Posters of the Week: Red Lights

I saw this on my weekly visit and it immediately grabbed my attention. I first heard about this project from my friend Novia, a.k.a. the world’s biggest Cillian Murphy fan, on her Cillian’s project update post. This marks the second movie Cillian does with Red in the title, the first movie I saw him in happens to be the thriller Red Eye. Anyway, here’s the official plot per IMDb:

Centers on a psychologist Margaret Matheson, and her assistant Sally Owen, whose study of paranormal activity leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic.

Check out the creepy yet enigmatic poster below. The simplicity of it is striking and those cryptic symbols kind of make you wonder what it’s all about. I particularly like the darker one which is the Spanish version. Plus, the name of the pretty stellar cast stands out more.

Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés recently directed the well-received Buried, a one-man-show thriller which cajoled the mighty buff Ryan Reynolds to flex his acting muscles instead. This time Cortés has quite a few high-profile actors to work with, I’m curious to see Cillian with Sigourney Weaver. As for De Niro, any movie with him in it these days don’t guarantee anything really, so he’s not exactly a selling point for me. Rising star Elizabeth Olsen—who looks just like her famous twin sisters Mary-Kate & Ashley—is also part of the cast. She’s apparently been making waves lately in Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Turns out there’s a teaser trailer already out, check it out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What do you think folks? Interested in this one?

23 thoughts on “Posters of the Week: Red Lights

    1. Yeah, he followed Buried w/ that silly rom-com w/ Bateman, even the trailer looks horrid. The biggest bomb that is Green Lantern doesn’t help matters either.

  1. The trailer didn’t do much but the cast, director and poster look interesting. Will keep an eye out for this one. Buried was surprisingly good.

    FYI: There’s a little known gem out there with Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kinglsy out there called “Death And The Maiden”. Directed by Roman Polanksi. An acting tour-de-force. Highly recommended.

    Also check out the Irish comedy “Intermission” with Cillian Murphy. Nice cast. Colin Farrell, Kelly MacDonald, Colm Meaney, Shirley Henderson, and Brian F. O’Byrne.


    1. This might not gel with your perception of the poster, but right when I saw it, my mind said “Ghostbusters.” The first scene with Peter, of course.

      The trailer got me. I want to know wtf is going on.

      You’re right about DeNiro, though. He’s at a point in his career where he can just do whatever he wants, so it’s a mixed bag. I hope this one is on the positive side of that bag.

      1. @ Sir Phobos – I thought the teaser is pretty effective, it’s as cryptic and unsettling as the poster. De Niro has never been an actor I deeply admire, I know I’m in the minority in that regard but I just feel that he’s often overrated.

    2. Both Dave and Jack Deth already get nominations for commenters of the year here, ahah. Oh yeah, I’ve seen the Intermission trailer, I do like the cast very much. Haven’t seen Death And The Maiden but that’s a good one as well, I always like Sigourney. Thanks Dave!

  2. Hahahaha…what did you say about me?? 😉
    Well…thanks for the shout out.

    I have some snapshots of Cillian in this movie…will published it on Monday.

    Unlike Castor there, this is soooo my cup of tea. Psychological thriller is my favorite.Red Lights has been my most anticipated Cillian’s movies since the day I read about it.

    1. Ahah, well I think that’s pretty accurate, no? I’ve never seen a more comprehensive Cillian coverage anywhere else 🙂

      I’m happy for you that he’s starring in a genre that you love, Nov. I’m still waiting for Gerry to do a full-blown romantic drama, something big and epic where he gets to do some action AND romance… so like Australia, but much, much better 🙂

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