviator.

    5. I really think the casting of Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh is just…dumb. I believe in order for someone to portray someone that actually existed, they have to be able to, y’know, act. Johansson in my eyes is only a movie star, not an actress.

    Who would I’ve chosen to play Miss Leigh? Michelle Williams would’ve been an ideal choice, but there would’ve been an air of irony had she gone from playing Marilyn Monroe to Janet Leigh.

    Oh, and totally agree on Garfield portraying Perkins. That would’ve been flawless, acting and appearance wise. (I’m also curious as to what Hopkins will do in his role. Should be amusing.)

    1. Jude is one of your picks of beautiful men right? I don’t think his voice is all that special but he does have gorgeous eyes! He definitely made an uncanny Errol Flynn!

      Yep, I’m w/ you about Scar-Jo casting. I think Michelle is a good choice, I even think Carey Mulligan might not be a bad idea.

      Oooh, glad you’re a fan of Garfield. He’s one of my young actor’s crush along w/ Aaron Johnson. I think Hopkins will be great though does that mean he has to gain some weight for the role?

      1. Of course Jude’s one of my beautiful men! And his voice just makes me melt every damn time I hear him speak. (Note for future reference: any leading man with distinctive blue eyes and/or a detectable accent, preferably New York or British, I’m bound to fall for like that.)

        Hmm, Carey Mulligan. She reminds me more of Audrey Hepburn than of Janet Leigh.

        As for Hopkins, probably not a lot of weight. They’ll probably use mostly padding.

        1. Ahah, well add dark hair to that list and I’m done for! I think the combo of dark hair with light, piercing eyes are just to-die-for, that’s why it’s a good thing Gregory’s eyes are brown as it’d just be waaaay too much of a good thing.

          1. Honey, you have no idea of how many actors I adore that have the two traits I mentioned and the one you brought up. Trust me, it’s a noticeable number.

  11. 1. No, thank you.
    2. I actually think that Jude Law is an extremely under-rated actor. For me, he consistently elevates movies I don’t enjoy otherwise (A.I., I ❤ Huckabees) and I think he is just getting better with age. Better-looking (a little less perfect), too. His casting in Anna Karenina actually excited me a lot more than anyone else's. Definitely looking forward to that one overall, though.
    3. I think action, just because it seems the makers are less concerned with things like acting, plot, dialogue, story-telling, etc.
    4. YES, PLEASE. (Meh on the Will Smith part, but otherwise …) 😉
    5. Very unimpressed with ScarJo's casting. She doesn't even particularly look the part. Surely there is someone else out there. You're SO right about Andrew Garfield, although I'm excited for D'Arcy to get some more work. Mostly the movie doesn't sound like the greatest idea to me, even with the inclusion of Hopkins and Mirren.

    1. I’m intrigued by AK because I’m currently reading the book. I don’t know if Joe Wright can pull this off though, just ’cause the book is just so darn complicated and deep. I don’t really see Keira as Anna but I think Jude might actually do well in the role of Alexey. I wish they won’t put that stupid mustache on Aaron Johnson though, ugh.

      Oh, finally a different answer on the genre question. Yeah I suppose you could be right. Case in point, Expendables.

      What movie of D’Arcy do you like him in? Apart from M&C which I know you love of course.

  12. I have nothing against Jude Law; liked him in ‘Gattaca,’ ‘AI,’ and I’m sure he’ll be terrific in ‘Anna Karenina’ (one of my favorite classic novels), though it seems like he hasn’t really broken through into big-time stardom the way comparable actors like Matt Damon have. He’s usually either second fiddle to someone else, like RDJ in the ‘Holmes’ films, or part of an ensemble, like ‘Hugo.’ He has the looks and talent to be a bigger star, and it always seems like he’s on the verge of that One Big Role, but it hasn’t quite happened for him yet. He’s not a chameleon like Gary Oldman; I think he gets typed more often than not as the British (or European) Gentleman. He needs to play somebody really edgy or off-kilter once in awhile. Still, who knows – maybe ‘Anna’ will be his Oscar bid.

    1. Oh I forgot Jude was in Gattaca, but that movie was full of good looking people. So how long did it take you to read ‘Anna Karenina’ Rich? I must be a super slow reader, I finally got 80% done (thank goodness Kindle keep track of that) after about 2 months, but then again sometimes I don’t read it for days. Yep, I think Jude often plays second fiddle but he doesn’t seem to mind. No, definitely not a chameleon though he’s almost unrecognizable as Alexey Karenin!

      1. Don’t recall how long it took me to read ‘Anna.’ I bought it back during my college days. I imagine I’ll pick it up again before the movie opens.

        1. I don’t think I can pick it up again once I’m done, I do think it’s amazingly-written but too much for my little brain to take in. I’m gonna tackle something easier to read next, The Great Gatsby. At least the character names would be easier to remember, ahah.

  13. Glad you featured The Raid. Although, the strong reason I want to see it is because I want to see the hype on the movie from my-umm, our country 😉 I hesitated to watch it because of the violence, then they showed it in some festivals here, but in one festival they were run out of the tickets (can you believe the hype? people were standing in long queue from a couple of hours before they opened the counter, and a lot of people didn’t get it-including me). First, it was scheduled on January (for Indonesia). Then, because of the huge success they pushed it to March for world wide altogether (kind of disappointed for it).

    1. Hi Andina, yeah that’s the only reason I’m even putting The Raid on here ’cause if there isn’t the Jakarta-connection I don’t think I care for such a film.

      That’s a bummer that they pushed the release date in Indo. Maybe they figure they’d rather play ’em in film festivals first?

  14. 1. I’ve seen the trailer for The Raid, but didn’t realise the buzz it’s been getting around the blogs. May have to give it a little look in when it’s released.

    2. No matter how much of a prat Jude Law is in his private life, for the most part I enjoy the films he’s in. His last biggest role, Watson in Sherlock Holmes, I really enjoyed. Almost more than Holmes himself.

    3. I think the easy answer is sci-fi. People can just take sci-fi to a horrible new level and so easily. Just because it’s sci-fi doesn’t mean you lose the ability to make a half decent film.

    4. Like the cast and film concept. It’s been a while since Smith has done a real serious film, right?

    5. I’m not the biggest ScarJo fan. I dunno, nothing of hers has really made me like her as an actress. Interesting project. Will watch how it proceeds.

    1. Hi Jaina, I think w/ sci-fi it’s often that the filmmakers just can’t make the intriguing concept work so it’s more of an execution issue, like In Time for example.

      Yep, same feeling about Scar-Jo.

  15. 1) I had heard of this movie, but didn’t know anything about it. Sounds pretty interesting… I may have to check it out if it hits the theaters here.

    2) I don’t mind Jude Law. He has never really stood out as exceptional, but he can be entertaining in the right role.

    3) Comedy and horror movies tend to get a lot more garbage than other genres, I feel. Some of the absolute worst are the failed attempts to combine the two genres (i.e. Scary Movie 1-100).

    4) The description lost me when it mentioned a flying horse. No thanks.

    5) I’m interested. This could be good if done properly.

  16. 1. Possibly
    2. I’m ambivalent towards Law. Don’t love him, but don’t hate him either. I am still curious who you would cast as the lead for Anna Karenina. Perhaps a certain red headed actress could fit the bill 😉
    3. The modern rom-com…i generally only check them out if i hear good things about it, like with Definitely, Maybe
    4. Seems…odd. Could still be good i guess
    5. I honestly don’t have a problem with Johanson like a lot of movie bloggers.

      1. Yeah, foreign rom-coms tend to fare much better than American ones. I do think that Hollywood films in general, especially romantic ones, care more about good looking cast than well-written scripts!

          1. Oh sorry I missed it. Ahah well I don’t know if Deborah would fit the bill as Anna, as I haven’t seen her in anything. She’s quite tall though right? I imagine Anna as being rather petite.

            1. I just checked her height and she is 5′ 10″…which i suppose might make her too tall for the role. I suppose i just want her to have a lead role in something 😛

              She does have 10 years in the theater, according to imdb anyways. I know you have a preference for actors from a theatrical background, so i thought you might find that interesting

              1. Wow, she is tall! She could be a model with that height, so yeah I think she’ll be too tall to play Anna. Plus I don’t think she’s a redhead in the book though that’s easy to change.

                That’s cool that she did theater for that long. I do hope she’ll get a role that’s worthy of her talents, Julian.

  17. 2. Wow, I can’t believe that’s Jude Law! As for a favorite movie with him – honestly, I just love his voice. And his face. I think he’s gorgeous. He’s in films? What films? haha

    3. My thought has always been that romantic comedies spurn the most crap because they’re lower budget, their emphasis is on sex, not on romance, comedy, or a combination of the two, their scripts are weak, and the performances are often cliche. That’s my take! (And certainly not how I feel about all rom coms!)

    4. Can I just say that I look forward to seeing Will Smith be in something that isn’t a crazy action flick? When was the last time he gave us a great performance–The Pursuit of Happyness?

    5. I think it’ll be pretty awesome and exciting to see Hopkins portray Hitchcock. I’m not a fan of anything Johannson has put out there, save maybe that little Woody Allen movie Scoop or part of her role in Nolan’s The Prestige. Altogether, her body of work (and even the films deemed good that she’s been a part of) don’t rely on her acting but more on the film and the other actors. Perhaps she’ll turn in a good performance and sway people to believe she’s more than she’s cracked up to be.

    1. I know Kris, they did a good job actually making someone like Jude look so ugly, ahah.

      Ding, ding, ding!! Yes you got it girl, I think most rom-coms today focus too much on sex rather than comedy OR romance, how so very true. That’s why I avoid flicks like No String Attached or Friends with Benefits, whilst wholesome rom-com like Return to Me probably won’t ever get made again 😦

      I actually can’t stand Scoop and she irritated me to no end in The Prestige, though fortunately everybody else in that film was able to make up for her. I do think she has talents as she displayed in Lost in Translation, that is if she actually uses it instead of her sex appeal.

      1. I can understand that – there’s really little to no depth at all to those films, although I did happen to see both. My consensus? No Strings Attached = one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while. Friends with Benefits? It hit some other topics that made it feel a little more worthwhile, but the sex part was stupid and didn’t work.

        As for Return to Me – I fell in love with that movie the first time I saw it! Very sweet, innocent movie with a very cool meet cute.

        Haha – I think I saw Scoop during my senior year of high school (I’ve been out of college a couple years now!) and I remember enjoying it. I can’t imagine what I would think of it now with a fresh pair of eyes. I kept thinking at that time, wow, this is really different! As for her role in The Prestige – that was another film I saw ages ago and couldn’t get out of my head because I enjoyed it so much. I don’t remember feeling fed up with her then. I’m actually curious to try watching both films now to see whether I feel any differently.

        I haven’t seen Lost in Translation (I’ve heard all kinds of things about it though!). I will have to check it out sometime and let you know what I think of her performance in it.

        1. Well I’m glad I avoided those movies then. I’m just blessed that my hubby also don’t care for such movies. When he saw the trailer for those he was shaking his head.

          Return to Me is just wonderful, I think it’s as close to how sweet and decent classic rom-coms are back in the day. I LOVE the chemistry between Duchovny and Driver, it feels so effortless and endearing.

          You’re a young’un aren’t you? I’m probably 10 yrs older than you. I like The Prestige for the main leads, oh and of course Caine and Bowie too, but I really wish they cast someone else in Scar-Jo’s role.

          I love Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, perhaps that’s why I really like that film. I know some people actually don’t like it, but I find it hilarious and also poignant.

  18. 1. The Raid: Looks like a kickass action movie. I’m totally up for it although most likely as a rental.
    2. Jude Law: I think he is somewhat underrated as he can definitely be an effective and charming sidekick (as shown in Sherlock Holmes) but maybe not leading actor caliber.
    3. Horror movies… I mean, are 99% of them even remotely scary?
    4. Not sure how they are going to make this work from a visual standpoint given how weird the premise are. The cast is good but it seems like most of them are just there for cameos. It will be interesting to see who they cast as the thief and the little girl.
    5. I don’t really care about this project at this point 😉

    1. Ha..ha.. good point there about horror movies, Castor. I think fantasy flicks often sound ridiculous at first glance, but I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt because of the cast. I sure hope Hiddleston gets the role!

  19. Hooray. Five for the Fifth!!!

    1. I am interested in seeing The Raid myself
    2. When it comes to Jude Law, I like Cold Mountain the most.
    3. I think the superhero genre actually yields the worst films per capita. While I LOVE so many of the most recent, thinking back, there have been some pretty horrible superhero films.
    4. An interesting mix I would never expected to see. Could be good.
    5. So much disinterest in Scarlett Johansson in this comment thread. boo to that! At least share in the hope that you may be able to have a role that you may be able to enjoy her in. I, of course, am a big fan. I liked Scoop quite a bit, and The Prestige, and some of her earlier work. Not certain about this role myself, but I think her taking it on is ambitious and an exciting challenge. She can take on the retro look. We saw it in The Black Dahlia.

    Nice Fifth post, Ruth!

    1. Hmm, I don’t know if there are as many superhero movies as there rom-coms and horrors so though I know there are tons of crap ones out there, the number overall probably is still less than the other two genres.

      Sorry about the not-so-stellar Scar-Jo comments, T. Hey we tell it like it is around here 🙂 I think she has talents it’s just I feel that she seems to be using her sex appeal too much in her later roles. I know that personal life shouldn’t be a factor but I just hate what she did to Ryan Reynolds, running off w/ a much older man, Sean Penn no less, which I also can’t stand. Anyway, enough negativity 🙂

      Well, she wowed me once before so maybe one day I’ll like her again. I honestly didn’t remember her at all in Black Dahlia, I only remember Hilary Swank in it. What part did she play??

  20. I’m not that interested in The Raid either, but I could be persuaded. I’m looking forward to that Psycho film though. Sounds interesting enough.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t either if it weren’t for my hometown connection. I might just have my hubby watch it when it’s out on rental, ahah.

  21. 1. The Raid looks too violent for me as well, although I have found myself wondering whether it might be Indonesia’s submission for next year’s foreign language Oscar.

    2. I’ve oddly never been as big a fan of Jude Law as others. I keep wondering if maybe I just haven’t seen him in the right films.

    3. It certainly feels like they make a lot MORE bad comedies than anything else, but that may just be because they’re relatively cheap, since they don’t need to have as much in way of costumes or visual effects.

    4. I had marked A Winter’s Tale as a good possibility for the cast, but I’m a little worried about that flying horse and the time shift element. It could possibly go too much on the side of “kids”-fare. But I’m hoping that it turns out well as I like Will Smith and would want to see him in more good flicks.

    5. I too am hoping that the Psycho one focuses more on Hopkins and Mirren. Johansson has never really struck me as very memorable in the projects that I’ve seen her in, and to be honest I’m not sure if I have ever seen anything with D’Arcy in it!

  22. I loved Jude Law in The Holiday and Talented Mr Ripley but have you ever wondered as I have pondered the doppleganger of the lovely Jude, JJ Feild from Northanger Abbey? I haven’t seen his Sherlock Holmes films as I am unsure I can shake Jeremy Brett from my conscience to watch it. Making of Psycho? I don’t know I wouldn’t want to watch that as I didn’t like the film that much.
    Russell Crowe was in Canada last year starring in our tv series Republic of Doyle a detective show very remniscent of Rockford Files filmed in St Johns Newfoundland it’s regular cast has a great Irish actor some here might know Seán McGinley

    I was hoping you would do a feature for St Patricks Day this month as there are a lot of rare and great Irish films some here might want to read about.


    100 Mornings

    Rory O’Shea Inside I’m Dancing

    Perriers Bounty

    Waking Ned Devine (remembering David Kelly)


    Veronica Guerin


    Michael Collins

    Circle of Friends

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