A Small Tribute to a Visionary Giant – RIP Steve Jobs

Earlier today, the world lost a great man. Much like when 9/11 happened, you’re likely going to remember when you first heard of his passing. Right now you’re probably listening to your iPod, reading this very news on your iPad, calling somebody on your iPhone, watching a Pixar movie over the weekend, or typing away on your iBook/iMac… So whether or not you’re an Apple junkie, chances are Steve Jobs’ creations have impacted your life in one way or another.

Apple’s Board of Directors issued this statement…

“Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.”

Not many people deserve that last statement being spoken about them, but I do believe it is absolutely true of Steve Jobs. I’ve been a Mac user for as long as I remember and when Pixar came out with Toy Story in 1995, I’ve been a fan of their films ever since. Even though I’ve never met him, his death somehow hit me on a personal level. Though both my hubby and I knew his days were numbered, it didn’t lessen the impact of the news that he’s finally succumbed to pancreatic cancer at such a young age of 56.

I saw a bunch of tweets on Steve Jobs who’s trending all night, but this one from Twitter CEO himself said it best I think [confession: before this I had no idea who Twitter’s CEO was] …

“Once in a rare while, somebody comes along who doesn’t just raise the bar, they create an entirely new standard of measurement.”

I had planned on watching a movie tonight, as I’ve got The Beaver from Netflix from days ago. But after hearing this, I knew I won’t be able to concentrate on anything else. So for this small tribute to our generations greatest visionary leader, I thought it’d be great to highlight some clips/commercials related to the companies he helped built, Pixar and Apple.

Though I’ve made my Top Five Pixar Characters post, if someone asked me what’s my fave Pixar movies, I’ll be stumped. It’s really hard to choose as I like a bunch of them in a different way, except for Cars which I still haven’t seen. So I might as well post this awesome Pixar tribute video that I posted a while ago, it’s just so well-done that it’s worth seeing time and time again.

Apple is the first company to film a commercial in a full blown cinematic style. Ad agency Chiat/Day worked with Hollywood director Ridley Scott to create the 60-second ad titled 1984 that aired only once during the Superbowl. This is the 2004 re-edited version as the woman is now sporting an iPod 😀

This is one of the many celebrities Mac commercials. The stark white background and whimsical dialog has since been copied so many times over by other companies, but Apple really was the one that made it hip… just like everything else.

I LOVE this Think Different ad… the black and white clips of iconic personas and the excellently-written narration by Richard Dreyfuss show that Apple don’t just know how to make great products, they know how to market them, too. I think they should re-edit this commercial and add Steve Jobs in it. Don’t you agree?

Now this one isn’t wholly spectacular or significant, I just got a kick out of seeing one of the earlier personal computers. Look at how beige and boxy Mac was, ahah, but look it’s got a mouse! Oh and Kevin Costner looked so hot back then 😀

A Steve Jobs Biopic?

Hollywood is now gearing up to make a Steve Jobs biopic (as Deadline reported) Yes, there’s Pirates Of Silicon Valley with Noah Wylie playing him, but it’s more about Microsoft & Apple. I’m sure there’ll be another one in the works that would focus more about the chronicle of his life. I actually just learned not too long ago that he’s apparently adopted and his biological father is of Syrian descent… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of this man’s fascinating life story. I kind of thought Ashton Kutcher resembles a young Steve Jobs but by no means do I think he should portray him. Not sure who’d be good though, any suggestions?

Well, what you think about Steve Jobs and his passing? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

28 thoughts on “A Small Tribute to a Visionary Giant – RIP Steve Jobs

  1. Ted S.

    Yeah Steve Jobs was a great visionary and set the bar high for any tech CEO out there. Let’s see if Apple can keep being the innovator without him. I always wonder what would happen to Pixar if he never have bought it from George Lucas, I don’t think Lucas would’ve turned it into a giant animation studio that it is today. Great list of Apple related videos there.

    As for which actor would be good to play Jobs in the film version? How about Andrew Garfield, he’s already portrayed another real life tech person in The Social Network, why not cast him as the king of tech CEOs.

    1. I’m curious to see how Apple would be without Jobs, but I’d think he’s got the right people to carry through his vision… at least I hope so. Yeah, can’t imagine if Pixar never existed… that means no Wall-E, no Toy Story, etc. Unfathomable!

      Oh man, he’s the first one I thought of too, I told Ivan right away last night. I said, Kutcher kinda looks like him but I’d LOVE for Garfield to play him. He’s kinda lanky too, so physically I think it’d work. Plus he’s a good actor.

  2. Great, great man. There will probably a Steve Jobs movie ahead, but which actor to play him must’ve look smart, detailed person and down to earth.

  3. I think it’s been fairly obvious to people who were paying attention that Jobs has been sick for some time. Unfortunately, truly brilliant men rarely live long lives. His absence in the industry is going to leave a yawning chasm that few will be able to readily fill.

  4. pixelcrave

    Great writeup, wifey! Being the geeky fanboy that I am, I’m wearing my black shirt & jeans today to remember him…

    1. PrairieGirl

      Hi Ivan, I’ve got some black on today too, and wasn’t even certain why I chose it this AM. Now I know why. ;- (

  5. PrairieGirl

    Superb tribute, Ruth. I’ve been holding back the tears all day. I used my first Mac in the Fall of 1984, just months after it first came out in January, and owned my first Mac in January 1985, just a year after it first came out. The “Mac” in the commercial with Kevin Costner is actually a LISA, the predecessor of Mac. Steve will certainly be missed by all.

    1. Thank you Becky. I was bawling when I saw that photo I used above on Apple site. He just made so much impact in our daily lives y’know. Yep, LISA is named after his first daughter. I had no idea Costner did a Mac commercial until last night!

  6. Very nice tribute Ruth. I really enjoyed seeing the old commercials again. I actually was too young when they first came out to really appreciate them at the time. I was born the same year as Steve Jobs.
    I join the whole world in morning his passing.

    1. Thanks Corinne… yeah I hadn’t seen a couple of those commercials I put up either. There are really a lot to choose from out there. You are still very young at 56, just like Steve was.

  7. I guess any tribute is small for such a man. This is a well done tribute to one of this generations brightest individuals. Steve will certainly be missed.

  8. What a brilliant figure, a man who hand crafted so much of the world around us; somewhat of a technological God, one might say. Who knows where the world would be if not for Steve? All I do know is that if it weren’t for that amazing man I would not be writing this, and that – at least that – is worth a thousand thanks to the new world he has ushered in.

    1. I wouldn’t go so far to call anyone God or God-like, but yeah, the world would be very inconvenient without all the technology he’s created.

  9. I’ve never bought an Apple product but certainly, he was a great American businessman and an outstanding visionary. He really brought back Apple from the dead, I remember the company selling crappy Macintosh that everyone would laugh about because you couldn’t do much of anything with them.

    1. Yeah, it’s an unusual combination of talent that Jobs had… strong business sense and an unflinching eye for design. It’ll be interesting to watch how Apple would fare as a company without his guidance.

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  11. A Lovely tribute to a great man Ruth!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    I am truly saddened by the loss of this great, he has touched my life in a big way not only with the apple products but also with the great films he was behind at Pixar!!


  12. What a great man. I just watched his commencement speech at Stanford in 2005 and that was just so inspirational.
    Ironically, when I found out about his passing I was sitting in my computing class listening to music on my iPod touch.

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