Fan-made Opening Credits of The Dark Knight Rises

I always love a good opening/closing credit sequence. I compile ’em from time to time and make a favorites list like this one from last year. Seems like the excitement for The Dark Knight Rises just keeps on building. The fan-made posters since have been popping up since almost a year ago and now we’ve got a fan-made opening credits that my hubby just showed me during dinner (via Screenrant). It’s quite impressive so I thought I’d share.

The video is created by a Turkish motion graphics designer by the name of Doğan Can Gündoğdu. It’s reminiscent of the opening credits for David Fincher’s SE7EN which is also seen from the point of view of the villain John Doe.

This video shows the footage of what appears to be some grisly criminal plan that Batman’s juggernaut nemesis Bane is concocting. It’s very forensic CSI-ish and feature the people of Gotham City as portrayed by  The Dark Knight Rises‘ cast: Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, etc. I love how each of the cast name is introduced and the music by Massive Attack titled Suck Me Up Dub combined with the sounds of rain & thunder creates a disturbingly creepy atmosphere. The breathing sound of Bane under his mask during the footage of Batman’s broken scowl is a nice touch too.

What do you think folks? Does this make you even more excited for Nolan’s final Batman film?

14 thoughts on “Fan-made Opening Credits of The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Ted S.

    That was well done but a little too cheesy for my taste and not that original, some of these fans just have way too much time on their hands. I don’t think this dude saw the 6 minutes prologue of the film, as you remember it doesn’t have any opening credits, just the bat logo and that’s it. I would’ve been great had he created a alternate take on that bat logo opening.

    1. Cheesy?? Ahah, well your standard is way too high Ted. I think it’s pretty cool but then again I have no idea how to make something like this. I think it’s still possible that Nolan would make an opening/closing credits for TDKR.

      1. Ted S.

        Don’t get me wrong, what he did was pretty awesome, just wish he’d done something more original. Like you mentioned, it’s very similar to Se7en’s opening.

        I doubt that Nolan would change anything from what we saw on the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises, when I saw the preview of The Dark Knight’s prologue a few years ago, I thought he would make some changes once the film is officially out but when I went to see it, the opening is same as the preview. It would be nice if he decides to do some opening credits but I think he wants to stay consistent since the first two films didn’t have any opening credits.

  2. This is some amazing and dedicated work! impressive. There’s no way I can get even close to what he did.

    I wasn’t a fan of the music, but it was very impressive work. Thanks for sharing this. Can’t wait for the film to release!

  3. Not bad in terms of execution but it doesn’t really seem to fit the mood of the movie (from what I gather from the trailers and interviews). I’m with Ted that it’s maybe a bit cheesy.

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