Posters of the Week: Nicolas Winding Refn’s DRIVE

I love cars and car chases in movies, so when I first heard about this movie I was intrigued. Of course a lot of people probably excited because of Ryan Gosling, whom I admit is a very good actor though I’ve been generally kind of neutral about him (yes, I’m one of those girls who didn’t go gaga for him in The Notebook). But I think this movie just might put my um, enthusiasm for this actor in a high gear (ok, I’m gonna stop with all the automobile puns :D) It seems rather obvious there’s been a ‘Ryan Gosling the 8-pack hunk’ campaign lately (if you’ve seen the trailer for Crazy, Stupid, Love I’m sure you know what I’m talking about) and now it’s ‘Ryan Gosling the action hero.’ I wonder if it’s ’cause Hollywood realize they can’t count on the other Ryan (Reynolds) to be a box office hero?? Perhaps someone out there has a theory.

In any case, what I want to talk about today is the awesome posters for the Nicolas Winding Refn’s action thriller. This European version is rather ‘Steve McQueen-y’ to me, I kind of like it even though he’s not actually driving a car.

Poster courtesty of

The premise is pretty intriguing:

A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong.

Though the 30-year-old actor had said in interviews he’s no Steve McQueen, the comparison is inevitable. “We basically tried to make it like a guy who has seen too many Steve McQueen movies and has sort of fashioned himself after them, trying to make his life like a movie,” as quoted by The Independent.

Danish director Refn has been a hit with critics/audiences alike, and so is Gosling and his co-star Carey Mulligan (love her!). The rest of the cast includes the always-watchable Bryan Cranston and the voluptuous sexy gal Christina Hendricks, ready to set guys pulse on fire 😀 Right off the bat, this sounds like a good one to see on the big screen, but perhaps it might be too bloody for my taste, so we’ll see. One thing for sure, I’m liking the poster campaign so far. Here are four other posters for both US and European market. I think my least fave is the US version with the engine, it kind of looks like a weird looking alien creature, ahah.

Anyway, here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it already:

Well, what do you think of DRIVE and/or the posters? Will you be seeing this on the big screen?

23 thoughts on “Posters of the Week: Nicolas Winding Refn’s DRIVE

  1. I’m definitely excited for this with or without Gosling, though obviously Ryan’s involvement is just icing to the cake. The posters are interesting… My favorite is the very first one one used in Cannes with his back to us and we see his face in the reflection. It seems to me the only poster that fit the trailers I’ve seen for the film.

    The big one you chose to highlight is a bit of a Photoshop mess while the two US posters seem to go out of their way to confuse people about what the film is about. I do like the one where he’s driving, but there’s something generic and kind of bland about it.

    No matter what, it’s an opening weekend type of movie for me. So there you go!

    1. Hi Ryan, yeah the Cannes one is nice, I chose the one of him walking because that’s the latest one I think (at least in IMP Awards site anyway). I don’t see the mess you’re referring to, I kind of like that the text is done in a gritty way and his stoic expression is kinda Steve McQueen-y (granted not as rugged).

  2. Poor Reynolds. I seriously think he should have just tried to star in more actual good movies like Buried instead of trying to carry crappy movies.

    Anyways, drive looks it could be a good action film.

    1. Well, he’s got his chance to be an A-lister, plenty in fact as Hollywood was really pushing him. But clearly, good looks and a hot body isn’t everything, I always find Reynolds to be more funny than hunky, not matter how many ‘packs’ he’s got on his stomach, ha..ha.. being sexy is not something one can learn in a gym, you either have it or you don’t.

      In any case, I think Gosling looks good in this (his six-pack notwithstanding) 🙂

  3. Ted S.

    I don’t think I’ve seen any of Ryan Gosling’s films, I just don’t find his all that interesting. But I’ll definitely check this one out since it’s the genre I love, action/thriller. I’m not that impress with the poster though, I was hoping since the film has that 70s thriller look to it, they’d go with a more classic poster design. Maybe similar to design of The American.

    1. I’ve only seen him in The Notebook too, I was interested to see Lars & The Real Girl but haven’t got around to it. I think if you’re into cars, you might like this one. Hey, having a 70s style poster isn’t a bad idea, I like retro posters.

  4. I am so excited about this film.

    Gosling/Cranston is always worth a watch. Let us not forget it has my latest fancy lady in it the stunning and sexy Christina Hendricks!! I would give a leg up for a night with her….HAHAHAH

    It is OK Lyn knows of my infatuation!

    1. Hi Custard! I left out Cranston and Hendricks as I wrote this post so fast, but I’ve added them in because of you. So thanks!! Shame on you for giving up a leg just for a night w/ Christina… now just how are you going to be able to run around with your lil’ girls then matey? 😀 😀

      I think I’d rather keep my limb than even a year with Gerry! he..he…

    1. Yeah I think I remember seeing the trailer on AM. I hope this doesn’t disappoint you, Castor, but it certainly looks like it’d be entertaining.

  5. PrairieGirl

    Pardon me, but that was a trailer? It just looked like a two minute clip from the film, not a trailer. Anyway, loved The Notebook and Lars and the Real Girl. Drive will probably be a DVD pick for me.

    1. Yeah, it was labeled Official Trailer HD though it does look more like a clip. Oh, you have seen ‘Lars’? I might rent that one, the premise seems absurd but funny, plus I like Emily Mortimer. Ok, I’ll move that up my queue.

      1. PrairieGirl

        You’re right, on the surface Lars sounds VERY cheesy, but it’s actually got a lot of depth, heart and believability. I think you’ll like it. And I have The Lincoln Lawyer in my queue too!

        1. Ok, I’ll rent it then. I’ll let you know if Lincoln Lawyer is good, it’s been getting positive reviews. Enjoy your weekend and take care of yourself.

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  7. I actually am quite interested in this one too. Just can’t help but remember Ryan Gosling running around as Young Hercules on the tv series for Fox Kids! hahaha. He’s done some growing up since.

    As for the posters. I like the one with just the engine out of all of them. It’s the best.

  8. Great posters, although the one with the pink lettering doesn’t look like him.
    I would go for the one where he’s behind the wheel.

    This looks like a very enjoyablel movie, which I’m sure I will check out.

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