Music Break: Disney’s Beauty & The Beast

Happy Friday the 13th everybody! No, there’s not gonna be any horror-related post on here… actually I’m in need of a blogging break today, been so tired at work lately. Since the weather suddenly turns frigid (40 degrees swing within 48 hrs!), I thought a little uplifting music would perk up anyone’s day right?

Well, Disney’s Beauty & The Beast 3D, is released today. Now, despite it being one of my all time favorite princess movies, I don’t think I’ll be shelling out top dollars to see it. I’m sure it looks great in 3D though, especially that ballroom dancing scene.

There are tons of great songs to choose from and the obvious one of course is the main one which shares the same title as the film, but I kind of like this one, sung by Paige O’Hara and Robby Benson. It’s the first time Belle sort of notices Beast that there’s ‘something there’ in him that she didn’t notice before and that she no longer sees him as this big monstrous creature. It’s a sweet scene that always make me tear up a bit…

Another thing I love about this movie is the prologue, it’s perhaps my all time favorite princess movie intros as it immediately sucks you in. David Ogden Stiers’s deep voice is perfect as the narrator and the background music is just gorgeous. It starts out bright and beautiful with the castle looming behind the enchanted forrest, but then it grows darker and forlorn… and ends with a beguiling question “… for who could ever learn to love a Beast?

Hope you enjoy the music break today. Are you a fan of this animated feature?

31 thoughts on “Music Break: Disney’s Beauty & The Beast

  1. And again Friday the 13th sneaks up on me. Hopefully next time i’ll make a post for it.

    And i remember liking Beauty and the Beast, although i can’t say i strongly remember the music from it

  2. Love this movie. LOVE the songs even more if that’s possible. And I AM shelling out top dollar to see it with my friends this weekend. I can’t wait! I hope the kids don’t mind the singing coming from the back of the theater.

    1. That’s cool Ryan, I’m sure it’s worth it. Ahah, the songs do make you want to sing along, especially Be My Guest which is just so delightful.

  3. I don’t need to see this one in 3D to totally love it. I have the Disney Blu-ray which is enough for me. Easily one of Disney’s best films, if not their best. Thanks I enjoyed the listen of Something There.

    1. Yeah I think I might just rent the BD version, that’s a great buy Max. Glad you enjoyed Something There, one of my fave from ALL of Disney movies, not just this one.

  4. I LOVE this post Ruth! you know that this is my fave Disney animated classic! 🙂

    I have the entire movie memorized due to my incessant viewing as a kid! 🙂 Did you know that the prologue is narrated by the voice of the clock “Cogsworth”? You’d never have guessed!

    to this day, my younger sisters still ask me to recite the prologue to them in his voice! haha. this post put a smile on my face this morning! Have a great day and enjoy your blogging break!

    1. Oh I didn’t know David Ogden Stiers also is the voice of Cogsworth, good to know, I LOVE his voice.

      Yeah I know this is your fave so I was thinking of you when I made this post 🙂

    1. Yeah I suppose they have a giant vault they could re-release at any moment and make tons of money. I like Lion King too, I think that’s one of the strongest Disney films that has a timeless quality about it too.

  5. Ted S.

    I know I saw this movie when I was younger, I think I watched it with my sister. As you know I’m not much into animated films but I did enjoy this one.

  6. you know that THE BEATY AND THE BEAST 8 time Oscar winning composer is doing the music for Tarsem’s MIRROR MIRROR, right? 🙂
    It will be lovely seeing TANGLED EVER AFTER alongside THE BEATY AND THE BEAST this week.

  7. This is one of my all-time favorites (you’ll see down the line later this year that I’ll back that statement up in the series I started today ;-)), Ruth. This animated film also made one of the best transitions ever to the stage (as did the Lion King). Tell me, did you ever see it performed live? It’s a great one, alright. I may be shelling out the 3-D money for this over the weekend — strictly for my children, that is ;-). Great post for this Friday (hmm… 13, I like that number). Thanks, Ruth.

    1. I’m looking forward to it Michael, I love your latest post, just left you a comment. I haven’t seen the stage performance of Lion King or this one yet, but I’m sure they’re both great. Enjoy seeing this in 3D, I’m sure your kids will love you for it!

  8. Potentially embarrassing confession,w hen I was about 7 or so I used to wake up every morning before 8 to watch Disney’s Sing Along Songs and wait for this specific song (which I think is oddly the strongest of the score along with that kick-ass opening number). This movie is just….[fill in the blank], a word escapes me.

    1. That’s not embarrassing, endearing actually. Glad to hear you love this specific song, it’s kinda underrated compared to the main one.

  9. Matt Stewart

    A true animation classic! they just don’t make them like this anymore! I, too, love the prologue.

    The music is fantastic, a forever favorite of mine is the Beauty and the Beast main theme. “Barely even friends, then somebody bends” are words that have tugged on my heart strings for a long time!

    1. Hi Matt, well I hope they will still make ’em as good (or better) in the future. But yeah, this definitely set the standard for animation, so timeless! Yeah the lyrics is great in the main theme and that line is perfect for their story.

  10. “Beauty and the Beast’ is my favorite Disney film, and “Something There” and “Belle” are my favorite songs. And I’m seeing it in real “3D,” as in I’m going to see the stage production of it for my birthday.

  11. It’s the ‘other Ruth’!! Haha – finally following your blog! Beauty and the Beast is probably my favourite Disney animated feature, and I love this song.
    Totally agree with David Ogden Stiers voice – he’s done a lot more voice work than I first realised, but his voice is just perfect for it. Such talent 🙂

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